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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Our headline on this Wednesday night, day number nine of the new Obama administration: Liberal Obsession. Now the media is fond of constantly reminding us about how popular Barack Obama is and how much of a mandate he claimed with his victory in November.

As such does it strike anybody as odd that he spent so much time talking about conservative media personalities like Rush Limbaugh, the great one, Mark Levin, and little old me.

Now earlier this week the president warned Congressional Republicans not to listen to Rush and talk radio if they want to get things done. Now the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took the president's cue and started a Web site to raise money after Rush's comment on this program last week that he hopes the president's far left wing agenda, in fact, fails.

Now, U.S. News & World Report also said today that while meeting Republicans on the Hill, the president also made a joke about watching all of them beat him up on FOX News. And then, of course, during the campaign the president mentioned yours truly almost a dozen times.

Let's take a look at a few of them.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I'll put, I'll put Mr. Burgess up against Sean Hannity. He'll tear him up.

OBAMA: If you were watching Sean Hannity consistently.

BILL O'REILLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: He's a commentator, though.

OBAMA: You would — well, That's all these bloggers are. I'm not making excuses for them.


O'REILLY: Hannity's never said he wants Dick Cheney to die of cancer.

OBAMA: They've gone — hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on a second.

OBAMA: Is Sean Hannity suddenly going to get on the air and say, you know, I was wrong about this Obama guy? He's my man. No, that's not going to happen.

OBAMA: I mean I think that there's a certain segment of hard core Sean Hannity fans that probably wouldn't want to go have a beer with me. There's no doubt about that.


HANNITY: President Obama, I'll buy the beer, and in the spirit of spreading the wealth, I'll even pay for it.

And joining us tonight is the author of the New York Times bestseller, "Guilty," Ann Coulter is here. I'll pay for his beer.

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HANNITY: But I just don't find.

COULTER: Sean, this show is becoming like your personal MySpace page, and today Obama said this about me.

HANNITY: Well, you know — well, I — he's attacked Rush this week so we got.

COULTER: I know. I'm the one with the book out.

HANNITY: You want to be attacked. What are we, what are we to make of this? Because I have a theory but I want to know what you think. Why do you think he's — you know, we've got a Gitmo being closed, we've got al Qaeda, we've got the North Koreans.


HANNITY: We got Iran taunting him.


HANNITY: Why talk radio? Why is he attacking Rush and Sean Hannity and you and Mark?

COULTER: Two reasons. One is — as I described in the last chapter of this book, liberals are utterly thin skinned, one of the reasons people become liberals is so that the mainstream media will constantly describe them day in, day out, as beautiful, brilliant, and between being beautiful and brilliant, brave.

They are brave, brilliant, beautiful liberals, and they're always incredibly thin skinned, so, A, he's thin skinned, if there is one note of dissent out there, he'll fixate on it. That's what they say about Clinton. And the other reason is to start paving the way for the fairness doctrine, something I also discuss in here.

HANNITY: Well, we do — but it's not the fairness doctrine. And every American needs to understand this. This is, Ann, the censorship doctrine. This is an attempt.

COULTER: Well, it's — we can call it the fairness doctrine, yes, of course.

HANNITY: OK. All right. But there's an — they want to silence anybody that opposes them.


HANNITY: All right. Now here's the next question.

COULTER: They're going to pull the plug on FOX News.

HANNITY: We're done?


HANNITY: This could be our last night.

COULTER: Some night, you'll be watching, and the lights will go out.

HANNITY: Save it for your kids. I have been contending for a long time now that I believe Barack Obama is far more radical, far more radical than people say.

COULTER: Right. Right.

HANNITY: This stimulus package is the single greatest most massive transfer.


HANNITY: ... of the economy to the government.

COULTER: Yes. It's shocking.

HANNITY: That's radical.

COULTER: It's shocking. I — I mean I was sort of calm at first, he immediately sold out Moveon.org and Daily Kos, and oh, the New York Times editorial page by changing his mind about withdrawing from Iraq immediately, changing his mind on shutting down Gitmo, although all the headlines said shutting down Gitmo, fine print, within a year.


