Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares border detention centers to concentration camps

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GREG GUTFELD, HOST: Hi, I'm Greg Gutfeld with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and she nearly drowned in a dew drop, Dana Perino. “The Five.”

The Trump re-election campaign kicks off tonight in Orlando. That's in Florida.


GUTFELD: You know what to expect


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I gladly stand up next to you.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: I thought that was the sun in my eyes. It's these stupid lights. What are they doing? That runway is like an ice skating rink.


TRUMP: And the first step I said, you know, this sucker is slippery. This is the worst damn stage I've ever seen.

Cow cash cow shoe. But I like I-10 much better. Can we go by I-10? Do you mind?

Last night I watched Alfred E. Newman.

Beto. Beto is falling fast. What the hell happened? I was made for this. He was made for it. He was made to fall like a rock. And I don't know what the hell happened to Biden. And Bernie, you know Bernie is crazy. Bernie is crazy.


GUTFELD: Now compare all of that to this.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: My name is Joe Biden, and I'm running for this case, running for President in the United States. Look me over. If you like what you see (INAUDIBLE) not vote for the other person.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am really enjoying this process of running for President of the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I will always be real with you. I will be bold without the bold.


GUTFELD: Yikes. It's a roller coaster versus the little pony carousel. Santa elves versus the big orange rhino. It's a fact, at Trump rally is really fun unlike those socialist infomercials that induce vomiting. That's because Trump's a phenomenon that combines the powers of persuasion, pro-wrestling, reality TV, and celebrity roast into one giant fireball. It's a historical and hysterical first. But it's also early.

So who knows who can match Trump for thrills and chills? But how can the Dems have 20 candidates but not a single clue? They're meeting the Donald with the dull. Here's what to consider watching tonight's rally. Would any of the energy and humor make any sense if America wasn't doing great? Would any of Trump's words feel bizarrely off if we were in deep trouble? Of course, but they won't because we're not.

If there were big wars, unemployment, high crime, a dead economy, there'd be no place for this at all. Sure, if you're obsessively furious at Trump you'll say it's the worst of times. But measure his performance using practical evidence and not his tweets or his behavior, it might be the best.

So the rally will be fun and loud and unpredictable because the mitigation of other bigger problems make it so. In fact, all the stuff from impeachment blather to media meltdowns are products of an age when big problems are being tackled in new ways. Of course, millions will love the rally. Millions will hate it. And millions won't care. But their ability to happily decide is brought to you by one sturdy fact. America is better off now than it's been in years.

All right. So, Juan, maybe I pose this question to you, energy isn't what America wants after four years. Maybe they want a comfy sweater. Maybe the Democrats are right to come at this and maybe a more muted way.

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: I think that's right. I think that this is a referendum on Donald Trump. Donald Trump loses. Because if you look at the polls, he's under water. He's strongly under water. So he's got -- you know, Democrats have to say here's someone who's stable, someone who is rational, who doesn't tweet off crazy stuff, someone that you can trust in critical moments. And I think that's why Joe Biden right now has the lead. And I think last night I read he said he had 20 million bucks in the bank. So he's really raised more money than any other Democrat.

So that -- those are all the reasons. I think the only strategy left for Trump, and I think we'll see it tonight at the rally, Greg, is for him to attack and smear his opponent. So he'll talk about the socialist. He's going to talk about nasty women. He's going to talk about tired, Sleepy Joe. That's what he has to do because if it's just about Donald Trump, he loses. So he's got to, you know, nasty up his opponent to the point where people would say, you know what? I'll go with Trump.

By the way, in response to your things, you always say things are so great. If things are so great, Greg, why did Democrats capture 40 seats in the midterms? Why are we sending troops to the Middle East? Why do you think that it's farmers are complaining about the lack of a trade deal and the tariffs are driving up prices at Walmart and Costco? I mean, there's a reason people are saying this guy is not a good president.

GUTFELD: Those are -- when you compare to the overall world view, Jesse, low unemployment, booming economy, a shrinking military footprint while having a huge military, he doesn't necessarily have to insult anybody. He can just go by his record.

JESSE WATTERS, HOST: I can't believe a president is going to attack his political opponent, Juan. How dare them? That's never happened before.

