Bill O'Reilly: More bad news for Hillary Clinton

A new poll of likely Democratic voters in New Hampshire, the first primary state contains the following. Who do you support for the Democratic nomination? Hillary Clinton 42 percent; Bernie Sanders 36 percent; Joe Biden 5 percent. Which Democratic candidate do you think best represents the values of Democrats like yourself? Bernie Sanders 43 percent; Hillary Clinton 34 percent. Which Democratic candidate do you think is least honest? Hillary Clinton 31 percent, Sanders 3 percent. Obviously many Democrats would not answer that question.

Also on the Clinton front the "Washington Post" reporting that the FBI is going to look into the security of Hillary Clinton's private e-mail set up which as you may know has brought scrutiny about Mrs. Clinton's trustworthiness. She deleted more than 30,000 e-mails causing consternation in many quarters.

Finally the "Wall Street Journal" reporting today in an editorial although the Clintons donated about $15 million to charity between the years 2007 and 2014, all but $200,000 of that was given to the Clinton Foundation which pays travel and other expenses to the Clinton family and gives them a forum to promote public policy in addition to helping various causes like combatting world hunger. The Clintons wrote off $15 million in charitable deductions on their taxes.

Now, do you think I'm being unfair to Secretary Clinton by reporting all of this? Let me reiterate I'm not in business do demean the woman. But time after time after time, she does dubious things. The e-mail situation is murky and we're glad the FBI is finally involved. But the charity situation is not confusing. For seven years the Clintons funded their own foundation which, in part, benefits them and took a huge deduction in doing so.

I have a foundation, I know what I'm talking about. Every penny of the Winifred and William O'Reilly Foundation, every cent goes to charity. I derive no benefit from the foundation, none.

There comes a point when American voters have to decide whether ideology trumps -- pardon the pun -- effective leadership it is possible that Hillary Clinton is the most misunderstood person in the entire world. It is possible I guess.

And that's “The Memo”.