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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Welcome to "Watters World," I'm Jesse Watters. Congratulations, everybody. This week is the one-year anniversary of the Robert Mueller investigation into Trump and Russia. What have we learned?


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt.


WATTERS: That's what it looks like to many Americans so far. More than $3 million taxpayer dollars have been spent, more than a hundred people from the campaign, government and private industry have been interviewed, 15 search warrant issued. Millions of documents turned over, and no one has been charged of any crime involving collusion, treason or espionage.

In fact, the New York Times reporting this week, "A year and a half later, no public evidence has surfaced connecting Mr. Trump's advisers to the hacking or linking Mr. Trump himself to the Russian government's disruptive efforts."

In that New York Times piece, some stunning information came out. You ready? A hundred days before the election, the Obama administration placed at least one spy in the Trump campaign.

The Obama administration opened up an investigation into the Trump campaign without any criminal evidence. The Obama used secret subpoenas to obtain phone records and other documents from the Trump campaign and the Obama administration used an unverified dossier of Russian smears paid for by Hillary to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign.

The bottom line remains, team Obama spied on the Trump campaign using wiretaps and moles with no clear justification. And now, the same Federal agencies who launched the investigation are stonewalling the American people. House Intelligence Chairman, Devin Nunes had this to say.


DEVIN NUNES, HOUSE INTELLIGENCE CHAIRMAN: The campaign was somehow set up. I think that would be a problem. If there were somehow meetings that occurred and all of this was a setup, because we have yet to see any credible evidence or intelligence that led to the opening of this investigation.


WATTERS: Investigative reporter and Fox News contributor, Sara Carter joins me now to break this all down. Sarah, Devin Nunes, he didn't clearly say it, but he basically made the premise there is evidence this may have been a set-up from the jump. Do you believe that?

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: Yes, I absolutely do believe that. Based on the evidence we have now as compared to what we had over a year ago, and there's something else, Jesse. Remember, these are the same people that went after Chairman Nunes. They went after me on my breaking stories on this, other journalists who were trying to look into this at the time, saying this is just implausible, this is a joke, this isn't even true.

And now, going into the second year, and all of the evidence that has come out of this, what we have discovered is a system that used our -- the counter-intelligence investigation, that's very important. It allowed them, which is the DOJ and FBI as well as other intelligence agencies to basically weaponize the tools in our IC community, our intelligence community against a campaign against a Presidential campaign.


WATTERS: That's just shocking. Just think about it if you take a step back here. Imagine if the Bush administration had used a counter- intelligence operation against the Obama campaign over nothing, because right now, there has been no criminal evidence to show there was any wrongdoing to justify the wiretapping and the secret subpoenas and even the opening up of the investigation.

You had the New York Times report come out this week, crossfire hurricane was the code name they used of this counter-intelligence investigation, and there was a meeting that Papadopoulos had with someone over in Great Britain.

It turns out Papadopoulos who was like 28 at the time and Carter Page, we all know Carter Page and who he is, they are invited over to Great Britain to go to all of these conferences, they get fed full of rumors about, "Oh, the Russians may have some of Hillary's e-mails," and they pass it along over drinks to an Ambassador.

And then, the FBI sends Peter Strzok over to London and they cook up the investigation based on gossip.

CARTER: That's exactly it. It appears on its face that were being lured and being given information for the very purpose of then passing that information on from Ambassador Downer from Australia, and then he turned around and reports it back over to US intelligence because they are close allies of us, and then an investigation ensues.

And remember, this was right after they pretty much exonerated Hillary Clinton in a criminal investigation.

WATTERS: Right, and it's also right after they had gotten their hands on this fake dossier that Hillary paid for filled with unverified salacious information, which they used to obtain the war. Now, The Daily Caller has a piece and it seems to be asking questions about who the spy was on the Trump campaign.

CARTER: Well, this is what I know, when you are dealing with an informant, particularly somebody -- now this is how they classify them, and remember, this did not came from Chairman Nunes, this came from leaks from the DOJ, from the FBI or from people within that closed circle in England.