WILLIAMS: Never heard of it.

WATTERS: And you know, I can't believe, you know, a Republican president might lose seats in a midterm. That's never happened before either. Didn't yesterday I showed you every single person that won the presidency since 1984 had been down in the polls in June and they came back and won?

WILLIAMS: Yeah, but they didn't fire their pollster?

WATTERS: OK, Juan, listen --

GUTFELD: For leaking.

WATTERS: -- they're going to fire you if you keep on disrespecting the audience. Listen, the polls right now mean nothing. The polls said Hillary was going to beat Trump. Polls said Hillary was going to beat Trump in Florida, OK? And he won by 100,000 votes in Florida after being outspent 53 to 1 down the stretch.

He's got, in Florida, two Republican senators. He's got a Republican governor. And the Quinnipiac poll actually said both of those guys, Desantis and Scott were going to lose by seven in the midterms and they won. So, the fact that that polls show from Quinnipiac, Biden beating Trump by 7, in Florida, doesn't really mean much right now. The media knows there's no one that can compete against Donald Trump at these rallies.

They see a line. They see people in tents camping out. They see the raucous connection he makes, and the crowd goes wild. And they'll do anything they can to denigrate him because they know a Democrat can't pull it off, so they'll go after his supporters. You'll see tonight reporters on the ground. They won't interview Hispanic or black Trump supporters. They'll look for the craziest people with the most radical signs and they'll actually debate them. But the ironic thing is the more they attack the president and his supporters, the stronger that connection gets.

GUTFELD: Dana, you know, the only way Dems can get people showing up in tents is by making them homeless. We'll be right back. No, what do you expect tonight out of Trump? I know what you're going to say, but I want you to say it.

PERINO: No, please, why don't you just speak for me?

GUTFELD: I don't think -- I don't think he should ramble.

PERINO: I wasn't going to say that, but I agree.

GUTFELD: Oh, thank you.

PERINO: But, no, actually people love the rambling. What are you talking about?

GUTFELD: I think going long. I don't think so he should go long.

PERINO: OK. Well, I'll let you give him that advice. But like, you just showed that montage which is hilarious because he was rambling --


PERINO: -- about things that are not in the script when he's talking about the lights and --

GUTFELD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

PERINO: -- the floor and everything. I think this, you can't capture lightning in a bottle twice. And if I were them, I would down play all comparisons to 2015, because now he has a record to defend, and as you say, you know, the record is all these amazing great things. So he can talk about those things.

Before, he was the insurgent. He was the I am going to come in there, I'm going to shake things up, I'm going to be the outsider, and he has done all of those things. But now he also is an incumbent, and incumbency gives you so many tools to use. It is so hard to beat an incumbent president. Very, very difficult. If you think it only happened twice since World War II.

So I think the polling right now it doesn't really matter. It matters for Biden because he can figure out a way like raise more money. But for the polls right now that doesn't really matter. You're going to see a lot more after the debates. I would say that his biggest strength right now, the war chest is huge, it's got all of this money, didn't have it the first time, the RNC firmly behind him from the jump. He's got a huge amount of organization, so they've got all these get-out the vote pieces, the numbers of people that they can talk to.

People getting their cell phones with their pictures on it so that they could send it to their friends. All that stuff they didn't have a way to capture it before and they do now. That said, it's still going to be a big race. And there's all of these states that they're going to have to pay a lot of attention to.

GUTFELD: Emily, bring us home with the most thoughtful analysis on this network today.

EMILY COMPAGNO, HOST: Glad to. What is so telling and also should be so encouraging to the Trump team right now is, you know, people were waiting in line for 40 hours for this. And the closest we've ever seen to something like that was the Obama nomination in 2008, right, at the Denver Bronco's stadium. And obviously, that was media reported 75,000. Amway only holds 20,000. And obviously, this is a very different event.

But the point to note is that Obama failed to generate that kind of enthusiasm in 2012 the next time around. And here we have the incumbent with people standing in line for 40 hours for this announcement.

PERINO: Yeah, it's true.

GUTFELD: Well, that was good.

PERINO: That was the best analysis all day.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. By the way, just one point, Orlando Sentinel already, ahead of the rally, issued a non-endorsement without knowing the other candidate. Isn't that kind of garbage on the part of a paper?

