Another Victory for the ACLU in Its War on Christianity

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Another victory for the ACLU (search) in its war on Christianity.  That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo." Take a look at the county seal in Los Angeles because it's about to change.  [The County] Supervisors voted 3 to 2 to cave in to the ACLU's demands that the small cross on the right be removed, and it soon will be, even though it's been there for 47 years.  The ACLU's Los Angeles director, Ramona Ripskin (ph), says the cross makes some Angelenos feel, quote, "unwelcome," unquote.  Sane people point out that the cross signifies the historical founding of Los Angeles by Catholic missionaries.

That historical argument seems to have some merit because a few hundred miles north of L.A., federal judge Phyllis Hamilton recently ruled that 7th-graders at a Contra Costa County school could be forced to say Muslim prayers in a history class for the sake of history.  By the way, just yesterday, Judge Hamilton declared the law banning partial-birth abortion unconstitutional, thereby wiping out the will of the president, Congress and the vast majority of Americans.  Of course, Judge Hamilton knows far more about the Constitution than anyone.  And it would be interesting see how this woman would rule if a public school history teacher forced his or her students to say Christian prayers.  I'm sure the judge would support that, just as she supports Muslim prayers.

Judge Hamilton and the ACLU are part of the anti-Christian cabal in America that sees the Christian majority as oppressors.  These people know they can never impose their secular agenda on this country while Judeo-Christian philosophy (search) dominates the philosophical arena.  That's because Judeo-Christian philosophy requires judgments about right and wrong in personal behavior.  The secularists deplore that.  They want an open society where anything goes, including legalized drugs, any kind of abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage and explicit images and speech on the public airwaves.

Unless America's tradition of opposing these kinds of behaviors is changed, the secularist agenda will never become a reality.  So diminishing any Christian display in public is the goal and encouraging alternative thought, like Muslim prayers, helps that goal.  The harsh truth is that many American Christians don't really care about what's happening.  L.A. County could have fought the ACLU using lawyers at the Thomas More Law Center (search) and the Alliance Defense Fund (search), who would have taken the case for free.  But there's little outcry from the Christians of southern California to fight, and so the ACLU wins again.

"Talking Points" wants you to know that we are rapidly losing freedom in America.  Judges are overruling the will of the people, and fascist organizations like the ACLU are imposing their secular will.  And when was the last time you heard your priest, minister or rabbi talk about this?  For me, the answer is simple.  Never.

And that's "The Memo."

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