This is where the New York Times and The Washington Post and others have gotten their information. So, based on that information that they themselves leaked, based on this information, we know that there was an informant.

Now, the thing is Jesse, these types of informants don't just work on one case. They must be working on numerous cases for the CIA, as well as the FBI, and they usually go by a code name, those code names are basically the only thing that anybody at the DOJ or the FBI would ever see. They would never know the person's real name, only the people really close them.

WATTERS: And we are not outing this person as the spy, we are just...

CARTER: That's right.

WATTERS: What I am saying is the Daily Caller pieces together, and Sara, we are going to continue to monitor this. It's just -- to just put it in perspective again, the Obama administration wiretapped and had informants inside the political opponent's campaign, Donald Trump's campaign.

CARTER: Exactly.

WATTERS: Just soak that in, everybody. I want everybody to soak that in, all right. Sara, got to go, thank you very much.

CARTER: Thank you.

WATTERS: And the president himself weighing in on the anniversary of the Russian probe tweeting, "Congratulations, America, we are now into the second year of the greatest witch hunt in American history and there is still no collusion and no obstruction. The only collusion was that done by Democrats who were unable to win an election despite spending far more money."

My next guest says the Mueller proper should keep going. Former Bush White House ethics lawyer, Richard Painter joins me now.

So, Richard, you just heard what we have talked about at the top. Do you believe that the investigation in the summer of 2016 was a legitimate exercise?

RICHARD PAINTER, FORMER BUSH WHITE HOUSE ETHICS LAWYER: Absolutely, yes, if there is a foreign power particularly the Russians, who has been threatening to interfere with an American election, we need to find out what's going on. The Russians have been up to this ever since 1917, when they supported communist movements. And we certainly should (inaudible).


WATTERS: Okay, so -- I agree, if the Russians are trying to cause trouble in the election, that's fine, let's investigate it. Why are you investigating Trump campaign officials, American citizens?

PAINTER: Well, it appears that some of those officials were meeting with the Russians including Carter Page and including the people at the Trump Tower meeting. They weren't talking about babies, and they were not (inaudible) here.


WATTERS: Let's take it one at a time. Who did Carter Page meet with?

PAINTER: I don't -- you know, if Carter Page was meeting with Russian agents, that's what they believed when they asked for the warrants, the FISA warrants, and they went before a judge to get those. We all know about the Trump Tower meeting where there were Russian agents there as well.

WATTERS: Okay, let's back up. Okay, let's take it one at a time, you don't know the names of the Russians that Carter Page was meeting with...

PAINTER: I don't...

WATTERS: And it's not a crime to meet with anybody from Russia because...

PAINTER: It's not a question of -- I know it, they know it.

WATTERS: Everybody would be in prison under the Obama administration if you're meeting with Russians. Hillary is meeting with Russians, right. The judge gave the warrant because he was given a dossier that made a lot of wild, salacious allegations, which were unverified and unsubstantiated. You are not allowed to present unverified and unsubstantiated allegations to a FISA court judge.

Now, let's go on to the Trump Tower meeting.


PAINTER: No, you're just saying that (inaudible) because the judge was told the truth.

WATTERS: No, the judge was deceived.


PAINTER: There is no evidence that judge was lied -- well, this is why the president wants to watch Fox News all day, because this is just not the truth.

WATTERS: Okay, well, you don't know the truth because you haven't been following it as closely as we have here on Fox News. Let's go to the Trump Tower meeting. Tell me what you think about that meeting.

PAINTER: Now, there was a Russian agent there. This woman had connections. The so-call lawyer had a lot of connections with the Kremlin. And they were promised dirt on Hillary, and you have there the top two people from the Trump campaign. The president's son and his son-in-law. I mean, why are they meeting with a Russian agent?

WATTERS: Did the Russians deliver dirt at Trump Tower, yes or no?

PAINTER: I don't know what was said at that meeting, we don't know yet what was said at that meeting. I only know was that the president's son lied about it.

