And now some fresh pickings from the grapevine:

Another Anti-Semitic Remark?

Four days before his district's Democratic primary in Virginia, incumbent congressional candidate Jim Moran -- who last year was called anti-Semitic for suggesting Jews in the U.S. were pushing the nation into war with Iraq -- is now being accused of making yet another anti-Semitic remark.

A recently dismissed strategist and pollster for Moran's campaign, Alan Secrest, says Moran made the -- "offensive remark" several weeks ago during a private staff meeting with advisers. So what exactly was this anti-Semitic remark? Well, Secrest won't say, insisting it's a "private business matter."

Moran, meanwhile, says the whole thing is a "total fabrication" and simply a matter of revenge for being let go. And two people who attended the meeting, quoted by the Washington Post, say they didn't hear Moran make any anti-Semitic remark.

Not Resigning for Personal Reasons?

Though he insists otherwise, CIA Director George Tenet is not resigning for personal reasons... at least according to a leading newspaper in Albania, where, the paper says, Tenet was planning to visit today, but canceled.

The paper, the Korrieri daily, says the "real reason" Tenet resigned is that he has been struck by an ancient Albanian curse, which forces foreigners to be demoted after becoming involved with Albania. According to the paper, not only was Tenet's mother born in Albania, but he visited there twice, incognito, in the early 1990s -- and now it's time for his demotion. Those incognito trips, by the way, have not been confirmed.

Birthday Cupcakes Banned

And from the wonderful world of education, the Chandler School in Duxbury, Massachusetts, has banned parents from bringing cupcakes to class for their child's birthday, saying -- "childhood obesity is a national issue [and] anything we can do to help ... is a step in the right direction."

So instead, the school tells the Boston Globe, it will offer birthday boys and girls a -- "birthday package," including a special chair cover, a special pencil and a sticker.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report