Bernie Sanders under fire from own staff amid push for $15 minimum wage

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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Hello, everybody. I'm Jesse Watters along with Emily, Juan, Lisa, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

The 2020 Democrat primary is turning into an absolute circus, and CNN is being brutally mocked for making it even worse. CNN losing even more credibility and turning into a game show network by revealing the upcoming debate lineups like this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We want to randomly draw candidates.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm going to take them and mix them up so that we can then draw from the candidate box.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Another shuffle. Mix them up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm going to give these a good mix.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm going to give them a good shuffle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And placed them into the debate night box.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have multiple camera views.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You can watch the camera above me, overhead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, I won't look into the box, but you can look into the box through the overhead camera. Let's start to pick the candidates.


WATTERS: Wow. Tough to watch, because there're so many candidates it's broken into two nights. Facing off on night one, Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren will battle to see who's the biggest socialist. And Greg and I are particularly happy about this. Marianne Williamson will join them on stage to spread the love. And the second night features a rematch between Biden and Kamala Harris. We'll see if Sleepy Joe will actually fight back this time.

Greg, I haven't actually seen it because I don't watch CNN until then, I think they made it less interesting.

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: It is amazing. The serious music made it even funnier. CNN is officially the carnival news network. They've already have the clowns --


GUTFELD: -- now they've got the attraction. They need to add a dunk tank, pie eating contest, a ring toss where Don Lemon can toss rings on Chris Cuomo's head. You know what CNN is? I feel like I'm being too mean or not mean enough. CNN is the network without close friends, because close friends tell you when you're making a fool out of yourself. You know, hey, that's an obvious toupee Wolf, Oreo. Chris, you're not funny.

People will, like, come and tell you that your flies down, or whatever, or you need mouthwash, but nobody is telling CNN that you guys look like idiots when you do this stuff.

WATTERS: MSNBC should really be like, hey, guys, you may want to knock that off. You've got some cabbage --


GUTFELD: Headline news network should knock on the door.

WATTERS: Lisa, what do you think the strategy was here? Was it just trying to grab ratings or was it to show transparency?

LISA BOOTHE, HOST: Well, probably a little bit of both, but primarily for ratings. And, apparently, the special was literally called the draw. I didn't watch it either, but I read the Washington Post write up about it that an eight person panel analyzing like every move throughout the entire hour. You had multiple people pulling the cards and figuring out which candidate would be on what night, so absolutely ridiculous.

But on the substance, what I'm interested in looking at for the debate is how badly diminished Biden and Bernie are by product of who they are on the stage with. Because remember last time, Harris did some -- Kamala Harris did some major damage to Joe Biden. And then, also, if you have Bernie on the stage with Elizabeth Warren, someone who basically has the exact same policy decisions but who's younger and more interesting, and you can see how that could hurt them significantly.

WATTERS: There was a racial angle to this whole mess, and one of the CNN analyst actually commented on it. Let's watch it and Juan can respond.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's also worth noting in this -- the most diverse field the Democratic Party has ever had, all of the first nights are white candidates, and the racial diversity is entirely in the second night, which just change the dynamic especially because, obviously, race has been a front and center issue in America this week. It has been in this campaign. It is an issue that is sort of coursing through this Democratic primary.


WATTERS: What do you think about that, Juan?

BOOTHE: Does that mean CNN is racist then if they have --

GUTFELD: Yes. You could them network racist.

BOOTHE: Is that the rules?

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: Boy, I tell you, you guys see race and everything.


WATTERS: Oh, someone click that. Click that right there.

WILLIAMS: But I must say, this was a -- you know, so all the silliness that CNN did, that you guys rightly have mock them for, it was a transparent operation. You can see what was going on. There was no bias implicit -- what kind of criticism or critique is that and of his own network? I don't know. To me it was obvious, you know, that the real news here is, as Lisa was saying, you're going to have Kamala Harris once again up against Joe Biden. So it's gonna be the redo in Detroit, right?

And you want to know what's gonna happen. He said he wasn't prepared last time. Let's see if he's prepared this time. But he's also going to have Cory Booker on that stage, and if you really look at it, Booker has been far more critical of Biden for saying, not about busting, but for saying that he can cross the partisan line, do business, and prove I did business with segregationist in the past. That open a big door.

Guess what? Cory Booker did not benefit when Kamala Harris went up in the poll? So, does he sees this now as his opportunity? It's gonna be like a pincer movement around Joe Biden. By the way, some polls came out today, and again, Biden is up. I think Biden's up plus-9 on everybody --

GUTFELD: But Marianne is coming on strong.


WATTERS: I'm glad that you brought the polls that just came up, Juan, because Donald Trump up 48 percent approval rating in the NBC News poll. I just wanted to mention that. But moving on, Emily, what do you think about the spectacle?

EMILY COMPAGNO, HOST: All right. So I did, in my head, winners and losers, and really the only winner that I saw was Kamala Harris, because CNN is obviously a total loser by that whole debacle, and as you've said they're being rightly mock. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, basically, because of that draw lost the opportunity to challenge Biden on stage. So, for them, they're obviously disappointed.