WATTERS: Okay, well they just released 2,000 pages of transcripts. They just released 2,000 pages of transcripts that said there was nothing...

PAINTER: Not of the meeting.

WATTERS: Yes, they interviewed about a dozen people...

PAINTER: That's not the transcripts of the meeting.

WATTERS: They interviewed a dozen people about the meeting.


WATTERS: Everybody at the meeting was interviewed by these investigators and those transcripts were released. No dirt was moved from Russia to the Trump Tower team. Zero.

PAINTER: That's not true.

WATTERS: Oh really?

PAINTER: I mean, what's the truth...

WATTERS: Were you there?

PAINTER: First, the dirt clearly came out in December 2016. It was given to WikiLeaks. Whether or not it was delivered at that meeting, and whether or not those people were telling the truth about what happened at that meeting.


WATTERS: Richard, Richard, you don't know anything about that meeting. You don't know...

PAINTER: Neither were you.

WATTERS: Information was delivered at Trump Tower, that's never even been said before. You are the first person to ever bring that up, and as a matter of fact...

PAINTER: That's Bob Mueller's job.

WATTERS: Hillary paid for Russian dirt on Trump and use it to get a wiretap. There was no payments made at Trump Tower and there was no dirt. That's the difference.

PAINTER: Well, you know...

WATTERS: I'll give you the last word, Richard.

PAINTER: That's diversion of facts, but as I said, this is a serious investigation. The president's former campaign manager has been indicted for multiple counts of money laundering, the former national security adviser has pled guilty to the crime of lying. This is the former National Security Adviser. Top person in charge of our national security, General Flynn.

WATTERS: And you know what, the people that investigated him ended up selling Comey afterwards, that they didn't believe he was lying, so.

PAINTER: Well, he has pled guilty to lying.

WATTERS: And also, never charged with treason or espionage or collusion.

PAINTER: Pled guilty to lying.

WATTERS: All right, let that sink in.

PAINTER: Multiple indictments, multiple guilty pleas.

WATTERS: Having nothing to do with collusion, all right, Richard.

PAINTER: Having everything to do with collusion.

WATTERS: We appreciate you coming on. All right, thank you very much.

PAINTER: Thank you.

WATTERS: Up next, Anne Coulter.

President Trump was in a sanctuary state round table this week and spoke to a sheriff about the notorious Latin street gang, MS-13.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There could be an MS-13 gang member, I know about because they don't reach that certain threshold, I cannot tell ICE about them.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We have people coming in to the country and are trying to come in, we are stopping a lot of them. But we are taking people out of the country. You wouldn't believe how bad these people are. These are not people, these are animals, and we are taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that's never happened before.


WATTERS: President Trump clearly calling MS-13 members animals, but the mainstream media lied. This is how the AP characterized it, "Trump referred to those crossing US borderer illegally as animals and called California's sanctuary state laws as deadly."

And it wasn't just the AP, it was the New York Times, the New York Daily News, CSPAN, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC news -- they all had to make corrections to their fake news.

But even after admitting the president was calling MS-13 animals, the left came to the defense of MS-13.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was very strange to hear the president of the United States speak in such dehumanizing terms.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do not talk about other people as animals, and I don't care who you are or who they are. You do not become a monster by demonizing your opponents.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are all God's children. There is a spark of divinity in every person on earth and that we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person.


WATTERS: The most ridiculous hypocrite was Ana Navarro at CNN who tweeted this. "Trump is in very bad company. Nazis referred to Jews as rats, slave owners viewed slaves as subhuman animals."

But a year and a half ago, she had this to say, "Should Donald Trump drop out of the race? Yes, he should drop out of the human race. He's an animal, apologies to animals."

Joining me now is author and columnist, Ann Coulter. Ann, take it away.

ANN COULTER, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: Ana Navarro wasn't the only one. Another very attractive never-Trumper, Jennifer Rubin called has called anyone who opposes amnesty for illegals beasts -- inhuman beasts, were you are raised by wolves?

I mean, it's part of a larger phenomenon. I would love to see the left defending MS-13, they are beyond animals. Animals wouldn't do things like this.