WILLIAMS: Doesn't that tell you something about Trump?

GUTFELD: No, it's an emotional response, though. That's an emotional response of a paper. That's why nobody likes these papers is that that's so -- it's such a delusional like, oh, we don't like him. We don't care who's running against him. That's the paper.

WILLIAMS: If they think -- if they say that they as thoughtful people -- this is an editorial -- this is an unsigned editorial by the whole newspaper --

GUTFELD: Yeah, a bunch of babies.

WILLIAMS: And they're saying, listen, the state of the country, the defensiveness, the anger --

GUTFELD: But those are all emotional issues not practical evidence. Orlando Sentinel, stick to the facts. Anyway, all right, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outrageous comments comparing our southern border to concentration camps. That's next.


WILLIAMS: Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez facing criticism after she made this comparison.


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, D-N.Y.: The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border. And that is exactly what they are. They're concentration camps. The fact that concentration camps are now in institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing. And we need to do something about it.


WILLIAMS: After Representative Liz Cheney criticized those remarks, Ocasio-Cortez doubled down tweeting, quote, hey, Representative Cheney, since you're so eager to educate me, I'm curious, what do you call building mass camps of people being detained without a trial? How would you dress up DHS's mass separation of thousands of children at the border from their parents?

Dana, I just think it was a poor choice, a poor framing by Ocasio-Cortez that allowed -- and she said the shrieking Republicans to blow back at her. But, do you think that she has a point?

PERINO: I think she love the blow back. It's like her fuel, right? So it -- she doesn't care what she says. I mean, that was a false and alarming - - it was alarming and false equivalence of the unparalleled evils of what happened in the holocaust. She says never again in her -- in the original comments. And then later, she tries -- well, no, that's actually not what I meant. That can work for some people. And some people will defend you when you do that.

But there's no -- there's like three Democrats who are defending her. So I think that's when you know that you are out there on a limb, and then you're like Bugs Bunny sawing off the end. I think that Pelosi, as a speaker, has a choice to make. Remember, they've had this several times. Are they going to try to get these younger members in check? I don't think so.

I mean, because AOC's -- she's her own phenomenon. And I don't think she minds at all the controversy. She just let's it roll right off her back. She doesn't mind what she's saying is a false equivalence. She doesn't care. It actually fuels her.

WILLIAMS: All right. So let me go to the magazine editor because, Greg, she says she's really referring to an Esquire article in which the political editor said a concentration camp is not a death camp, not Auschwitz or Dachau, but, you know, where you, as she said in the tweet there, where you simply separate and concentrate a group of people.

GUTFELD: I mean, she's basically playing with words. And how great is it that she's referring to Esquire Magazine for her expertise on what a concentration camp is. That's called the media loop. That's right. So she refers to Esquire and then Esquire refers back to her, and they just sit there, it's just a self-reverential massage.

Who's -- here's a question. Who is a biggest expert on anti-Semitism, AOC or Israel? Because right now she's criticizing Trump, right? Basically, that's what she's doing. Israel just named a town after Trump, right?


GUTFELD: I mean, it's not Cortez Heights. It's Trump Heights. Case closed. I mean, what she did -- this is a measure of character. Look, she throws -- she's a bomb thrower. Trump is a bomb thrower. She's got a talent. But the fact is, the talent has to be how to do it correctly. And she's got to own up to her mistakes. She made a mistake. Unless she thinks like concentration and concentration camp means thinking really hard, it doesn't mean that.

And by the way, buried in all of this is she has no solution for these temporary encampments. Which, by the way, Obama had as well and used the same place, which is -- if you don't have a place to put these people then they just come right in. So you're basically saying you're for no borders, if you're against -- just these -- the temporary holding. And it's so mean to the people who work with these -- work with the people, the agents.

I mean, are they concentration camp guards? Is that what you're inferring? I'd like to see her apologize. She should person up.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, Emily, the president tweeted overnight in advance of today's rally that there's going to be a mass deportation effort led by a large number of agents in the next week. Apparently, ICE was surprised by. We know that Kirstjen Nielsen and Ron Vitiello, with the former ICE director, both were reluctant to do this. That's why they were forced out.

