Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Scientific "Truth"

The British TV station Channel Four is coming out with a scientific rebuttal to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" features experts in climatology, meteorology and other disciplines — from such places as MIT and NASA. The film disputes the link between carbon dioxide levels and global temperatures.

One scientist calls the recent U.N. summary report on climate change "a sham" that included the names of scientists who actually disagreed with its findings. The show also asserts that efforts to reduce carbon dioxide are killing people in Africa — who must burn fires inside their homes because their governments are being pressured to use wind and solar power — and cannot produce enough electricity for the continent. The program airs Thursday.

Michael and Them

Speaking of documentaries — a pair of liberal Canadian filmmakers who started out to make a program celebrating the controversial Michael Moore — has instead produced a critical look at the filmmaker.

The Times Online reports the two were, "disappointed and disillusioned" after following Moore around and learning about his methods. They say that Moore used the same evasion and avoidance tactics on them that he criticizes others for in his movies.

They say Moore chose not to use two on-camera interviews with General Motors CEO Roger Smith in his film "Roger and Me" — in which Moore is seen fruitlessly chasing an uncooperative Smith.

The two also contend Moore's people had them kicked out of one of Moore's appearances at Kent State University — after he had previously agreed to talk to them. Their film is called "Manufacturing Dissent" — and it is set to premiere at the Texas Film Festival Saturday.

Felony Threat

A retired chemist and his wife in Illinois are being threatened with felony charges — for operating a car that runs on vegetable oil and diesel fuel.

The Decatur Herald-Review reports two agents from the state revenue department came to the home of David and Eileen Wetzel in what one state legislator said amounted to "intimidation."

The Wetzels have been asked to post a $2,500 bond to get special licenses as fuel suppliers and receivers, even though they don't fit the state's own definitions. Eileen Wetzel calculated that the bond would cover their motor fuel tax for 51 years. And David Wetzel points out people who use hybrid vehicles are not taxed for their vehicle's electrical use.

Tuesday White House

Shaquille O'Neal is admitting that he was the one who let the air out of the basketball last week when President Bush hosted the NBA champion Miami Heat at the White House. O'Neal tells USA Today that he did it so the ball wouldn't bounce up and hit the president in the face. And he adds that you won't hear him doing any Bush Bashing. "When it comes to ridiculization, if you can't walk in a man's shoes, you shouldn't ridicule him," and adds, "I couldn't do that job."

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.