WATTERS: Yes, I mean, look at some of the things that these people do, they rip your heart out while you are alive, behead you, sex trafficking, sexual torture, cutting off limbs with machetes. Now, the left is now defending these people, the same week they defended Hamas, the week before, they defended little rocket man. It's everything to make Trump look bad.

COULTER: Well, in this case -- well, there's that and generally their love for animals, but not the nice kind of animals. I mean, in particular here, when it comes to immigration, their position is anyone who is not an American is better than an American. They just want them coming nonstop. Open it up. That's what we have to presume that they are all valedictorians and oh, they are adding so much.

They hate regular Americans. They hate fly-over people. That is the overall point, which is why you can catch them in these preposterous hypocrisy.

WATTERS: Yes, they don't like fly-over Americans because they don't vote for Democrats. They want new voters to vote for Democrats.

COULTER: Well, that's a big part of it, but it's also a cultural thing.
They hate this country and want to replace us. Which is good to see them revealing it. And by the way, another one -- I really hate Facebook, but my tweets go there automatically, and these fascists at Facebook alerted me and told me I had to take a post down that had been a tweet.

It was a re-tweet that referred to illegal aliens as parasites, and I said sure, because the truth is, I don't really care about Facebook, and it was a re-tweet, but could you tell me what the problem is? Are you not allowed to use the word "parasite" anytime? They emailed back saying, "Well you're calling immigrants parasites." I said no, it's specifically describing law breakers, and illegal immigrants.

So, it really is just this anyone who isn't an American, oh, and by the way, I don't know how to take it down because I hate Facebook and it's not user friendly, they took it down for me. That is outside of Facebook policy to call a law breaker in this country, sucking off the benefits that are meant for Americans.

On healthcare alone, this country spends $18 billion every year on healthcare for illegal aliens. How much of a wall could we get from $18 billion?

WATTERS: Yes, I mean, listen, you can't even make an analogy with these people. Obviously, Trump doesn't believe MS-13 gang members have tails and fur and hooves.

COULTER: No, they are cute.

WATTERS: It's an analogy, people and that's how people talk about...

COULTER: It's even less than that.

WATTERS: Disgusting and inhuman behavior when you slash people's faces with a machete.

I want to talk about some of these Democrats that want to impeach President Trump, now you guys have got to see this. Ann, I don't know if you have seen this yet, the high crimes and misdemeanors. They have a list in the impeachment resolution. This is Al Green, Representative Al Green, Democrat -- these are some of the things they want to impeach President Trump for. You guys ready? The travel ban, re-tweeting anti-Muslim videos, NFL player protests. They don't like how he came out against the kneeling. I guess, he criticized Frederica Wilson, you know, the Congresswoman with the fun hat and he said something Puerto Ricans want everything done for them.

You know, a high crime and misdemeanor, a re-tweet and a re-tweet.

COULTER: Well, as luck would have it, the first of my smash New York Times best seller was entitled "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" and it's about the history of impeachment. So, you have come the source. Obviously, none of this stuff is even close.

But one thing that I would like to correct that you hear all over TV is that there is no definition of high crimes and misdemeanors, that's what every majority of the House says it is. I mean, that's true in the sense that the Constitution has no meaning and as long as you can get five justices to vote for something as we have seen liberal justices do, like for abortion and gay marriage, but that doesn't mean the Constitution doesn't have a meaning. There is a meaning.

High crimes and misdemeanors goes back hundreds of years. We get it from the British. It is something less than indictment, but it is definitely something more than we think Trump is a poopy head.

WATTERS: Right, I mean, they have -- yes, I mean, I think Nancy Pelosi, herself said that if being a jerk was an impeachable offense, Trump would have been out a long time ago. They have the travel ban as a reason to impeach the president. Didn't the Supreme Court partially uphold most of the travel ban?

COULTER: Yes, and I believe the full decision is going to come out in the next few weeks. It was a temporary ruling that we have already gotten after as I have just indicated, some of the crazy decisions we have gotten, up to or at least up five justices to vote for. Any lawyer would be crazy to predict what the Supreme Court is going to do, but wow, I can't believe the Supreme Court is not going to uphold the travel ban.