But how does that this fit in to what Ocasio-Cortez is talking about? Because it does instill fear in the immigrant community.

COMPAGNO: I don't know how it fits in other than she is failing at her job, which is if she has an issue with a policy that she inherited as a lawmaker then get off livestream and start drafting a bill. Then change that policy because my tax dollars are paying your salary and you should earn that dollar. The policy of ICE after final order of deportation is such that within 90 days they institute removal proceedings.

And, unless the subject voluntarily, basically, leaves on their own, they actually have no duty to do so. It is ICE's duty to come within 90 days and institute those removals. And you basically get a letter in the mail and it says meet here at this time, and it's kind of like a self-surrender. So if she has an issue with that too, then why don't you change it? Why don't you garner some type of collective cogent agreement on the hill rather than loving your livestreaming and not knowing what you're talking about and making inflammatory false equivalency that are horrendously offensive?

WILLIAMS: By the way, Jesse, you know, Emily makes a really good point. I think I saw in the polls it's 70-plus percent of Americans think the dreamers should be allowed to stay. Sixty percent say the way that we can deal with the border is to just have more border agents, more judges, what do you think?

WATTERS: Well, I think 100 percent of Americans don't agree with AOC that we're running concentration camps.

WILLIAMS: Well, I hope not.

WATTERS: And she's becoming more extreme because she's running out of steam. You never want to compare anything to the holocausts. It diminishes the genocides. It makes you look stupid. She's only doing this because she doesn't have a real solution. Only thing she's offered, she wants to abolish ICE, she says global warming is pushing the migrants north, and she says we're running concentration camps.

She a member of Congress, we forget sometimes because she sounds like a bomb thrower on cable. She can do something. She hasn't sponsored one piece of legislation at all. And now she's backpedaling and trying to distinguish between it's a concentration camp versus a death camp. She's really losing this issue. She's dragged her party so far to the left on impeachment, on global warming and on the border. Some of these positions nationally that she's taken to are unelectable.

And she's been sparring with Pelosi. Her best friend has been accused of anti-Semitism. Yes, on the whole, maybe she offers a lot of youth enthusiasm, fund raising, fresh glamour, perhaps, but on balance, I don't think she's been beneficial to the Democrat party.

COMPAGNO: Greg, to your point, the vice president of the National Border Patrol Council invited her personally, Art Del Cueto, says please come down, I will tour you around these facilities. I think she should take him up on that, and then she should livestream it. Let's hear her thoughts, you know, at that same time --

PERINO: Absolutely.

COMPAGNO: Exactly –

WATTERS: She won't go.

COMPAGNO: Exactly.

WATTERS: She won't go.

WILLIAMS: All right. Well, I think a lot of the people have trouble on the Democratic side with the way people are treated at the border. Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones getting harassed at an impeach-Trump rally. The video, so sad, next on “The Five.”


WATTERS: All right. Just new examples of double standards coming from the left. First, Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones was at an impeach-Trump rally here in New York over the weekend when he was taunted by liberal protesters hurling racist comments at him.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Obviously, the people before us.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go back to Kenya now.


WATTERS: Lawrence, expanding on the harassment on Hannity.


LAWRENCE JONES, CONTRIBUTOR: These guys come up to me and they say, you know, go back to Fox News to pick cotton. They say go back to Kenya. This is who these people are. They know that with our report and exposing the poverty and the failure of policies that all these Democrat cities have been doing to many people that look like me, they don't want this to be exposed. They've believe that all black people need to think it the same way. They want us to stay on the welfare system so we can't progress in life. And I'm going to expose it every single day.


WATTERS: Next, we have Parkland shooting survivor and second amendment advocate, Kyle Kashuv, he had his Harvard acceptance rescinded over racial remarks he posted on social media and texted to his friends when he was just 16. Some are comparing to this to Virginia's Democratic governor Ralph Northam's yearbook photo. Remember he was the one in black face standing next to someone in the KKK attire, he's still governor.

