Bill O'Reilly: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton big winners in yesterday's vote

Here is the delegate count on the Republican side. Mr. Trump 661, Ted Cruz 406. Marco Rubio 169, John Kasich 142. 1237 delegates are needed to win the nomination. Right now Donald Trump has about two million more votes than Ted Cruz, so pardon the pun, and Mr. Trump is cruising.

As far as Marco Rubio's delegates are concerned, many will support him in the first round of the convention voting this summer even though he has dropped out. After that, they can go where they want. At this point it is a two man race between Trump and Cruz but Kasich is in a spoiler position and some see him as a potential vice presidential choice because of his big win in Ohio yesterday. On the Democratic side, it's all over. Hillary Clinton sweeping all five states last night. She has 1132 delegates. Bernie Sanders 818, 2,383 delegates are needed to win the Democrat nomination. Talking Points believes it is all over because California, New York, those big states are Clinton territory.

Next Tuesday, on the GOP side, Arizona with 58 delegates and a winner-take- all situation will vote. Also Utah and American Samoa way out in the Pacific Ocean. After that other states will be heard from. But again, right now, a Trump-Clinton race is likely although the Republican situation not yet locked up. And that's “The Memo”.