WATTERS: I mean, it's a slam dunk.

COULTER: It is both the President's constitutional authority. It is his statutory authority.

WATTERS: Right, everybody knows that. So now...

COULTER: So, yes, Trump is impeachable for doing something that the Supreme Court is about to say is constitutional.

WATTERS: Right, the constitutional scholars at the House Democratic Causes-- just lastly, you know, impeaching the president, siding with MS-13, is that what the Democrats are running on in the midterm elections? Really?

COULTER: Well, I hope so because at the moment the Republicans don't have much to run on. I mean, they have really got the pedal to the metal and do something big on immigration, by which I do not mean Representative Jeff Denham's amnesty bill. How many times do we have to go through this, Jesse?

WATTERS: Right, no, the wall has to be built. It has to be big and it has to be beautiful, and who is going to pay it, Ann?

COULTER: Mexico. Though we don't really care, just build the wall.

WATTERS: There it is. Ann, thank you very much.

COULTER: Thank you.

WATTERS: Up next, a stinging report from mother Russia.

BANDERAS: Live from "America's News Headquarters," good evening, I am Julie Banderas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott holding three days of round table discussions on how to curb school shootings. It comes in response to yesterday's shooting inside a high school in Santa Fe. A 17-year-old student is accused of killing 10 people and injuring 13 others.

The governor's discussions are aimed at crafting policies to better protect students, teachers and schools. They are set to start on Tuesday.

And new details about the deadly plane crash in Cuba. Officials now saying the Mexican company that chartered the plane has been the subject of two serious complaints about its crew's performance over the last decade.

In fact the plane went down yesterday shortly after taking off from Havana's International Airport bound for the Cuban City of Holguin, 110 people were killed, three people survived and are in critical condition.
I'm Julie Banderas. Now back to "Watters' World." You're watching Fox.

WATTERS: We are about to go inside the mind of little rocket man, but before we do that, I wanted to show you, guys, what Russians do for sports. Check this out.

Dozens of body builders recently participated in the country's first national slapping championship. The bizarre competition consists of several elimination rounds where two grown men basically just slap each other in the face with open palms until one surrenders. I don't know how actually you surrender.

The game is supposed to encourage camaraderie and show patriotism. Wow. Yuri Guzman was named King of the Slappers. You know what he won? Twenty five thousand rubles. You know how much money that is? It's about $400.00.

Here is former White House strategist, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Dr. Gorka, what are these Russians doing?

SEBASTIAN GORKA, FORMER WHITE HOUSE STRATEGIST: I don't know, but I want a rematch and I want it between Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper to see whether they can slap some sense into each other.

WATTERS: That's how they fight anyway, with open fists over there at CNN. Something about is just -- I like it. I mean, only in Russia would grown men slap each other in the face like that for prize money. There is something intriguing about that. Do you think this will ever make its way to America?

GORKA: It's definitely different, but I am not holding my breath, Jesse.

WATTERS: I mean, we can't even call MS-13 animals and they are slapping each other silly for prize money. It's a different world over there in mother Russia.

GORKA: Can I just say on that comment, what a week for the Democrats. They started by backing Hamas terrorism and they end it by taking the side of MS-13. I just can't wait until November.

WATTERS: You know what, let's just give the Democrats a hand. It's a heck of a week. It's a heck of a week, when you are siding with terrorists against your own president. But I am not surprised because they sided with Syrian refugees over US veterans. They've sided with illegal immigrants over factory workers in this country. Time and time again, they put America below the rest of the world.

GORKA: I'm just waiting for when Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters talks about the divine spark and the inherent dignity of President Trump. That's what I am waiting for.

WATTERS: Yes, she actually said there is this divine spark of God in each
MS-13 gang banger as they slice someone's face open with a switchblade. Does it even occur to her that she might want to politically back away from those people? But you know what? I love that Nancy Pelosi is the House Minority Leader. We should keep her there.

