Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Emine Erdogan, the wife of Turkey's prime minister, has praised an anti-American film that depicts U.S. soldiers as cold-blooded killers, calling it a beautiful film. "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq" has drawn record audiences in Turkey since its debut.

One of the film's most gruesome scenes shows a Jewish-American doctor harvesting the organs of Iraqi prisoners to later sell to Israel and the West. U.S. military officials have advised troops stationed in Europe to avoid movie theaters showing the film.

Meanwhile, a senior U.S. official has expressed concern about the movie's success and the positive endorsements from the Turkish government.

Harvard's Black Sheep?

Bucking the trend of the nation's major newspapers, a conservative student paper at Harvard University has chosen to print four of the Danish cartoons that have incited violent protests in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia. One of those cartoons shows a swastika superimposed over the Star of David.

The spread has caused a stir on campus, with some students demanding that the paper's editor resign.

‘Cheney's Law’

Members of the New York State Senate Codes Committee have voted to send a bill on hunting safety that state Republican lawmakers have dubbed, "Cheney's Law" to the full Senate. The bill, if passed, would make it a felony to leave the scene of a hunting accident involving serious injury.

It had been introduced in several recent legislative sessions, but was voted on in committee only yesterday, three days after the vice president's hunting accident. One Democratic state senator says he thinks the accident could serve as a catalyst for the bill's passage into law and even suggested that Vice President Cheney be invited to the signing.

— FOX News' Dominique Pastre contributed to this report