And then Biden, I put him in the loser category because he's going against Kamala again, and also Booker, right? So he's going to be subjective --

WATTERS: Double take.

COMPAGNO: Yes, based on his racial record, whatever. I think that for him it would not behoove by the synonym for him to defend his record by really not going there, because it's gonna be death by 1,000 cuts. So what he should do is say, look, I'm not here to litigate the past, I'm on the stage to talk about now, you know, starting with the man in the oval office. Let's move forward. That's a better strategy. And then, for him versus Kamala, it's either Raiders versus Steelers early '70s, or is it 1976 where the Raiders came back and actually beat them.

GUTFELD: All right.

WILLIAMS: By the way --

WATTERS: Sports analogy. Dana's not even here.

WILLIAMS: Let me just go to the first night, because the first night is really interesting to me --

GUTFELD: Because of Marianne.

WILLIAMS: Is that what it is?

GUTFELD: She's in front. Juan, she jumped in front of Cory, Kiersten, and somebody else -- in New Hampshire. I'm telling you, she's the Trump. She's the Trump, Juan. We should put a bet on her right now.

WILLIAMS: Wait a minute. She's the Trump? You believe that she's going to be President of the United States?

GUTFELD: She's the wild card. I'm counting on her getting the nomination.



GUTFELD: I was wrong on Trump for -- what? A year and a half, so --


BOOTHE: Greg's picking up what she's putting down.



WILLIAMS: Anyway, I'm interested in Sanders versus Warren.

WATTERS: Do you think they're going to clash because --

WILLIAMS: Well, that's an interesting question, because --


WILLIAMS: Sanders, I think, it's a little bit, as I've said, a rerun. Warren has lots of ideas and new ideas, but it's the same music, right?


WILLIAMS: And the question is, is there more benefit for them in going after each other or teaming up and saying that Joe Biden, he's the problem, he's the old stuff, and we're the new --

WATTERS: Or focus on Trump the whole time.

WILLIAMS: Right. And then, the other lane here is Klobucher, Bennett --

WATTERS: There's a lane there?

WILLIAMS: Yes, there is. It's a moderate --

GUTFELD: It's a 12 items or less lane.


WILLIAMS: And Buttigieg -- does Buttigieg proves he belongs?


WATTERS: Well, he's raised a lot of money, so a lot of other people think that. Greg, going back to CNN --

GUTFELD: Right, forget the candidates.

WATTERS: I feel like they have an identity crisis. Are they serious news network, are they the network on New Year's and everybody gets drunk, and they have these little things like they look like Vegas, who are they?

GUTFELD: It's an interesting thing that has happened to them, because they refused to label whether they're news or commentary. Fox -- everybody knows that we got opinions and we're not, you know, we're not reporters, you know? At least we're spouting off opinions. When you turn on CNN, you have no idea what you're going to get. You'll have a guy report something and then an opinion in the same breath, and then get it wrong or maybe he gets it right, but you can't tell. It's kind of dishonest, and I think that they are. They are in an identity crisis because they used to be something and --

WATTERS: Right. And you have Don Lemon who's throwing back drink after drink on New Year's and calling Trump you-know-what, and now he's the debate monitor.

GUTFELD: Don't slander him for drinking.

WATTERS: I'm sorry.

BOOTHE: MSNBC used Rachel Maddow in their debates, and then you've got -- or the NBC debates, and then now you've got Don Lemon who is essentially an opinion host as you just pointed out being used in CNN. I mean, can you imagine if Fox did something similar?

WILLIAMS: Oh, we did.


WATTERS: Who did we have that was that opinionated?

WILLIAMS: I'm not getting into it.


WILLIAMS: I just think we should be careful on this one.

WATTERS: OK. All right, socialist Bernie Sanders is being called a hypocrite by his own campaign. Wait until you hear these details next.


WILLIAMS: Bernie Sanders repeatedly pledging to raised the minimum wage for workers.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT: That the working class of this country is sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages.

We have got to raise the minimum wage to living wage.


SANDERS: We should raise the minimum wage to a living wage, 15 bucks an hour.


WILLIAMS: But Sanders is apparently not spreading the wealth. Unionized workers on his own campaign reportedly using his rhetoric to demand a pay raise for themselves. They say they're making, quote, poverty wages. And when you do the math it comes out that they earn about $13 an hour.

So, Emily, is this something that you can say is hypocritical on the part of Sanders? Or may be more generously that he thinks we need big changes like on health care so that a small business can more easily handle a $15 minimum wage?

COMPAGNO: Right. I think there's a strong argument and many have called this hypocritical. I think that it's untenable for campaign workers to be paid that kind of $15 an hour given the huge amount of hours that they put into it. And a lot of them doing it for the experience, right? They're doing it because they're committed to the cause. They're putting it on their resumes, the kind of thing where how do you qualify that compensation that we've seen in a lot of different industries as well.

I think it does him a disservice based financially just simply on cost- benefit analysis if he is to pay them that much because other campaigns aren't doing the same. That being said, I think his following is so ideologically committed that it would probably do him a good service if he does commit to it in the long run.