GORKA: Definitely.

WATTERS: All right, let's go on to North Korea because I wanted to hear your insight into the mind of little rocket man. We all know that this week, he started flirting with pulling out of the Singapore summit because of the war games that we were undertaking with our South Korean allies. What do you think is going on here in his head?

GORKA: Well, unfortunately, it looks as if they are returning to their old ways, their old shell games. They are playing the back and forth. I was skeptical from the get-go. I said this deal has a 5% chance of going through. It was going incredibly thanks to Mike Pompeo with the three hostages returned without a palette of cash with the dismantling of certain sites.

But maybe, they are reverting to type -- allegedly Dennis Rodman gave Little Kim a copy of "The Art of the Deal." But I am not sure he has read it all because in Chapter 2, the President wrote very clearly, "Never be so invested in a deal that you are not ready to walk away from it at any point." And guess what, this is the wrong President to test and he will walk away from the deal if they start playing games again.

WATTERS: Right, he will walk away and then he'll ratchet up the sanctions, and start squeezing them even more drastically.

Right now, we are probably at about a three. We still have a lot more room to go in terms of a 10, we've got the Naval blockade over the fuel vessels. They have cut off all access to capital through the banking institutions. So, they are in deep trouble.

I do believe the summit will still go on. Do you believe it will or not?

GORKA: I think he's so keen. I mean, he is desperate. All of these world leaders want to have that moment of glory with that photo-op with the most of powerful man in the world. So, I think, you know, against his acting to type, he will go to Singapore on the 12th and he will want to be seen with our President.

But whether it leads to the denuclearization of the peninsula, no more nuclear testing, no more ballistic missile launches, it's a dictatorship. Jesse, they lie. That's what they do, whether it's Khrushchev in '62 with Cuban missile crisis, whether it is Hitler in 1938 in Munich saying, "Oh, I am not going to invade anybody." Dictatorships lie.

WATTERS: They do, and it's so funny to hear the Democrats applauding little rocket man for owning President Trump and punking him into this meeting.

Again, when it comes to Hamas, Ms-13 or even a dictator, always siding against the American president. Dr. Gorka, don't slap anybody this weekend, all right, keep your hands to yourself.

GORKA: I will try to, thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: Up next, Donald Trump, Jr.

Donald Trump, Jr. back in the news this week. The Senate Judiciary Committee releasing transcripts of interviews conducted about the Trump Tower meeting a Russian lawyer.

The takeaways, Don, didn't even know any Russians would be attending the meeting, and the Russians never even had any dirt on Hillary. No info changed hands. No money was paid. Unlike the crooked Hillary fake dossier. Here is what Trump, Jr. had to say about the Russian investigation and the media circus surrounding his meeting earlier this year.


DONALD TRUMP, JR., SON OF DONALD TRUMP: What I want people to do is really think what if Bush had done this to Obama? What would the reaction be? I have never seen the media more interested in not having more information in my life...

WATTERS: I know, they are supposed to want information...

TRUMP, JR.: No, you don't want it, because they are all complicit in this. What's been great about the last year of nonsense that I have had to go through is that the only collusion that's been uncovered is at the high level FBI because we do have to make the distinction between the guys at the top, the lawyers that run the FBI on the 7th floor and the guys who do the real door kicking and the real work on the bottom.

WATTERS: What do you call them, the boots and the suits?

TRUMP, JR.: Boots and suits. It's a big difference.

WATTERS: So, let's just talk about the conspiracy for a second here because it's many layers.


WATTERS: What they are alleging in the memo is that this guy paid for by Hillary, he is a foreign agent, he created all of this fake dirt about your father and then shopped it to the Washington Post, CNN, and New York Times and then took those reports, the FBI and the DOJ did, and then gave it to the judge to help bolster the.

TRUMP, JR. The credibility.

WATTERS: The credibility of the warrant application. Exactly. And so the Washington Post and New York Times, the whole year and a half, they must have known this thing was bogus and that they were in cahoots with them.

