Bill O'Reilly: 'No Spin' State of the Union

By Bill O'Reilly

In just about an hour President Obama will deliver his third State of the Union address. We can expect the President to be in full campaign mode painting an optimistic picture of America filled with forward-looking promises for middle class Americans. That's what all politicians do.

From the beginning I have opined that President Obama is not a bad person. I think he genuinely wants to do good for Americans. There is no malevolence in President Obama's belief system. But policy, policy, that's another matter.

So let's take a cold hard look at the facts. When President Obama took office in 2009, the national debt was $10.62 trillion. Today it is $15.23 trillion an increase of 43 percent in three years. And what do we have to show for that colossal increase in the debt? Tell me. What?

Therein lies Mr. Obama's biggest deficit, pardon the pun. He has spent a record amount of tax paying dollars and we have little as a country to show for it.

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    In January of 2009, federal spending was $304 billion; today $323 billion an increase of more than six percent. A gallon of gas January '09, $1.84; right now $3.39, a whopping 84 percent increase. Average family health insurance premiums, just above $13,000 in '09; in 2011 just about $15,000, a 12.5 percent increase. Finally unemployment January of 2009, 7.6; right now 8.5.

    We all know President Obama inherited a bad situation, but on paper he's made it worse. It's impossible to deny that. The President says he needs more time. Well, it's entirely up to you, the American voter. Tonight Mr. Obama is again going to call for the federal government to do more.


    PRESIDENT OBAMA: I'm going to lay out a blueprint for an economy that's built to last. American manufacturing with more good jobs and more products stamped with "Made in America". Getting people the education and training they need so they are ready to take on the jobs of today and tomorrow. And most importantly, a return to American values, a fairness for all and responsibility from all.


    O'REILLY: What Mr. Obama fails to understand is that it is impossible, impossible to be fair to all. Life doesn't work that way especially in a competitive capitalist system. There are going to be winners and there are going to be losers. And you'll never get responsibility from all. Some people simply will not work or obey the law or do what a good citizen should do.

    So this pie in the sky stuff actually hurts the President. He continues to believe that his vision can be imposed on the country. It can't.

    Finally you will see a lot of theater tonight; Warren Buffet secretary sitting with the First Lady because Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes on investment income; another sure loser for the economy in my opinion.

    And you will have the Democrats jumping up and down while the Republicans sit there looking like they have acid reflux. Unfortunately it's the same old, same old as the real State of the Union continues to be problematic.

    And that's "The Memo."

    Pinheads & Patriots.

    As we reported last week, Jay Leno donated a tractor signed by George W. Bush to benefit the Fisher House Foundation. Well, the tractor was sold for 535,000 bucks at auction in Arizona. Way to go, Jay!

    So the Fisher House, a very worthy charity that helps millions of military families, scores big. Everyone involved in that auction is a patriot.