And then, you have liberal actor John Cusack who shared an anti-Semitic cartoon on twitter. The cartoon showing a giant hand with a Star of David pushing down a group of people with the words to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. Cusack added his own sentiment writing, quote, follow the money. Cusack eventually deleting the tweet and blaming it on a bot. I don't know, Dana. Where do you want to begin there?

PERINO: Well, maybe just make a general comment that for a long time conservatives operated sort of individually. They would maybe have a small group of friends and they hung out together and they, you know, were subscribers to the National Review and then fast forward. There's the Reagan revolution, OK? You can see a little bit more. There's television. You've got Fox News. Social media, however, has been the great equalizer, I believe, for conservatives.

So, you now have exposure of this kind of thing and an ability to talk about it and it gets out there and it makes -- I think it makes people pretty uncomfortable -- that's unfair, that's unfair. But there can't be two sets of rules for people that are conservatives or liberal. Like we're all put on this planet. Life is hard. We should all treat each other really well. But when conservatives do something that is considered out of bounds, they just get pummeled. The left kind of runs the culture and they protect one another from any sort of criticism.

WATTERS: Yeah. And people wonder, you know, do Republicans or conservatives protect each other, sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. Juan, what did you think about Lawrence Jones down there, downtown in Manhattan getting roughed up like that?

WILLIAMS: Well, I know what it's like to be black on Fox News. I mean, there're lots of people who are highly critical. They say, you know, hey, you legitimize Fox, or you're covering up, you know, for some of the things that they object to hearing from Fox News. But I think racism on all sides has to be called out. And that kind of attitude towards Lawrence is just - - it's not acceptable.

That to me, it is so damning that they feel the need to go to that extent. You know, so they're mad at Fox News. They're mad at Lawrence, maybe for working here. I think if you go to the root of what they're talking about is similar to what the candidates who refuse to appear on Fox News say, which is that, you know, if you appear on Fox News again, you give some legitimacy to Fox News.

This is madness. Because, in fact, to my mind, at least I'm talking to people, I'm expressing my views. I think Lawrence is expressing his views. Now, Lawrence and I don't agree on everything. But Lawrence has a legitimate right to speak his truth, why don't you want to hear? So to me that's intolerance coming from the Left.

I can't agree with you on the young man from Harvard, by the way. I just think to me, I mean in the Ralph Northam situation, as Dana says, we got to be equal. I think Democrats - the two Democratic Senators in the state called for him to resign.

I think lots of people have been highly critical. But he was elected Governor, and under the law of our country, he gets to stay if he doesn't resign.

WATTERS: Yes. Well, that wasn't my personal opinion. I'm just saying some people are bringing those two issues together to make a point about double standards. Emily?

COMPAGNO: I agree with you. I think it's an example of the intolerance on the Left. And also an example that - the Left likes to tell women or people of color or some type of marginalized or underrepresented group, when to be outraged and how to feel.

And it feels horrible to be told that and to be pushed into a box and for them to assume that they know better than you, because that's the greatest form of those bonds that they tell everyone else to kind of free themselves with from.

And you mentioned earlier, I think it's a larger picture. They're not just representing a network, but because they're mad at Trump, they're not mad at this. They're mad at him. They blame everything for it. That footage made me sick to my stomach and I feel so horrible for Lawrence in that moment.

And remember, we talked about after the terrible shooting at the country music festival when Jason Aldean is performing, and I had a close friend say to my face, "I'm glad it happened at a Country Music Festival, because now maybe they'll be gun laws". Like it should have happened to you people. It's horrible and unacceptable at any level of the spectrum.

WATTERS: Yes. Well, Lawrence handled it the right way. He didn't really take the bait and he got it all on camera and exposed the guy. Greg?

GUTFELD: Just to the John Cusack, Kyle Kashuv--

WATTERS: Kashuv.

GUTFELD: Kashuv. I say you have to accept all apologies, especially quick ones and honest ones. I've even accepted dubious apologies. I defended Joy Reid, even though she blamed her homophobic remarks on being hacked and we knew she was lying.

But I accepted her apology, I defended Joy Behar, when she had gotten in trouble, I think, over anti-Christian remarks. I can't remember. But I - and I do that and I accept their apologies knowing they will never return that favor to us.

The Kyle thing is also different in that. It was a kind of a private thing that he has disowned when he was 16. And I do think that as awful as the things were - that were said, you should accept the apology, especially Harvard.

