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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a "FOX News Alert." Police in the college town of Madison, Wisconsin, make an arrest in connection with the murder of Joel Marino. The 31-year-old Marino was stabbed in the middle of the day in his home on January 28.

Earlier this year, we went to Madison, Wisconsin, to investigate the murder. Joel's parents took us through the crime scene.


LOU MARINO, FATHER: So the best of our recollection, as he was talking to his grandmother here and hung up the phone, heard something. And of course, you can't see the front door from here...



LOU MARINO: ... And walked out into this area. And this is where we feel he was confronted by the murderer. He was stabbed once and then...


LOU MARINO: Stabbed once in the side and then quickly stabbed in the chest extremely intensely. And from that moment on, that's when he went to the back of the house, and he was obviously trying to get to St. Mary's hospital, which is within sight of here.

VAN SUSTEREN: A stone's throw from here.


VAN SUSTEREN: Joining us on the phone is Isthmus reporter Jason Shepard, who has been following this probably the closest of anybody in the media. Jason, can you tell me anything about the man who has at least been detained? I don't know if he's formally been arrested.

JASON SHEPARD, THE ISTHMUS: Greta, we know very little about this. This is just unfolding literally within the past couple of hours. But what we do know is that police have arrested a man in Minnesota, just outside of St. Paul, in connection with the case. Extradition papers are being processed, and the Madison Police Department has scheduled a press conference tomorrow morning to let us know some more information.

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Obviously, there's three high-profile unsolved murder cases involving apparent stranger attacks in Madison the past year, so there's a lot of interest in learning more information about this, you know, potentially good news in terms of public safety.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, Joel Marino was murdered on the 28th of January. And when we were in Madison, you took us over to Brittany Zimmermann's home. She was likewise murdered, broad daylight, not far from Joel, and there was a home invasion. Is there any suggestion from the police tonight that these are at all related, these two homicides?

SHEPARD: Nothing new tonight. A few weeks ago, the police department did restate their belief that there's no direct evidence connecting any of the three homicides -- the Marino case, the Zimmermann case and the murder of Kelly Nolan last summer. But obviously, the similarities are striking.

You know, there are a couple of crucial differences, at least from an investigative standpoint, in the Marino case which might make, you know, an arrest a little easier. The cops believe that they do have DNA at the Marino crime scene. The murder weapon, a knife, was found inside Joel's house. And a number of witnesses saw the presumed killer and contributed to the creation of a sketch.

And apparently, there's a report just out tonight that it was that sketch that led detectives to -- while they were looking through some mental health records, to see a man who fit the description, and that's what led them to Minnesota. And then according to this report from a law enforcement source tonight, that man in Minnesota confessed to the crime. Obviously, we'll know more tomorrow morning. But if that's true, that's going to give some comfort to Lou and Debbie Marino, who've been in great anguish over the past couple of months, wishing for a break in the case.

VAN SUSTEREN: You mentioned Lou and Debbie Marino. You know, often on these shows, we stay in touch with the families of victims, crime victims, and like every other family, they have broken hearts and it's just -- their grief is immense. And even, you know, trying to find the killer will bring them a tiny bit of relief. But I don't think unless you've walked in their shoes can you ever understand what these families go through. Jason, thank you.

SHEPARD: Greta, thanks.

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