Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Attack Strategy

Anti-war groups are said to be split over the question of whether to attack Democrats over their failure to secure legislation mandating a troop withdrawal from Iraq.

The Hill reports some activists feel Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin.

And one activist with the group Code Pink says she has dropped her membership in MoveOn — calling it "very conservative." she says that when MoveOn supported the Iraq supplemental funding bill — "They betrayed us."

Phone Tag

Government officials in Santa Ana, California have refused to declare the city a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. So local immigration rights groups have launched a plan to create a hotline to report impending raids by federal agents.

The Orange County Register reports the program is modeled after a similar plan in Los Angeles. There were 175 arrests during five days of raids last month in Orange County. One advocate likens the raids to terrorism — saying "I call it terror because that is what a small child feels when armed men break into their homes and take away their parents."

Feeling the Burn

Democratic Congressman Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii is trying to flex some muscle in his effort to get the House gym redesigned and renovated. The Hill reports Abercrombie — who is a 69-year-old power-lifter — has run afoul of House leadership by refusing their orders to stop talking about the issue.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is said to be reluctant to spend money on the gym — and have to answer for it in the media and to constituents.

But the facility reportedly is old and cramped — and particularly unfriendly to women members — who have to cross through the men's locker room in order to use the cardiovascular equipment.

By contrast — House staffers have their own modern workout center, featuring equipment with individual flat-screen TV's hooked up to cable, a mirrored aerobics room and comfortable locker facilities.

Missing in Action

And officials in Denmark are looking for 15 homeless people who came to Copenhagen for The Homeless World Cup soccer tournament — and then decided they wanted to make their home — someplace new.

The 15 left their individual country delegations and disappeared, overstaying their visas and going underground. The players are from several African nations and Afghanistan.

The tournament featured 500 homeless people from 48 countries and ended Saturday. One of the event organizers said they've never had mass defections before.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.