I mean, if Harvard gets found guilty of discrimination against Asian- Americans should you cancel the whole institution? Should it closed down because they were they were racist against Asians?

If our civil civilization eliminates forgiveness or reject apologies and you're in favor of just canceling people, you're going to see more violence and more suicide. Because if you can't let people have a second chance in life, they're going to kill themselves and we've seen that already.

I think the racism is ignored on the Left, because it's the media's team, so they carve out exceptions for people, they carve out exceptions for racism, they carve out exceptions for sexism. I mean, Weinstein got away with everything until like he couldn't get away with it. Homophobia, obviously, with Joy Reid. Violence against women, I mean Teddy Kennedy made it a long way after Chappaquiddick.

So there's always been a double standard. There always will be a double standard because they own the ball, they own the playing field.

WATTERS: All right. Good discussion. All right. Things going from bad to worse in Dominican Republic as more American tourists get sick and the 9th person passes away.


PERINO,: The mystery into the death of several Americans in the Dominican Republic deepening after new reports surface of more U.S. tourists getting violently ill and a 9th American dies while visiting the country.

Joining us now with the very latest is Fox News Correspondent Bryan LLenas. Bryan.

BRYAN LLENAS, CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Dana. Well Joseph Allen (ph) was vacationing in the Dominican Republic when last Wednesday night he told his friends he was going back to his hotel room, because he felt like he had a fever.

The next day the 55-year-old was found dead in his hotel room. This happened in the Terra Linda Resort in Sosua. Joseph's brother Jason says, Joseph just had a physical. He was in "Very good shape" and he had no issues. They now want his body checked by a forensic pathologist here in the U.S.

There have been nine mysterious deaths on the island over the last year. The Dominican Republic listed the cause of death, for most of these cases, as heart attacks or pulmonary edema - lungs filling up with fluid. But the families say their loved ones were healthy before vacationing.

We know at least three had alcohol from minibars. We don't know if the other six did. Meanwhile Will Cox, whose mother Leyla Cox died suddenly in Punta Cana says he is waiting for the Dominican Attorney General to give final approval to get a sample of his mother's blood sent to the U.S. for toxicology tests.

We are learning 54 members, by the way, of a Jimmy Buffett fan club also got sick while traveling to Punta Cana in April. The members swam or had a drink in the same resort swim-up bar pool. And earlier this month, at least five high school seniors on a trip from Oklahoma, became ill after eating at a Japanese restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana where two Americans died.

The State Department, Dana, has not issued a new travel warning for the Dominican Republic. I'm told they are awaiting FBI toxicology results for three of the victims expected in about three weeks, Dana.

PERINO: All right. Bryan, thank you. Last night one of those Jimmy Buffett fans was on "The Story" where he detailed his experience. Watch.


DANA FLOWERS, FELL SICK IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: I just began to get sick one evening while we were there and went to my room began vomiting, he had severe diarrhea, and just basically felt terrible. And went to bed and stayed in my room for two days before coming out again.

That does seem to be the common denominator that we are all swimming in that one pool or that we all has something from that pool bar.


PERINO: All right. Greg, the State Department not really issuing a increased travel alert. There's four levels, they are level two. They could at least go to level three. They've got to wait three weeks for another toxicology report.

GUTFELD: This calls for like a Tropical Quincy. Do you know what I mean?


GUTFELD: If they saw that TV show - anyway. I think you have a greater risk of death in your own city, and I think what's happening right now, is you're seeing a bunch of different variables that are being grouped together and this happens when you have a lot of people traveling. It's considered the time of the year, so you're having more people there.

It is possible that the alcohol was purchased that was tainted or cheap and not up to standards and that could have been a problem. But you got to be careful of the panic contagion which happens when one child gets sick then all the other kids get sick in class. The power of suggestion is a power.


GUTFELD: People can get - you know they you can think yourself sick. But I do think that there's something going on here. I just don't know if it's one thing. I don't know if it's one thing.

PERINO: Yes, and I guess, that's probably why the government has not done anything more at this point.

GUTFELD: Go to duty free BYOB, buy your drinks, buy your - and you bottles and your mixers and make sure everything - all the seals are on everything.