WILLIAMS: But you say other campaigns aren't doing it, so you think that - -

COMPAGNO: Meaning they're not spending that amount of money. Like, meaning, they're -- you know, they have tons of workers I've said in the beginning that are there for the experience --

WILLIAMS: So it's not a job. It's not really a job, campaign worker you think?

COMPAGNO: I think it depends on how you classify it. We saw that with the cheerleader labor lawsuit, right? And you classify as an independent contractor, are you classify as an employee, are you classify as an intern, a volunteer, et cetera, that triggers then federal and state laws as to your compensation. Is that what you're asking?

WILLIAMS: Yeah, that was interesting because I did not know that about cheerleaders --

GUTFELD: It's not really a job.


WILLIAMS: Well, go ahead -- I was going to ask you if you think $15 is enough or how much would you pay people?

GUTFELD: He is, just by existing, a hypocrite. He's a socialist millionaire with three homes. Wealth is good for him and not for others. You know, I think it's important that he applies the damaging policies that he wants to do to America onto his staff. I think he have to do that, but why won't he? Because he knows when you raise the wages, to your question, you have to reduce the number of jobs, because the pie doesn't grow. You have -- then you have like -- you know, you have four slices of pie instead of six, so two people go.

The purpose of the minimum wage is that it's -- the first rung on the employment ladder. To have a lower minimum wage means you have more first rungs with the intention that you don't stay there and you move on. The problem with the left of Bernie Sanders is they see the first rung as the last rung because you're not economically competent. If you raise those wages, you remove those rungs, and that is bad for the country, it's bad for young kids, minorities, women.

People get on that ladder early and faster the better it is for everybody. And you know what? If it's $10 an hour, you're only going to be there for three months, four months.

WILLIAMS: Wait, so what was the answer? What do you think --

GUTFELD: I can't remember my answer.



GUTFELD: I don't remember the question and I don't remember my answer.

WILLIAMS: Is $15 too much? And if it's so, then what do you think would be enough?

GUTFELD: I think they should get -- you know, I think they should get $150 an hour, right? Or maybe $1500 an hour, I mean, who's to say?

WILLIAMS: Thank you, Santa.

WATTERS: But, Juan, he raised more than anybody since January 1st. He has, I think, $36 million raised in the first six months. So he can afford 15, he can afford 20, he can afford 25. It's how much you want to pay these people and still have money in the bank to win the nomination. It's not like we're going to sit around here and pick a number, Juan. How much do you think? How much do you think?

WILLIAMS: Well, the reason --

WATTERS: The guy that's running the campaign should decide.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. But, I mean, yesterday, in Congress, the House, in fact, said $15 is appropriate. But the Senate is not going to do it.

WATTERS: I worked for a campaign and they paid me less than minimum wage and no health insurance.

GUTFELD: What campaign?


WILLIAMS: It was Juan Williams for president.

(LAUGHTER) WATTERS: And no one got paid, and then I wanted back pay. I never got back pay.

WILLIAMS: Wait, you asked for back pay --

WATTERS: I asked for back pay. My parents made me ask for back pay, and the guy looked at me like get the hell out of here.

GUTFELD: What campaign?

WATTERS: It was the Pataki reelection campaign, and I was with Dori Irizarry. She was the attorney general candidate running against Ellie Spitzer.

GUTFELD: Oh. Well, you were on the right side then?

WATTERS: Sure, but we lost by 30. Sure.


WILLIAMS: I wasn't going to mention -- go right ahead.

BOOTHE: I've worked on multiple campaigns. If you're an intern or you're just simply canvassing, you do not deserve to get paid $15 per hour. And, look, the problem here is in the letter the staffer said, you know, we cannot build the largest grassroots organization if we're being paid poverty level, but it's counterintuitive because you can't build the largest grassroots campaign that you want to build if you're paying people that much who are entry level positions and, quite frankly, don't deserve $15 an hour just for handing out flyers. That's ridiculous.

So it's counterintuitive as to what Greg is saying. If you're asking to get paid that much for these, you know, low-level positions, you're going to have to make tough choices for the campaign and not be -- not really to run as strong of an campaign as you want to run.

WILLIAMS: As I recall, you are a campaign consultant, and that money should go to the campaign consultant --


WILLIAMS: -- is that what you're saying?


WILLIAMS: Yes, I think that's what she said.

BOOTHE: That would be nice if I was still doing that. But, no, I mean, it's just counterintuitive because you can't go out there and run the kind of campaign that he want with the sheer amount of volunteers that they're looking to use and pay those people $15 per hour.

WATTERS: It's counterintuitive, Juan.

WILLIAMS: One last question for you, my friend.

BOOTHE: Did I say that enough or should I say it again?

WILLIAMS: Is it hypocritical on Bernie's part and more so than Trump hiring illegal immigrants?

WATTERS: Well, he didn't know they're --


WATTERS: -- status, Juan.


WATTERS: You're not allowed to ask that.


WILLIAMS: That's right, no question here on “The Five.” Up next, America celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I love it, but some of the media criticizing how America got there. That's next on “The Five.”