TRUMP, JR. Because they were working with the source.

WATTERS: They worked with him.

TRUMP, JR. And no one else could get away with this other than the Obama administration and this is why it is clear. They weaponized the FBI and DOJ to attack the duly elected President of the United States.

WATTERS: What does this say now about the entire investigation? Is it rotten to the core?

TRUMP, JR. Listen, it always has been. We always said this, I mean, it so ridiculous, let it go though. At this point, let it go.

WATTERS: There's nothing to hide.

TRUMP, JR. There is nothing. The real problem that I have had with it is, other than millions in legal fees and lots of time wasted and being smeared throughout the media for years, that at least they uncovered this, because what if they wouldn't have? If they would have just let it go, at this point, I mean, there is a little bit of sweet revenge in it for me and certainly, probably the family in the sense that, if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on.

WATTERS: You're right.

TRUMP, JR. This would be going on at the highest levels of government. They would be continuing to do it to my father, trying to undermine his actions. Imagine how effective he can be given the year he has had without this cloud over his head? So, I want them to come, but come to a conclusion already, because you have been look for two years. You have come up with nothing other than their own nefarious actions and their own collusions. They have come up with nothing.

So, at this point, you've got to come to something. Like just come to something because if they try to drag it out for a year, they try to drag it so that the Democrats have their talking points. I watch it right now. You see the Democratic senators, this is McCarthyism. I am like, "What?" You have a guy that's been screaming, "Russia, Russia, Russia." With no evidence of obvious collusion. All they shade for 18 months, screaming about McCarthyism, I mean, the irony is ridiculous at this point.

WATTERS: One of the people that's been giving you a hard time is Schiff, one of the, I think House Intelligence Committee Minority leaders, Democrat. What would you like to say to Adam Schiff right now?

TRUMP, JR. Listen, I think he has some soul searching to do. He's been out there, obviously, 99% of intelligent people believe he's the person leaking this. When I did my testimony to his committee, it was supposed to be behind closed doors. It was supposed to be secret. We get done at 7:00 at night, I go and starting at 12:00 in my Twitter feed, I am reading about verbatim what's going on in the room.

So, as people are taking bathroom breaks, this is being leaked from the House Intelligence Committee. Think about that. But that's what's going on in our government. These guys are -- I can see the response that he's had with -- he's scared because he had the media in their back pockets as we see from all of this.

These guys are working together with the radical left and they are getting whatever they want done. The problem is, they used to have some credibility, so people still believe that, so they are able to sell that narrative. That's why you could see them ramping up so effectively, to try to say, "Oh, this isn't really a big deal. Oh, this is made up. Oh, this is going to be a big dud."

WATTERS: So, you have had two competing narratives that have gone on for the last year. You have on the one side and the media and the left that Donald Trump is a colluder, he is an obstructer of justice and he was in cahoots with the Russians in order to help win the Presidency.

On the other hand, you have had people reporting, a lot of this on our network, it turns out to be true now that the Department of Justice and the FBI under President Obama rigged the investigation for Hillary and then really turned the screws to Trump.

And now it looks like in a corrupt and illegal way, and the facts are out now and the facts belong on this side.

TRUMP, JR. A hundred percent. And by the way, this has been a much more recent narrative frankly than the other. I mean, they have been looking at the other one for over two years. When they found I took a meeting, a 20- minute meeting...

WATTERS: But they needed it to be true.

TRUMP, JR. So much like it did. I took a meeting. I took a meeting. They needed it to be true because they staked their entire credibility. Their whole narrative, that was, "Oh, now we can keep going." Now, we can keep on the heat because they all knew what was going on.

WATTERS: So, what does this do to the media's credibility, which wasn't high to begin with? Now, after this, this whole hoax exposed, what does it do?

TRUMP, JR. Listen, I just think, it gets rid of the notion there is any objectivity left, and I can say that for both sides, but there is no...

WATTERS: Except for "Watters' World."

TRUMP, JR. Obviously, well, that's you know, you're the exception to...


WATTERS: Fair and balanced.

