Barack Obama never forgets

Maybe he's not so cool, after all. Maybe "no drama Obama" has plenty of drama. We just don't see it, because usually he doesn't show it.

What's that expression Larry Sabato was saying, '"on't let them see you sweat?" Well, the president is good at that. Me? Not so much.

I don't buy that people are robots. Even the most detached among us are still, well, their us -- their human.

So it's nice to see when the usually unflappable start flapping. Like yesterday in Arizona, when the president got in Governor Jan Brewer's face, apparently over an excerpt from her book -- an excerpt.

But one the president never forgot and a slight so serious, that he couldn't wait to discuss with her. And he did.

Usually the president getting in your face scares most folks. Not Governor Brewer, who as the picture shows, clearly had no problem getting back in his.

Seconds later Secret Service agents shot her. No, they didn't, just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

But this "tiff at the tarmac" isn't the issue. The president's thin skin is.

I've seen it before. When he went after Bobby Jindal over the Louisiana governor's criticism of his handling of the BP oil spill.

I'm telling you, Barack Obama never forgets. Just ask -- I don't know -- anyone at Fox.

Because for a guy who claims he doesn't watch the so-called "cable chatter," he sure can chatter on and on about it. Damn near line and verse. And by the way, that to is fine. Getting your dander up over how the media are covering you is perfectly acceptable.

Like when John Kennedy went ballistic on the phone with a general, after this photo, which were going to show you; was in every newspaper, alright we don't have it. Showing a proud guard watching over an elaborately decked out hospital room being that was being readied for a then pregnant Jackie Kennedy.

To be fair, we didn't hear about this exchange until many years after JFK's death. Not so Harry Truman, who after reading a scathing critique of his daughter Margaret's concert, well Harry decided to write the critic himself "some day I hope to meet you." Truman went on: "When that happens, you'll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below."

This is the president of the United States, I admire that.

Sometimes, anger comes out of nowhere, like George Bush, Sr.'s famous broccoli broadside. Remember this. That wasn't a press corps laugh track, but it was funny. But all of these presidents wore their emotions, to varying degrees, on their sleeves.

Not Barack Obama, who prefers cool over, I guess, crazy. Like the robot in "Lost in Space," until Dr. Smith does something stupid. Then, it's "danger, Will Robinson danger!" Because this time it was caught on tape.

Caught on tape...profound.