BOOTHE: Welcome back. Well, some in the media are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing by bashing America. The New York Times is actually praising the Soviet Union for equality and diversity in the space race. The Times patting the Soviets on the back for beating the U.S. by sending the first man, first woman, first Asian man, and black man into orbit. The Washington Post also joining in by tweeting, the culture that put man on the moon was intense for fun -- or intense fun, family unfriendly, and mostly white and male.

Juan, I'm going to start with you on this. You look at the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon, it's the epitome of American greatness. So why use this moment to denigrate it to, you know, racist and sexist -- and sexism?

WILLIAMS: Well, I would think it's inappropriate in some regards because - - first of all, I think this is a twitter comments, so I don't think these were larger nets. So I would say --

WATTERS: Oh, I thought it was an article.

WILLIAMS: If this is really about saying, oh, the New York Times, the Washington Post --

BOOTHE: New York Times was an article.

GUTFELD: Both of them were articles. They tweeted out the articles.

WILLIAMS: Tweeted, OK.

GUTFELD: Yeah, yeah, but they were real, like the moon landing.

WILLIAMS: I know you have trouble with the moon landing. But I would say, look, I think it's possible to say this was a great moment for our country, one in which we can all be proud. And at the same time say, yeah, guess what? These were all white men, overwhelmingly. In fact, I think, they're mostly Germans. And women participate for the largest part. I mean, they have a movie, hidden figures, about some black women who had some mathematical -- but for the most part, that's what it was. So that's the reality. That's the historical fact.


GUTFELD: You know, a totalitarian regime kills tens of millions of people, but first woman in space, we'll forget about everything, OK? You guys are morally superior even though you starved -- how many? Forty, fifty million people? I don't know. But, hey, you got a woman into space before we did, so everything is cool.

Remember the guy who landed like a spacecraft's last camera on a comet? Remember that story? Do you remember that? And it was an amazing thing. First guy to land -- like it was a spacecraft on a comet. This was like 4 years ago. We did it on “The Five” --

COMPAGNO: The little prince?


GUTFELD: The guy was shamed and humiliated because of the shirt he wore. Don't you remember this story? The guy had -- oh, Jesus. The guy had pictures of women on his shirt, and he got shamed and humiliated. He broke down in tears. And he was like -- he was a hero, but because he wore the wrong shirt, they rip him to shreds because he was not woke enough.

We're in a universe now where everything is racist, so almost nothing can be really racist. And so man's greatest technical achievement is now white privilege. You can reduce anything from D-day, to solving poverty, to increasing food abundance, inventing the automobile, to -- just stupid white men. This is so silly and bad. And it reelects Trump, because he rode in on destroying this kind of thinking.

WATTERS: I bet the female Russian cosmonaut went into space because she was starving. She could not eat in Russia.

GUTFELD: But you guys don't remember this story?

WATTERS: No, we don't remember. Did you do a monologue on it, Greg?

GUTFELD: Yes, I did.

WATTERS: That's why you remember it.


GUTFELD: We -- you were tweeting this story to everybody here. Tweet it to them so they'll know.

WATTERS: I have three theory on this. One, the Washington Post and the New York Times have gone crazy. They've literally gone off the deep end and they're nuts. Number two, they're purposely ignoring real stories like investigating the thousands of Democrats that are running for president, or the connections between Epstein and Bill Clinton, or -- I don't know, Omar allegedly marrying her brother. Stories that actually take a little guts and shoe leather, and actually might hurt Democrats, so they do this little silly stuff, or they're just trolling us. This is like so bad --

GUTFELD: Yeah, it's true.

WATTERS: -- it's an onion article that will go viral because all of the conservatives are like what the -- and the people at MSNBC are like, oh, let's do a segment on this. And that's what they're trying to do.

BOOTHE: Emily?

COMPAGNO: I grew up with that photo on my wall, and I wanted to be an astronaut, and I wanted to be a fighter pilot --


COMPAGNO: Yep. And I went to aviation challenge. I did all of that stuff.

GUTFELD: You aren't good enough, were you? You're too short?

BOOTHE: Here's a photo.

WILLIAMS: Look at you.

GUTFELD: Where are you in there? Where are you?

COMPAGNO: That's aviation challenge, Alabama. My point is this --

GUTFELD: Which one is you?

COMPAGNO: The bottom right next to the -- next to the triangle, like second -- anyway, I never for one second felt that there wasn't an opportunity for me because I was a woman. I never felt that there wasn't that dream that I could realize.

GUTFELD: But you're too short. See, the world is, again, short people. No, this is true, the world is discrimination -- studies shows -- taller people are more successful in life than short people. We are the true victims.

COMPAGNO: We're exceptions to the rule then. And my point is that -- so with all of this going back to the wokeness, and, oh, it was this. You know what? It wasn't. To me, it was all magical, it was inspirational, and I never for one second felt left out or that I wouldn't have an equal shot because of my gender.

(CROSSTALK) WATTERS: All we got, we would not send you into space, we would not want you to represent the Earth.

GUTFELD: No, because the aliens --

WATTERS: No matter how high or short you are.

GUTFELD: The aliens will think humans are small and they'll come to invade us, and then we'll kill them all.

BOOTHE: What would say if you landed?

GUTFELD: I'd say -- I don't know. Where's the steak?