TRUMP, JR. There is none anymore. And as long as people understand that when they are watching, it's really news entertainment. That's why you are-- to fill a 24-hour news cycle, you have to do this, people are giving their opinions. They are no longer relaying news. They are relaying news with their preferred choice of spin. And that's a shame because you are doing a disservice to people who actually really want to get real news.


WATTERS: Up next, Diamond and Silk.

Director Spike Lee savaging the President of the United States while overseas at a film festival.


SPIKE LEE, AMERICAN DIRECTOR: [Bleep] was given a chance to say we are about love and not hate and [bleep] did not denounce the [bleep] plan to alt-right and those Nazi [bleep], the so-called [bleep] democracy. The United States of America was built upon the genocide of native people and slavery. That is the fabric of the United States of America. As my Brooklyn brother Jay-z would say, facts.


WATTERS: Joining me, Diamond and Silk. Ladies is Spike doing the right thing there?

DIAMOND, VIDEO BLOGGER: Well, listen, Little Spike Lee is just upset because he can't get majority of his movies to spike to the top, so what he's trying do is politicize this movie.

SILK, VIDEO BLOGGER: That's right.

DIAMOND: Throwing daggers at a sitting president and calling a sitting president nasty names is not going to get people to the polls. Now, we are not going to watch no movie about the KKK, what he should have done was made a movie about how the Democratic Party, the party that he loves created the KKK to intimidate, manipulate in order to dominate.

What he needs to do, Little Spike needs to do us all a little favor and zip it.

SILK: That's right, and we look at Little Spike Lee as one of the gatekeepers of the Democrat plantation.

DIAMOND: That's right.

SILK: That's all he is. He doesn't want to see black people come up, all he wants to see is black people stay snuck. That's why he makes these boring movies to try to keep black people stuck in the pain of their ancestors and stuck in the pain of slavery.

WATTERS: Well, it looks like Diamond and Silk will not be seeing the new Spike Lee movie. So, you heard at the top, it's been a year since this Mueller investigation has gotten under way. We now know there was a mole in the Trump campaign. I think we have some footage here. Let's see that.




MYERS: So, you're the mole. Mole.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Most excellent agent we've ever seen.

MYERS: Yes, most excellent agent we have ever seen.


WATTERS: So Obama had a mole in the Trump campaign, Diamond and Silk, what do you think about that?

DIAMOND: Well, you know, I think it's sick and I think it's sad. It's time for Mueller to end this investigation. This was a lot pastured by the left and manufactured by the left. Mueller, what he should have been investigating is the DNC, Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Her campaign manager brother who allegedly took $170,000.00 from the Russians in order to end the Russian sanctions under the Obama administration, that's what should have been investigated.

And guess what? I believe that President Trump, then Donald Trump, he was surveilled, he was wiretapped and it was a mole. And if you don't believe me, why did Obama and the Obama administration allegedly have journalists wiretapped and surveilled. So, I believe the same thing happened to the Trump administration. And guess what, some people need to be called to the table. Some people need to go down for it.

SILK: And be locked up.

DIAMOND: That's right.

WATTERS: All right, I think you were referencing James Rosen, Fox News reporter who was spied up on by Eric Holder's Justice Department.

Ladies, thank you very much, and hopefully, the Chit Chat Tour is a smash hit.

Up next, last call. It is time now for last call. Everybody is talking about the "Laurel Yanny" internet controversy this week. In case you missed it, here it is.

See, I heard Yanny all yesterday and now I hear Laurel. What is going on? Strange. Even the White House weighed in.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's so clearly Laurel.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's laurel. But I could just laugh and divert to Yanny if you needed to.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's clearly Yanny.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yanny's the winner. Laurel is the loser.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sarah, it's been reported that you hear laurel. How do you respond?

SARAH SANDER, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Clearly you are getting your information from CNN because that's fake news. All I hear is Yanny.


TRUMP: I hear Kofefe.


WATTERS: That's all for us tonight, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. "Justice with Judge Jeanine" is up next and remember, I am Watters, and this is my world.


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