WATTERS: Well, I called for a full travel boycott just to - look, a week ago and--

GUTFELD: they seven.

WATTERS: --my warnings have not been heeded. I found out today that someone perished at Hotel Excellence the very place I stayed in--

GUTFELD: Really.

WATTERS: --so this really is hitting home to me personally. My theory, you missed it Greg last week, was this. This is Caribbean sabotage. So another island is competing for tourism dollars,


WATTERS: Perhaps it's Puerto Rico. I'm not going to name names.

GUTFELD: So just said names.

WATTERS: We got saboteur. It has infiltrated some of these hotels in order to swing the tourism dollars back to their Island. It's just a theory. Also they share a border with Haiti. To say the least, that's not a very great place right now. Also, another theory--

GUTFELD: So anybody else you want to smear.

WATTERS: The autopsy reports sound rigged to me - and are there other? Well, I mean they're all dying from the same reason while none of them have any history there. It's very suspicious. And it looks like the Haitian - I mean, looks like the Dominican Republic government is in on this, because they're involved in the cover-up.

PERINO: All right.

WATTERS: And the - no other nationality has been affected, but it seems like all Americans are being--

GUTFELD: Are you auditioning for Infowars?

COMPAGNO: You are like Alessia Silvestri (ph)--

WATTERS: There are theories that are abounding about this drama, Greg, and I'm just sharing them as a concern.

PERINO: Let me get a quick word from you Emily and Juan.

COMPAGNO: I think PR would - it would behoove the tourism. The Dominican Republic I think should say something else besides it's an overreaction and Quincy and all. I think it would behoove them to say, "Hey, you guys we're going to work on this and get back to you and at least would kind of convey a command of things".

I do think our State Department should have something besides an increased caution for those three weeks. Like, "Hey, pause it for a while". I can't even begin to respond all--

PERINO: Juan hasn't had a chance.

WATTERS: But you had a great idea the other day from the PR perspective.

PERINO: I did.

WATTERS: What do they do with the mini bar?

PERINO: Take all the mini bars out, destroy them and start over.

WATTERS: Pour it all out.

PERINO: All right, Juan.

WILLIAMS: But Quincy, why not Ironside?

GUTFELD: Quincy was great.

WILLIAMS: Come on. But, I mean, you think the audience knows that. Come on. I'm just saying, I happen to agree with you, though. I think that this could be a matter of anecdotes and that that does not constitute a pattern.


WILLIAMS: And when you look at the actual numbers, the numbers tell you this. In 2017 through 2018, that's 2 years have been 30 Americans who died in the Dominican Republic. I don't think that's one thousandth of a percent. So something maybe--

PERINO: But how many have died in other places? What's the equivalent? Like, I mean--

WILLIAMS: No, just as Greg said, if you were in the United States you have a better chance of a violent crime happening to you. But my point is that, we are all right now in a in a place because we're focused on this.

Then all of a sudden everybody says I had a sickness way back when in that place. Maybe it's the - it can get out of hand--

PERINO: Jesse is having a phantom sickness.

WILLIAMS: People should not stop travelling.

PERINO: --from last December when you went to the Excellence.

All right. Up next is the shocking new device that helps you quit bad habits. But would the THE FIVE would ever use it? That's next.


COMPAGNO: If you're struggling to break a bad habit, this one's for you. There's no a bracelet that will give you a 350 volt shock when you get the urge to do something bad. So what would THE FIVE even think about trying something like this? Greg would you?

GUTFELD: Well, first of all, don't buy anything health-related for your body without any independent research. The guy who made this was thrown off shark tank, because he didn't have any published research.

Aversion therapy only works if it is truly aversive, meaning painful and out of your control. If it doesn't have that then it's pointless.



PERINO: Right. Which is like that medicine if you're an alcoholic and you want--

GUTFELD: I wouldn't know Dana.

PERINO: I read studies about it.

WATTERS: What you're getting at? I'm rocking this thing right now, should I try it out.


WATTERS: All right.

GUTFELD: Well, what you like - will you like chocolate.

WATTERS: I love chocolate. I have the wrist thing on and I'm going to go for a piece and--

PERINO: Really?