WILLIAMS: By the way, you know, you have an advantage in being shorter?


WILLIAMS: Because, I think, they prefer pilots, including fighter pilots who are small. They don't want tall people.


WATTERS: He's also afraid of heights.


GUTFELD: I'm glad I'm short, because I am afraid of heights -

WATTERS: Also, astronaut ice cream. That's another--

WILLIAMS: That's not good.

WATTERS: No, but it's good stuff.

GUTFELD: No, it's not. You sit at the fairgrounds with these little hard balls.

WILLIAMS: Not good.

WATTERS: They're going to send you e-mails.

BOOTHE: Don't you think too this leaves out, you know Emily had mentioned, she never felt as a woman, you can follow that dream. But there is also thousands of women behind the scenes that led to the launch and that we're behind this operation including programming, positions and things like that.

GUTFELD: So, you're saying, it was done on a sound stage.

BOOTHE: No, it doesn't.

GUTFELD: Is that what you're saying?

BOOTHE: No, I'm not, Greg.

GUTFELD: You said it's behind the scenes.

BOOTHE: It doesn't downplay the role that they played.

WILLIAMS: I think if you look at the pictures and I love the pictures because you can see the Marvel, I think Emily is talking about just people just thrilled.

BOOTHE: Right.

WILLIAMS: But the pictures are all--


WILLIAMS: It's not fake.

BOOTHE: All right, I think we're going to end there. All right. I'm sure there's kind of an out there. OK. Well, coming up, what the heck is this guy thinking, I'm not talking about Greg, I'm talking about something else and the creepy Cats trailer that has everyone talking and the Fastest 7 coming up next stay with us.


COMPAGNO: Welcome back. Time for the Fastest 7. First up, talk about riding out the storm. Look at what this well-dressed guy does to avoid getting his shoes wet. He's getting a piggyback ride from a woman during a torrential downpour. Jesse, is that you?

WATTERS: That is. It does look like me from behind. That's toxic masculinity. That's what that is. Men don't want to get their shoes wet, so they use a woman as a horse. I find that despicable.

GUTFELD: I disagree. If this bothers you, you're sexist. All women should be considered strong enough to carry a man and preserve their shoes. If you believe this is bad, you think women are inferior.

WATTERS: Well, the shoes for the woman usually cost more.

GUTFELD: That's sexist.

COMPAGNO: True. Dressed casually.

GUTFELD: This whole thing is sexist. I don't even think this is real, by the way.

BOOTHE: Some men buy very expensive shoes too, though.

GUTFELD: Yes, Greg.

BOOTHE: I feel like you would--

GUTFELD: Did we do any deep dive on this to see if this is real?

BOOTHE: But also, did he ask her for--

WILLIAMS: That's what I want to know.

BOOTHE: That's what I want to know, or did she volunteer.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I want to know the conversation.

GUTFELD: It's obviously a scene from some foreign film.

WILLIAMS: Wait, wait a second. Is that his wife?

GUTFELD: I don't know.

WILLIAMS: Because obviously, he asked her for help, and she does it.

WATTERS: Maybe he was injured. Maybe he had a bad back.

GUTFELD: Maybe this isn't real?

COMPAGNO: I think it's sweet. I think it's really cool that if you were dressed casually, you know, and your partner was like babe, can you like - totally I've got you.

WATTERS: I mean, you can--


WATTERS: Dry clean.

GUTFELD: When you do this segment, did you look and ask for proof or did you just decide to run this on this show?


BOOTHE: Greg, what are the second one.

WILLIAMS: What if she works for him.

WATTERS: Like the secretary.

COMPAGNO: I think that violates the law.

WATTERS: Do you think the secretary would do that. I'd ask for a raise.

WILLIAMS: What about a wife?

WATTERS: A wife?

WILLIAMS: Would a wife do that?

WATTERS: Definitely not.

WILLIAMS: Definitely not. OK.

WATTERS: Girlfriend maybe.

BOOTHE: Oh! My God.

COMPAGNO: Up next to movie trailers that have the Internet buzzing. First, the claws are out for Cats. The Broadway musical is coming to the big screen and people are freaking out about the allegedly creepy trailer. Watch.


COMPAGNO: Yes. OK. I said allegedly in there because I thought that trailer was amazing. I got tears in my eyes. I got chills. I cannot wait to see it, December 20th, I will be there, you guys, for performing artists. That is incredible. And Francesca Howard, who has been doorman there.

GUTFELD: Oh! Stop it. Just read the rest of this please.

COMPAGNO: No. I loved it. But I guess you guys don't.

WATTERS: I mean that was a bad acid trip.

BOOTHE: Do you know about this.

WATTERS: I would never see it.

GUTFELD: I haven't on good faith that is the inner most circle of hell, we just saw.



WILLIAMS: So, I thought it was a little bit disconcerting because it looked like animals. You know, the anthropomorphic cat.


WILLIAMS: Get a little bit. But on the other hand, the art looked terrific to me. The dancing and the singing.


WATTERS: That is some good skill, Juan.

COMPAGNO: Incredible. And also, Tom Cruise still has a need for speed. Maverick is back in the highly anticipated sequel to Top Gun.