COULTER: And who knows what's going to happen then, and backing down on tax cuts. But you are right, this stimulus bill could make him the next Jimmy Carter.

HANNITY: But — first of all, shutting down Gitmo. Now we have our "Gitmo All-stars" coming up.

COULTER: Oh yes, that's been fantastic. I've been watching that.

HANNITY: Right. These are the people that are coming to American cities.


HANNITY: If, in fact, he has his way and he follows through.


HANNITY: We're not going to have enhanced interrogations if we catch Osama bin Laden.


HANNITY: We've eliminated the phrase war on terror, Ann, so the question is, is this a pre 9/11 mentality, and can Americans expect the same result of not being at war with an enemy that's at war with us?

COULTER: That's a good question. I mean I think he's just going to move them to a different island and rename it Obamaville. I think, you know, he has.

HANNITY: There won't be room, Ann. Every liberal is going to want to live there in their euphoric, omnipotent ecstasy.


COULTER: Yes, they'd like to live with the terrorists. They — they agree about America.

HANNITY: Well, I — here it comes. There's the attack line for tomorrow in the media. No, but they are weakening our defenses. This is the point.

America, we're taking steps.

COULTER: Not as much as you and I thought. I got to say. I'm — we may as well give credit where credit is due. This whole thing, the headlines about shutting down Guantanamo, he's not shutting it down.

HANNITY: Well, he's starting to. He's begun the process.

COULTER: And worse than that — well, OK, when it happens, then it happens, but he's not doing it, and I've also I've noticed Andrew Ferguson pointed out a few years ago that whenever a Republican weaves off and a Democrat comes in suddenly the homelessness problem goes away because you never read about it anymore.

And I've noticed the same thing with Gitmo detainees. Suddenly since Election Day they suddenly become so much more dangerous. I read about it in the L.A. Times, the Newsweek, even the New York Times. So and the New York Times did that story on the Gitmo detainee who escaped and blew up a building. He becomes head of al Qaeda in Yemen, so the media is already preparing, paving the way for Obama to not release the detainees.

HANNITY: Maybe another way to put this, though, is, you know, we've got real threats out there. We've got al Qaeda.


HANNITY: We've got North Korea, we've got Ahmadinejad. I don't think they're going to be too impressed by some lofty speech by the new American president descending from the heavens.

So — my question is, why would you focus in on conservative media and spend so much time attacking them.


HANNITY: ... rather than focusing on the real enemy?

COULTER: Right. Right. Kim Jong-il.

HANNITY: Perhaps.

COULTER: Because as far as the Democrats.

HANNITY: Or Ahmadinejad and nuclear weapons.

COULTER: Right. As far as the Democrats are concerned, you and Rush Limbaugh are more dangerous. They're — you're dangerous to their plan of ultimate takeover. I mean, look, this is — I just heard this that all the Republicans voted against the stimulus bill, and 11 Democrats. That's fantastic.

HANNITY: That is fantastic.

COULTER: And this will probably go through, and God bless the Republicans, isn't it fun being an angry insurgent?

HANNITY: But you know what we're dealing — but as.

COULTER: So much better than being in the majority.

HANNITY: Do you like that? You like being conservatives in exile? The conservative underground.

COULTER: We can be principled now.

HANNITY: But you — one of the things that makes me happy is we have an opportunity. The mainstream left-wing media in this country is not telling the American people what's in this stimulus package.


HANNITY: The amount of recklessness, contraception, STDs.


HANNITY: You know — the National Mall, everything else.

COULTER: And the $160 billion just to state governments.


COULTER: This doesn't stimulate anything except more government spending, and that is what the left wants, bigger and bigger government.

HANNITY: I assume you had a better time than being on Harry Smith or the "Today Show" or "The View."

COULTER: I'm going back to the "Early Show" tomorrow morning.

HANNITY: I can't wait, round two. OK. Thanks, Ann Coulter.

COULTER: I loved it.

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