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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: A few hours ago, Officer Bobby Cutts, Jr., was not sentenced to death.

He got life, but he also got to hear up close and personal what murdered Jessie's sister, Whitney Davis, thinks of him.

Video: Watch Whitney Davis' powerful statement


WHITNEY DAVIS, JESSIE'S SISTER: If you cared, you would have told the truth. You would not have let my sister's body and my niece's body lay there in that field and rot so that we could not even have an open casket to look at her one more time. Do you know what that feels like? You don't (INAUDIBLE) you have not lost someone. You got rid of someone who was an inconvenience for you.

I thought that at some point, I might be able to forgive you, but when I listen to Blake cry, I hate you! And it disgusts me that you're here and she's gone and that I will never get to hold my niece.

After the funeral, we told Blake that his mother was in heaven. Do you know what he said to us? He said, Take me there so I can be with her. What are you supposed to say to that?

You're a selfish person, and when you did this, you didn't think about anyone but yourself and covering up what you had done. I don't know how you can live with yourself.


VAN SUSTEREN: Officer Cutts' defense attorneys Fernando Mack, Myron Parnell Watson and Kaye Ranke join us live in Cleveland, Ohio. Good evening to all of you. Fernando, first to you. Did you speak to your client after sentencing? Did you have a chance to?


VAN SUSTEREN: And what was his reaction to the sentence? Did he thank you guys?

MACK: He did. You know, he understood that once we arrived at this phase, the most important objective was to save his life. We did that, so I think he was grateful for that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kaye, it's a rather unpopular job that the three of you have, would you agree?

CAROLYN KAYE RANKE, ATTORNEY FOR BOBBY CUTTS: I would agree. It's never easy to defend a person who's charged with a crime. Certainly, under these circumstances and the glare of the media, it was a very difficult and tall order for us all.

VAN SUSTEREN: Myron, how about for you? What was the hardest part?

MYRON PARNELL WATSON, ATTORNEY FOR BOBBY CUTTS: The hardest part was the media attention that the case drew. And certainly, that made our jobs more difficult because people tend to act differently when the media is involved, and heavily so, from the judge, from the prosecutors, from all the other people who are participants in the proceedings themselves. So we had our hands full, and certainly, we had to work very hard in order to get the result that we were able to get.

VAN SUSTEREN: Fernando, were you surprised by what Jessie's mother had to say, when she said that she forgave your client?

MACK: You know, Greta, she was interviewed on a couple of occasions prior to that, and you know, we had understood at one point in time that's something that she had vacillated on. But we had learned just before that, that that is something that she wanted to communicate to us, but unfortunately, she was not allowed to do that. So of course, it's always surprising when the victim's family member comes in and forgives under these circumstances. It was heartfelt.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kaye, a police officer going to prison, oftentimes that can be another death sentence, even if the jury doesn't give him one. Is there a special protective custody he will get in your Ohio system?

RANKE: Well, you know, there are different levels. First, obviously, he has to be determined what security risk he is. He doesn't have any priors, and although it's a crime of violence and a murder, he will be given a very high level of security. Certainly, our concern is for his safety first, but also within the system, making sure that he has all the privileges to which he's entitled. So you know, we want to maintain that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, all three of you, for joining. As I noted, you have the most unpopular job and it is certainly not an easy one, and I'm sure that the court system is happy that they have good lawyers who will volunteer to do these jobs, or do them. Thank you, both -- all three of you.

RANKE: Thanks, Greta.

MACK: Thank you, Greta.

WATSON: Thank you.

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