COMPAGNO: I mean, nailed it. That too, I got chills, I'm obviously super stoked that comes out 2020. I think Jennifer Connelly was a suspect decision, but otherwise, I'm so excited to see it, right?

WATTERS: Yes. Val Kilmer is in it too,

GUTFELD: is he?

WATTERS: Yes, from the original cast. He plays one of the commanders at the school. This is going to make so much money. Every red blooded American male aged 15 to 80.

GUTFELD: This is not a guy movie. It's for women. This is a movie for women.

WATTERS: Do you think this is a movie for women?

GUTFELD: Who went and saw it when it came? Look at Emily. She could barely control 80.

COMPAGNO: But not for the reasons that you're seeing. It's because it's awesome.

GUTFELD: Look, look. A, the title is problematic. Top is - it's bigoted. Gun is a tool of violent oppression. Top is hierarchical. Is that the word?

WATTERS: Hierarchical.

GUTFELD: Got to hate that word. They shouldn't combine the two movies. Cats, flying planes.

BOOTHE: I think they may be on to something.

GUTFELD: I am on something.

WATTERS: I think the planes should shoot all the cats dead.

GUTFELD: Oh! My God. Terrible.

BOOTHE: Juan, bring some sense to us.

WILLIAMS: Right. You know that was - that film was a tremendous success in this regard. I don't know how it did with women. I'm not a woman. But I must say, it was great recruiting tool for the U.S. military. I think the recruiting went up. Everybody wanted to be Tom Cruise, right?


WATTERS: And everyone bought those little aviator shades.

WILLIAMS: Shades, yes.

BOOTHE: To Jesse's point, I mean there is already such a built-in audience for this. It should be a slam dunk. I also kind of like it when you do sort of a sequel type movie like long after the original line.

GUTFELD: Oh, wait, there's an original movie.

BOOTHE: No, there's not.

WATTERS: Like Lion King.


COMPAGNO: All right. Finally, some are risking it all for a perfect Instagram picture. No, it's not, because they're near this beautiful blue water in Spain. It's because it's full of toxic chemicals. People are reportedly getting sick and it's gotten so bad, government officials are being urged to tell tourists to stay away. This is the new iteration of the Darwin Awards to me. I hope everyone skin bubbles and they die for this stupid stuff.

GUTFELD: Wow, that's pretty harsh. You know what? I hope they get incredible superpowers like the Hulk. Like they go in there and they come out and they're 10 times stronger.

Do you know that I was just telling Jesse this? I use Instagram to make it look like I'm out of town when I tell people I have other commitments.


GUTFELD: Like let's say, Juan we want you to speak at this important charity. All you have to do is have a picture ready. I'm going to be up at the lake and then you post that picture and then people believe you.

BOOTHE: And meanwhile, you're on your couch--

GUTFELD: Yes, you're on your couch eating Kentucky Fried Chicken like that. I do. That's what I do.

WATTERS: And it prevents home invasions.

WILLIAMS: This is not only Spain, apparently. I saw an article that said they're doing the same thing in Russia.

GUTFELD: That's the Russian lake.

WILLIAMS: No, that's the Spanish lake.

COMPAGNO: Chernobyl?

GUTFELD: That's Russian.

WILLIAMS: So, people apparently, it's just like people hanging off of trains or off of skyscrapers. I think this is how you get distorted reality. People don't live in the moment. They try to create this moment. And it's so fake.

WATTERS: I think there's an app for that. Isn't there? You can go on and then make the lake look blue.


BOOTHE: Seem safer.

GUTFELD: Now, you can make it look really older.

COMPAGNO: Exactly.

WATTERS: That's right. And you know, these people come out of the disgusting lake, they're going to look like they did the old age face app.

BOOTHE: You're going to need the airbrush.


BOOTHE: I am with Emily. I mean if you fall in or you hurt yourself trying to do this, I mean, you kind of deserve it, right?

WATTERS: Killed by vanity.

GUTFELD: Cold people. They're just having fun.

BOOTHE: I was in Africa, in Tanzania, and there were tourists that were by the hippopotamus because they're so dangerous. And they were taking selfies right next to the water. And apparently, they sneak up on you. It's super dangerous.

WATTERS: You know what else is dangerous in these lakes. The meth gators.


WATTERS: Those things will come right up and bite you.


BOOTHE: I did Google if that was real.

WILLIAMS: Come on.

GUTFELD: Meth gators will be real.

WATTERS: No Juan--

GUTFELD: Because people are going to start raising them.

BOOTHE: It was in Tennessee.

GUTFELD: Raise them.

WILLIAMS: It was a fake out.

WATTERS: Yes. The guy flushing their drug.

WILLIAMS: Get out. No flushing.

WATTERS: No flushing.

COMPAGNO: All right you guys, don't go anywhere. Fan Mail Friday is up next.


GUTFELD: The original King Kong theme, Fan Mail Friday. All right, first question. This is pretty good. Have you ever lied or smudged the truth to get a job? I'm thinking, Jesse, you did.

WATTERS: Why do you think I'm at Fox.

GUTFELD: What did you tell Fox?

