An Update on the Ward Churchill Situation

The "Talking Points Memo:" an update on the Ward Churchill (search) situation. The Colorado University Board of Regents will meet tomorrow to decide what to do about the professor who compared Americans killed on 9/11 to Adolf Eichmann (search), a Nazi.

After thousands of complaints, Hamilton College (search) in upstate New York cancelled Churchill's appearance there. And apparently, the man is getting threats all over the place.

So today, a reporter for the "New York Times" called to ask me if I felt responsible for those threats and anything that happens to Professor Churchill.

Now I knew this was going to happen. I told you last night that the left wing media would be angry that “The Factor” could influence the national discourse. I don't know what the "Times" will publish tomorrow. Maybe nothing. But I won't be surprised if you, "The Factor" audience, and I are blamed in certain circles for the unfortunate plight of Ward Churchill.

I say unfortunate, because I don't want to revel in the destruction of any person, even one who has said the vile things Churchill has said. We've held him accountable for his rhetoric, but we don't want any harm to come to him. I even said the man shouldn't be fired from his job because a country as strong as we are can tolerate even him.

But all of that doesn't matter to the left wing media. This isn't about Churchill. --This is about power. And many on the left hate, hate the fact that FOX News has it.

An interesting footnote, elements within the "New York Times" have viciously attacked me, both personally and professionally. And I get death threats all the time, but I don't blame the "Times." There are kooks all over the place.

And what does Churchill and his sympathizers expect? We're in the middle of a war on terror and he supports the enemy. That's not a good place to be. That being said, again, Churchill should not be harmed in any way. As we have said loud and clear, he should instead be shunned.

And that's "The Memo."

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