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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Illinois Senator Barack Obama finds himself at the center of yet another controversy as conservatives continue their assault on his patriotism, if you can believe that.

The Democratic presidential hopeful is captured on film at a steak fry sponsored by Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. A closer look shows that Obama, unlike his Democratic colleagues, isn't putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem. Can you believe this? That's an outrage.

Joining us now with reaction is the author of "Outrage". Oh, wait a minute. What a coincidence. Former Clinton advisor — I didn't even know that was coming — Dick Morris.

Can you believe he was — is this unbelievable? Is this going to ruin his chances politically forever or what?

DICK MORRIS, AUTHOR, "OUTRAGE": If he'd covered his heart, he'd have covered himself.

COLMES: Oh, come on. That's very funny, but come on.

MORRIS: I think that...

COLMES: That's very — cute line.

MORRIS: I think it's ridiculous.


MORRIS: It's a stupid controversy. But you know...

COLMES: Well, wait a minute.

MORRIS: What I think about Obama...


MORRIS: ... is that he's God's gift to Hillary, because he's just strong enough to keep Gore out; just strong enough to make the race all about him. But he doesn't how to use issues to win an election.

COLMES: I've got an issue for you. Just as long as conservatives are going after Obama, let me put up on the screen another person during the national anthem.

I want to put his picture up on the screen. And let's — oh, look. His hand, he's got the wrong organ. It's supposed to be over your heart. And I think he's got his organs mixed up.

Is that unpatriotic, Dick, that his hand is not on his heart? Can you believe he became president? When he actually — did the national anthem, with his hand on his — I don't know what that — what organ that is.

MORRIS: In the past, I have accused you of using "Talking Points", but this one, I think you found on your own.

COLMES: Dick, thank you for retracting all the horrible things you've ever said about me. I appreciate that.

Look, let's talk about the Republican debate the other night.


COLMES: And Mike Huckabee, who scored very well in our FOX texting poll.

MORRIS: Right. Well, I think that the Republican field is really changing dramatically. You have to think of it like a tennis tournament. It's the quarterfinals, semifinals.


MORRIS: So in — on the center court, Rudy is defeating McCain in straight sets. But on the right-hand court, you have the quarter finals of Huckabee against Brownback for the Christian Coalition, and Huckabee won. Brownback's out.

Now, you can't have a three-way match in tennis, but you have one in politics. Of Thompson, Romney, and Huckabee for the conservative right to run against Rudy in the final.

And I think that Thompson is waging the worst campaign I've ever seen. I think Romney is waging a pretty good campaign, but there's a lot of anti-Mormon bigotry out there. And also, he flipped on abortion.

And I think Huckabee, with no money and no organization, is tapping into a spirit that is...

COLMES: Yes. Let me ask you about Rudy proclaiming now he's supporting the Red Sox in the World Series. Now, is that not a soft to New Hampshire? He's always been — well, Hillary changed — she changed teams. All of a sudden you can't be a Yankee fan and ever support the Red Sox. You can't do it.

MORRIS: That is — that is true. And a Yankee fan. I used to brief Rudy on polls late at night at the mayor's house at Gracie Mansion. And he used to come there around 9. And I realized, big mistake, because he'd have one eye on the Yankee game, and he's occasionally glance at me.

COLMES: Right.

MORRIS: So I started showing up at 11, when the game was over.

COLMES: But you know, if you're a Yankee fan. And even if the Red Sox are in, you've got to go for the National League pick. Right?

MORRIS: I think, seriously, that so far this presidential race has been completely predictable. Hillary is consolidating her grip on the Democratic nomination, and Rudy is consolidating his on the Republican.

But what's fascinating is that you really have a guy with no money and no organization who's now, as we're sitting, has made 8 percent in the polls. He's No. 3 in Iowa, only one point behind Thompson and seven behind Romney. Ahead of Giuliani in Iowa. And I think it's based on just the — this highly original approach he's taking.

SEAN HANNITY:, CO-HOST: Dick, let me go back to this issue. First of all, at least the president wasn't making a statement, and he did have his hand over his heart in the right place, Alan.

COLMES: That wasn't his heart.

HANNITY: That was a cheap shot.

COLMES: That wasn't his heart.

HANNITY: That was one little, you know, freeze-framed...

COLMES: It's not his heart.

HANNITY: ... picture from one second.

COLMES: Obama is a cheap shot.

HANNITY: No. Obama — but the difference here is Barack Obama made a statement about the Iraq war with the flag pin. And to not do it here, people are raising questions about why. Is this another statement?

MORRIS: Yeah — I — I doubt it. I doubt it. He was probably just dreaming of something off somewhere and didn't focus on the fact that there was a Pledge of Allegiance going on.

HANNITY: He was contemplating invading Pakistan again.

MORRIS: But what is — what is pathetic about Obama is he could win this election. He could defeat Hillary right now. All he has to do is get up there and say, "If you are elected president, you will keep the troops in Iraq. You told the New York Times that, and you would do that. I would pull them out. I am the peace candidate, you're the war candidate."

HANNITY: Well, it would help, certainly, with the anti-left and the MoveOn.org.

MORRIS: Well, who else is there in the Democratic...

HANNITY: Well, right now, there's not. Let's talk about Hillary's chances. She says that right now she is — "My experience makes me uniquely equipped — equips me to be president of the United States."

MORRIS: I would say that, if she — if she were on a reality show, the show would be "Survivor", because her experience is not at governing. You know, she was in the White House for eight years, but so was the pastry chef.

COLMES: Oh, come on.

MORRIS: And what is — what is her knowledge? And what does her knowledge of the White House? I mean, she knows where the light switches are?


MORRIS: This woman ran policy in the administration for two years, and it was all on health care. After that, she toured the world, wrote a best-selling book and then orchestrated the scandal defense of Lewinsky. That qualifies her to be president?

What she means by experience is she's used to beating Republicans.

HANNITY: All right, Dick. Now, we're going to get back to "Mondays with Dick Morris", coming up next week. Dick Morris on "HANNITY: & Colmes".

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