Analogue vs. Digital

Have you ever tried to read a newspaper on the Web? I'm not talking about an article or column. I'm talking the whole newspaper — front to back, everything.

It's not easy.

Yet for many people, this is the preferred way to find out what's going on.

Trouble is, not everything going on. Like I said: An article here, a column there.

But you cannot tell me it's easier reading an entire newspaper or magazine for that matter, on a computer — any computer — than reading the paper version.

Yet people are. People do. And don't my newspaper reporter friends know it and fear it.

Information is instantaneous and an old stodgy pile of paper apparently is not.

It's not that content isn't still king, it's just shorter content — much shorter.

I have a very smart friend of mine who reads a great deal but swears it's virtually all... well, virtual — online.

No paper. No muss. No fuss. He tells me he's increasingly reading books that way too.

That's where I draw the line. Please tell me how it's more convenient reading a book on a computer or one of those book-reader things.

I know, I know: I sound very old.

But old enough to know they once said television would kill radio. And that watching a movie on DVD at home would kill ever watching it at a theater.

Yet radio still thrives and theaters are still packed.

And unless and until they put a chip in our brains, a lot of us will enjoy the printed word in our hands.

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