Bill O'Reilly: Pres. Obama's big advantage in the upcoming election

By Bill O'Reilly

Wednesday night, Dan Rather, who canceled his appearance on "The Factor", talked with Jon Stewart about liberalism in the national media.


DAN RATHER: I know it's widely believed that CBS, NBC, ABC is chocked full of liberals... not true.

What's chocked full of people who want to give honest news, straightforward news and voted both ways in many elections. I'm not saying that nobody in the newsroom was liberal any more than I saying anybody is conservative. Frequently what happened, people who were described as conservatives want to say I worked at CBS News and, you know, almost everybody there was liberal. What they really mean is not everybody there agreed with him all the time. This is a sham.


O'REILLY: With all right with all due respect to Mr. Rather his statement is a sham. He is not telling the truth.

Here are the facts. After the presidential race between George Bush and John Kerry, the University of Connecticut surveyed 300 journalists nationwide. The study found that 52 percent of the journalists voted for Kerry. Just 19 percent went for Bush. The rest would not answer the question.

In 2008, NBC News identified 143 journalists who made political contributions. 125 of them gave to the Democratic Party; just 16, 16 out of 143 donate to the Republican Party. Two gave to both parties.

Also in 2008, the Pew Research Center studied 43 news outlets in America in the run-up to the Obama/McCain election. About 35 percent of the stories done on Barack Obama by those organizations were positive. Less than 20 percent were positive when it came to John McCain.

Those are the facts, Mr. Rather and they are grim if you believe the media should be fair and balanced. Just today the website Politico ran a story about how the "The Washington Post" is covering Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

"Post" reporter David Maraniss has a new book out called "Barack Obama the Story". In that book Maraniss documents the president's drug use as a young man. It was extensive. The "The Washington Post" ran that story on page six but earlier this month "The Post" ran a 5,500 word story on page one detailing Mitt Romney's high school hazing resume.

I mean, come on. Fair-minded people know that much of the media is actively working to see that Barack Obama is reelected. Dan Rather would never admit that but it's absolutely true. So the question becomes how much will the liberal press influence the election?

And by the way, there was a press blackout of the gender abortion Planned Parenthood scandal this week. Total blackout. We'll deal with that in just a few moments.

"Talking Points" believes the media will deliver some votes to Barack Obama next November and in a tight race that could be enough. And that's "The Memo."