Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Low Blow

An anti-war protester was arrested Tuesday in New York after he punched a teenaged Bush supporter who is confined to a wheelchair.

The New York Post reports 22-year-old German Talis was shouting obscenities at first lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna as they were leaving a promotion for their children's book. John and Wendy Lovetro and their daughter had been in the audience, and John told the protester to shut up — saying the appearance was about the children's book.

The Post says Talis then began hitting 18-year-old Maureen Lovetro, who has cerebral palsy. Talis struck her on the shoulders and the legs before John Lovetro fought him off. Police charged Talis with assault and resisting arrest. Maureen was not seriously hurt.

Name Calling

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations is calling Jimmy Carter a bigot for his meeting with Hamas leaders last week. Ambassador Dan Gillerman told reporters in New York, Thursday, that Mr. Carter, "Went to the region with soiled hands and came back with bloody hands after shaking the hand of Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hamas."

He said it was a shame to see the former American president "turn into what I believe to be a bigot." And, he called the meeting "a very sad episode in American history." Calls made by the Associated Press to Mr. Carter for reaction were not returned.

You're It!

A couple of quick follow-ups to earlier Grapevines. The principal of an elementary school in McLean, Virginia, has rescinded her ban on the game of tag during recess. The Washington Post reports Kent Gardens Elementary Principal Robyn Hooker relented after some parents called the ban draconian — and one student got 160 signatures on a petition and planned a playground protest demonstration.

And, the Mexican press attaché who allegedly pilfered several BlackBerries from White House aides earlier this week in New Orleans has been fired. Rafael Quintero Curiel was caught on surveillance cameras. He initially denied the theft, then called it an accident and claimed diplomatic immunity. Mexican officials have apologized.

Campaign Promise

Finally, Northern Indiana Republican Congressional candidate Tony Zirkle says he will go anywhere and talk to any group about the issues — and apparently he means it.

Sunday, he appeared at a meeting in Chicago of the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party — the Nazis. And, this picture in the Michigan City News-Dispatch of Zirkle standing in front of the swastika banner and Hitler portrait is providing plenty of ammunition to his opponents in next month's primary election — one of whom was reportedly in disbelief when he saw the story. The paper says that during the meeting Hitler’s birthday was observed with a cake.

But Zirkle says he was willing to take the chance of torpedoing his political career by showing up.

"That's the risk you have to take to get your point across. If the Black Panthers or the Jewish Zionists want me to speak about these issues, I'll do it."

FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.