WATTERS: No, that's what I didn't tell Fox. I don't remember if I did that or if I lied. I mean, I didn't have a lot of jobs. This is like my second job ever.

GUTFELD: Amazing, second job ever. Emily.

COMPAGNO: Oh! My God. Absolutely not. That's the one thing that's always verifiable. You know, if you're like, oh, yes, I did this and then you fail at it. Of course not. Also, I tell the truth.


WILLIAMS: Deadlines. Like editors will say to me and book publishers will say, can you get this done by, you know, six months? And I'll say, yes, sure.

WATTERS: Juan can't even make it to the show on time.

WILLIAMS: Let's do it. Let's get it happen. But you know, come on. You know, the timeframe is crazy. But you say, yes.


BOOTHE: Never a lie because obviously it's verifiable a bit like everyone. If you're asking what are your worst and best characteristics?


BOOTHE: Like you're not going to - you kind of you know, you put a light touch on like a little air brush on it, right.

COMPAGNO: A filter.

BOOTHE: Yes, a filter.

GUTFELD: My lie, I am a people person. I used to put that on there. Also, lied about being able to catch a rat. I was applying for a job in the San Mateo County to be a rat catcher.

WILLIAMS: Come on.

WATTERS: That's not true.

GUTFELD: I didn't get the job. You had to go down a manhole and set traps.

WATTERS: Not a manhole.

GUTFELD: Person hole.

WATTERS: Person hole. Or maintenance hole.

GUTFELD: A maintenance hole. All right. The next question, what was your latest blunder in life--

COMPAGNO: On air yesterday, when I said vacuous and then you said--

WATTERS: Vacuous.

GUTFELD: You know why I said - I corrected you, because you said vacuous before.

COMPAGNO: I did. And I appreciate being corrected. For the record, correct me if I'm wrong. Of course.

GUTFELD: OK. That's for the record. Juan.

WILLIAMS: I was trying to be nice to you. I am sitting next to you.

COMPAGNO: I can take it, don't be nice.

WILLIAMS: Also, this happened to me yesterday.

WATTERS: Wait, I know what it is. The tie you were wearing before you came on set.

GUTFELD: That's true.

BOOTHE: Come on.

WILLIAMS: That's true.

WATTERS: We had to make Juan change his tie.

WILLIAMS: Right there.

BOOTHE: The greatest.

WILLIAMS: My pal Megan said that red did not go with my Friday purple jacket.

WATTERS: You look great though.

COMPAGNO: Pink was great.

WILLIAMS: So, this has what happened to me yesterday. I did - somebody promised me some tickets to a concert. Right. And I said, great. OK. Let me know. So, I never heard from him, I figured it must be sold out. Well, then yesterday I got a call. How come you didn't respond to our e-mail? He sent the e-mail on a Sunday night. I don't read much e-mails anyway, because I get too many. So, it was like, oh, my God, I've wasted these tickets.

GUTFELD: Wow. How much were they?

WILLIAMS: They were from the artists. So, I didn't pay.


BOOTHE: I don't know about the greatest blunder.

GUTFELD: Latest.

BOOTHE: Latest blunder all the time?

WATTERS: Latest and greatest.

BOOTHE: I mean just like messing up words, things like that. Like one time I try to say authentic and then authenticity. And I merged this weird word on the story and then everyone on the show was helping me out. Justin (ph) was like it's Friday. It's OK. And Martha was like authenticity. And my parents were there too.

GUTFELD: I just did that earlier with High River, right. River Rock.

WATTERS: Yes. And your sister's back there, too. That's probably making you nervous.

GUTFELD: Yes, definitely. That's my sister. Jesse, you have lots of blunders.

BOOTHE: That's what you've told us.

WATTERS: No, my philosophy is I do not make blunders. Everything happens for a reason.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's true.

WATTERS: I learn from my mistakes.

GUTFELD: And that's what you did not tell. And you don't have to apologize.

WATTERS: That's right. Shows weakness.

GUTFELD: I thought of this question more like as - it's eating. My blunder is I can't seem to find the right diet. That's right.

WATTERS: Greg, you look great. Is this what you're fishing for?


WATTERS: He looks very skinny.

GUTFELD: Thank you. That's all I wanted.

WILLIAMS: You look marvelous.

GUTFELD: OK. What's the first question you would ask after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for a hundred years?

BOOTHE: What day is it?

GUTFELD: Well, that's good. What day.

WATTERS: A hundred?

GUTFELD: Well, you know.

BOOTHE: I mean probably are you forgetting--

WATTERS: If it's Tuesday, who--


BOOTHE: Jesse.

WATTERS: Who cares? Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I've asked for a beer.


WILLIAMS: A beer, really? Are you thirsty?

WATTERS: Maybe a scotch.


WILLIAMS: Is Trump still President?


GUTFELD: Trump will be President.

WILLIAMS: What time is now?

GUTFELD: It'll be Donald Junior, Junior, Junior.

WATTERS: Yes. Grandchild?

WILLIAMS: You know what, the market's doing fine.

BOOTHE: Would you go back to sleep if the answer was yes.

WILLIAMS: I'd say he freeze me.

BOOTHE: Another hundred years.

WILLIAMS: What's he got to say?

