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ALAN COLMES, "HANNITY & COLMES" CO-HOST: Mike Huckabee has turned onto a virtual tie in the race for presidential nomination. The former Arkansas governor was once considered a long shot, but now looks like a real threat. Our next guest, you're going to try to change that, aren't you. She tells us to beware of the "Hucka-boom." She claims that liberals love Huckabee because he fits their warped image of what a evangelical candidate should be, stupid and easily led.

With us now is the author of "If Democrats Had Any Brains The Would be Republicans," Ann COULTER:.


COLMES: I told you, I'm not afraid to say it, merry Christmas.


COLMES: Thank you. So Mike Huckabee is stupid and easily led? He's stupid?

COULTER:: Yes, I think I've given some examples here. And the most — I mean, the most striking one to me, since one third of my second to last New York Times bestseller was on Darwin's theory of evolution, calling it a crock. I do all these mainstream media interviews. No one asked me one question, at least none of the mainstream media, about me calling Darwinism a crock. But this guy, he makes the broad statements and then instantly backs down.

COLMES: He's not backing down. First of all, liberals don't adore Huckabee. I happen to like him personally. I don't agree with — I would never vote for him. He's saying things that are not in keeping with what liberals belief.

COULTER:: But he's the evangelical image for the left.

COLMES: You said he likes a Lawrence decision because a law that prohibited private behavior among adults would be difficult to enforce. Are you saying you want to go around enforcing anti-sodomy laws? You want to enforce those laws in this country?

COULTER:: No, I'm saying I agree with the justice, Huckabee claims is his favorite justice, Justice Scalia, that the constitution does not protect a right to sodomy. Apparently, Huckabee does not agree with that, since he said that decision was probably an inappropriate decision, something I think no one has heard until tonight.

COLMES: That decision was that if you're are going to have one standard for straights, you have the same standard for gays. You can't discriminate. According to the 14th amendment, there's a quality under the law.

COULTER:: I'm glad you mentioned that because Huckabee also claims to be against gay marriage. And as Scalia, the Justice Huckabee claims is his favorite justice, wrote in his scathing dissent, that decision, the Lawrence decision finding a constitutional right to sodomy, based on equal protection, would knock down the legal barrier to gay marriage. It would pave the way to gay marriage except it was such an insane decision that the lower courts denied it.


COLMES: You know that pesky Ninth Amendment that says there are rights not enumerated in the constitution —

COULTER:: And you think sodomy is one of them?

COLMES: Do you want to take away that right, though? That's privacy. That's what the Ninth Amendment talks about. And do you want to go arresting people who commit acts of sodomy? You want to put them in jail? What do you want to do?

COULTER:: The point is, I'm not running for president. My complaint with Huckabee is he comes out with broad statements.

COLMES: I want to know if you want to put him in jail for having sodomy.


COLMES: Lock him up.

HANNITY: Welcome to the sensible, right-wing part of the show. Good to see you, Merry Christmas.

COULTER:: Merry Christmas

HANNITY: First of all, I'm a little fed up about one thing, and that is the double standard. YOu know, Barack Obama's pastor has this whole list of the black value system. It seems like he's supporting a segregated church.

COULTER:: Right.

HANNITY: ANd there's no questions about it, except here on this program. I had an opportunity to interview him. Why all the scrutiny. Mike Huckabee's position on whites, position on gays. We obviously have been through Romney. Why the double standard?

COULTER:: You're absolutely right because everyone realizes that when the Democrats cite religion, it's a joke. So why ask them about it. It's just putting on a show for the voters.

HANNITY: Are you concerned at all about Hillary wins the nomination, Barack Obama wins the nomination —

COULTER:: It's going to be Hillary.

HANNITY: I think it is too. But, are you concerned that she can win?

COULTER:: Not particularly.

HANNITY: Do you think she'll be defeated easily?

COULTER:: I kind of do. We'll see. But the one thing I do think is that all of this business about the Obama surge is Clinton's famous lowering of expectations like they did with his Grand Jury testimony. Remember he was supposed to — his face turned purple, the spittle coming out? That didn't happen, though that is when did get the, it depends on what the meaning of is is. They did the same thing when he was running in the primaries. He was the comeback kid coming in second. And they are doing the exact same thing with Hillary now. I think she's ahead. They're pretending, "oh, she'll never win Iowa."

HANNITY: There is no denying this, though; starting with the Philadelphia debate, when she couldn't answer a straight-up question about driver's licenses for illegals, Bill trying to come to the rescue and failing every single time, claiming victim-hood and this whole series of events that have unfolded, they have not gotten their footing. They have been off track now for a good six, seven weeks.

COULTER:: Yes, though consider when she couldn't answer the question about driver's licenses for illegals, Obama's position was, yes, I want to give driver's licenses to illegals, so...

HANNITY: OK. Make your prediction now. Who do you think the nominee for the Republicans is going to be? You've already said Hillary for the Democrats.

COULTER:: Sarkozy is definitely out? Right?


HANNITY: He's out, he's not in.

COULTER:: I think it's probably going to be Romney for the Republicans, Hillary for the Democrats.

HANNITY: Alright. Anyone close to Romney?

COULTER:: It's probably between Giuliani and Romney on our side, Romney and Hillary on their side. I think it's probably going to be Hillary and Romney. I couldn't really decide. I don't like any of them except Duncan Hunter. And I couldn't decide. I realized, when you flip a coin when you think it can't decide, and it comes up heads and you think, no, I wanted tails. That's the way I am starting to feel about Romney.

HANNITY: Merry Christmas.

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