Bachmann: ObamaCare delay about Dems 'holding onto Senate'

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: To a White House that Republicans say is playing God when it comes to this law, delaying yet another key feature, this time the March 31 deadline to enroll. But wait a minute. Wasn't that the one deadline they said they could never move?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you going to delay the open enrollment beyond March 31?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it correct that you don't have the authority to extend that deadline?

SEBELIUS: There is no delay beyond March 31.

JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: March 31 is the deadline for enrollment. You have heard us make that clear.


CAVUTO: Well, kind of clear, because under these new rules, all you have to do is check off a blue box on the Web site and say you have tried to enroll and, ta-da, deadline is moved, delay is on, you're free.

To Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who says, come on, this is too much.

Congresswoman, what do you make of that? Just this could be another goalpost just conveniently pushed.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN, R-MINN.: Gee, you think, Neil?

I mean, isn't it a wonderful world? The administration gets to have it any way they want it have it. All their promises about ObamaCare, completely hypocritical, they didn't come through, and now this? More of the same. Unfortunately, it's the continuation of lawlessness from the administration.

And I feel sorry, honestly, from the people who are trying to be administrators of ObamaCare. How in the world do they know what to comply with? Do you either follow the law as it's written or are you responsible for watching Jay Carney's press conference to figure out what the law is? It is complete incredibility on the part of the administration.

CAVUTO: Well, Congresswoman, what amazed me in this explanation is that it rely largely on an honor system. In other words, if you made a good faith effort at the site and then checked off that little box, that's good enough for us. And we're all going to have to be honest and say that we tried.



CAVUTO: So what's to say that you really did? Anyone could say they tried and avoid a penalty or avoid anything else?

BACHMANN: Of course.

It is a wink and a nod. It means nothing. This is all outcome-based legislating from the administration. And let's face it. This has one thing in mind. It is about President Obama trying to keep the Senate in Democrat hands in 2014. That's it.

Not one of these changes has a thing to do with helping the American people as to whether they can lower their insurance premiums or have better access to health care. That isn't what it is -- what it's about. It is about the president's agenda, holding on to a Democrat Senate. Let's face it.

Every single one of them is absolutely transparent. And I think that's why people feel pretty cynical about this bill. And, Neil, what I want to know is when is the president going to show some flexibility on when could I have to file my income tax returns? Will that date stay April 15, or will that one change? I kind of think that one will stay the same.

CAVUTO: Yes, I have the feeling you might be right about that particular deadline.

But the fact that this wasn't moved precipitously further back on the calendar and that they said, all right, we are getting a last-minute rush or people are trying to sign up and they can't. So we're going to give them another few weeks. They are not pushing it, to your point, to the next election or after. They're -- they're -- they're -- so to what they're saying, that this few weeks is more like administrative stuff, you say what?

BACHMANN: I actually say that if you look at what they are trying to do, you check the box here on an honor system, I would say this is to infinity and beyond. What they are essentially planning is that people can actually enroll whenever they want to enroll, because they want to get to their numbers.

And let's face it, this is an admission of failure. This is not working, the sign-up on ObamaCare, and it's a program that will never pay for itself, ever.


CAVUTO: Yes, but, Congresswoman, there might be a brilliance to this move, whether you agree or disagree with it.

If you know that you are going to suck and pay a penalty if you don't sign up for this thing, but now you just click that box or check that box and say you tried, you could fulfill the administration's dream, and that is we had this drum of last-minute support, into the millions. I don't even know.

And this thing is a hit. You would never know why what was going on here, that a lot of people simply tried to avoid the penalty by just checking a damn box. But it would have the appearance of looking kill you had this last-minute rush and they couldn't keep up with it.

BACHMANN: Well, remember how this game works, though, Neil.

You have got a coin, you flip it in the air. One side is the Obama administration wins. The other side is the consumer loses. That's the way this works. And so these rules are going to continue to be malleable and manipulated. And the outcome will be based on what helps the president politically. That's it, unfortunately. I don't mean to be cynical, but that's what we have seen so far.

CAVUTO: Congresswoman, great seeing you again. Thank you very much.

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