GUTFELD: I'll be in the tube next to you. Emily, what would you say?

COMPAGNO: I would say, where's my family? That's like my worst nightmare to wake up alone in a hundred years.

WATTERS: They're dead. A hundred years.

COMPAGNO: Awful. That's terrible.

BOOTHE: But they could be sleeping, too. You don't know.

GUTFELD: Oh, what a bummer.

COMPAGNO: Then I would be like where is everyone--

BOOTHE: Yes. It would be fine.

GUTFELD: Your whole family is there, and they cryogenically frozen your dog too. And your car - it would be wonderful. You'll have all your friends there. It'll be a big party. Not going to happen, Emily.

First thing, I'd say is why did you do this to me? You could have just left me there. I'm happy. I don't need to wake up one hundred years from now and have more worries and anxieties, being like the old. I'll be the caveman.

WATTERS: You prefer frozen.

COMPAGNO: It make sense you to wake up complaining.

GUTFELD: Yes, I would.

BOOTHE: It would be like the worst punishment then just to freeze you every hundred years.

GUTFELD: Yes. That's true. Just wake me up. They put me back. One More Thing is up next.


WATTERS: Time now for One More Thing, Greg?

GUTFELD: All right, tomorrow night, 10 PM The Greg Gutfeld Show. Let's hope there is no blackout. You've got Mike Baker, you've got writer Stephen Miller, not the other Steven Miller. You've got Kat (ph), you've got Tyrus at Saturday, July 20th, 10 PM. No blackouts, please. Time for this. Animals Are Great. All right.

I am obsessed with this video. I've watched it 1000 times. Just watch this little sucker. That's a honey glider. Watch him fly and then land in - look at that smile on his face. I could just - what I say. Oh, honey glider and sugar glider are the same thing.

BOOTHE: 1001.

GUTFELD: Yes. But if anybody knows where I can get a hold of a sugar glider or a honey glider, please let me know. Emily seems to believe that it's illegal in this country. But she thinks a lot of things are illegal in this country. Bigot. And that's why, Animals Are Great. Sugar glider, it's 2019.

WATTERS: Yes, and sugar gliders can marry each other.

GUTFELD: Yes, finally.

WATTERS: That's right. OK. Check out this video out of Brazil. Allegedly, there was a loud party across this guy's house. He couldn't get to sleep. So, he sends up a drone over the loud block party, straps a Roman candle to it and just starts shooting the party to disperse the loud participants. Right, Greg?

GUTFELD: This wasn't real.

WATTERS: Apparently it was not real. Apparently, everybody was in on this. And that's what we call quasi fake news. Also, Watters World, that's also quasi something. I am with Lara Trump. Anthony Scaramucci, otherwise known as the mooch and AOC's challenger waiting to see what she has to say about Cortez.

WILLIAMS: Hey, by the way, just tell me. So, that was fake. Someone manipulated.

WATTERS: That actually happened, but it wasn't because there was a loud party.

GUTFELD: Here we on it.

BOOTHE: Who would be in on that though. That's so dangerous.

WILLIAMS: All right.

WATTERS: It's Brazil.

WILLIAMS: All right. My Spidey senses are tingling, folks, because of this video out of Philadelphia. Take a look. We don't know his name, but as you can see, this young man climbed down 15 stories. That's 200 feet down the side of a high rise building in Philadelphia to escape a fire.

Firefighters got calls from the trapped residents of the 19-story apartment building. But as they arrived, this young man, so brave had already taken matters into his own hands. Fortunately, no fatalities from the fire, which took an hour to put out. One thing for sure, this young man in the green shirt and blue jeans. My goodness. He deserves a superhero's cape.

I mean, wow, can you imagine you wake up--

GUTFELD: Unless you let somebody up there.

WILLIAMS: I don't know about that.


COMPAGNO: All right, you guys, check out this wild baseball pitch. Try not to flinch.


BOOTHE: Oh! My Gosh.


COMPAGNO: Exactly. Eric and Christian were recording their softball practice this week when the ball made an unexpected trip pass home plate and Eric said that his friend have been throwing wild pitches all day and he was like, maybe I'm going to be the one that got hit, but he was owned.

WATTERS: Oh, that's got to hurt the phone.

GUTFELD: Great video.


BOOTHE: All right. Well, flight delays can be a long and boring. But one airline took travelers woes away by a fun way to beat the wait, and the boringness. You've got Southwest Airlines there. They did a hula hoop contest. Very fun, so people that were waiting to board their flights after it was delayed in Los Angeles at LAX. And they also set up a contest where flyers could win prizes, including flight vouchers.

GUTFELD: That would not - that would just make me angrier. Like if I'm being delayed and then you hand me a hula hoop. I think I would scream - I'd be arrested. TSA would come and take me. If they gave me - they said, oh, you know, the flight's late for three hours. So, here's a hula hoop, what would you do? I would literally be arrested.

WILLIAMS: They don't know you. If they knew they wouldn't invite you. By the way, LAX. It's LAX.

BOOTHE: LAX. Is that like, can you not say LAX.

WATTERS: Yes, JFK. That's all for us tonight. We'll see you back here on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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