WATTERS: Yes. It hits you a little bit. No, I don't want to do it again. I like it.

PERINO: Only one time and--

WATTERS: No, don't do it again, don't do it again.

GUTFELD: Do it, do it.


GUTFELD: OK. How about this? I'm going to eat some chocolate--

WATTERS: I've taken this off.

GUTFELD: I'm going to eat some chocolate, you shock him.

WATTERS: No, that's not how it works. Thank you for not doing that Johnny. That's - two is enough.

COMPAGNO: So that's the thing about it. Literally someone else can shock you if you can give it to a family member. So if your, like, little brother gets a hold of it, that would be all day long.

WATTERS: Yes. I mean, it could work. But you have to have a high threshold of pain. Like you said, it has to really hit you.

PERINO: How does it know?

WATTERS: I have a very high pain threshold, so--

GUTFELD: Jump like jumping bean.

WILLIAMS: They said you would have to have this for five days and it works. You have to like go through this for five days. So I think as a matter of impulse control, I don't - the only way this would work as aversion therapy is if you decide, yes, I've got a problem.


WILLIAMS: But if you don't know you got a problem, I don't know.

PERINO: But how does it know that you're reaching for chocolate?

WILLIAMS: You know.

GUTFELD: You have to see yourself, shock yourself.

PERINO: No, nobody shocks themselves.

GUTFELD: What if you're really into being shocked. Then you need an aversive and up - you need another bracelet to shock you when you want to be shocked.



COMPAGNO: Greg, I dare you to put this one.

GUTFELD: No, no, no. Look, I have enough problems to have to add another problem.

WATTERS: If he gets shocked by this--

COMPAGNO: I will try it.

WATTERS: This is going to create another you know what.

WILLIAMS: Another what?


WATTERS: I think he's going to go anywhere. He goes to the hospital if he hits his head.

GUTFELD: That's what you do when you hit your head. You got to the hospital.

WATTERS: --some dirt on you.

COMPAGNO: --when you hit your head.

PERINO: All right, here go for the chocolate Emily.


GUTFELD: He went to the hospital if they hit that.

WILLIAMS: You want to shot--


COMPAGNO: OK. I'm doing. Johnny do it. Nothing is happening.

WILLIAMS: Not working.

COMPAGNO: My heart is beating fast because I'm nervous.

PERINO: Because he did something wrong.

WATTERS: I worked on me Emily.

WILLIAMS: All right.

COMPAGNO: Oh, that is - that is. But you know what, its fine.

WATTERS: I told you. What did I tell you?


GUTFELD: Power of positive thinking.

COMPAGNO: Once is enough. Just once is enough.

WATTERS: I feel like I reacted a little heavier compared to her.

COMPAGNO: I don't like this and it - it did a little me after. It's like a- -

WATTERS: Yes, it's not nice.

COMPAGNO: I don't like that.

GUTFELD: Is this is annoying of children?

WILLIAMS: Is this the party gag or is it real?

COMPAGNO: It's real.

WILLIAMS: I don't think anybody would buy it.

COMPAGNO: I won't. All right "One More Thing" is up next. This things is like--


GUTFELD: "One More Thing", Dana.

PERINO: All right. So everyone knows that puppy-dog eyes are - but really makes you attracted to puppies--

GUTFELD: They're tasty.


PERINO: But turns out there's a new study that says that dogs have evolved to have puppy-dog eyes to attract humans. They have done this study that basically they have like these new eye muscles to communicate and possibly go to humans into feeding or caring to them.

This is evolution at its finest. Of course, that's Jasper. But we had to get Rookie in here. Rookie is Jesse's dog. Here he is. Look at those eyes. And see they get more round and then you want to just kiss them. And then Duchess (ph) too, Duchess--

COMPAGNO: Yes, Duchess--

PERINO: This is Duchess Emily's dog right there. Interesting, researchers say that muscle used for expression is virtually absent in canine ancestors and wolves, so we could be watching evolution as we--

GUTFELD: This is means is your animals do not like you, they pretend to, so you don't kill them. That's all this is.

GUTFELD: "Animals are Great", Greg.

COMPAGNO: That's not.

GUTFELD: Animals that aren't domesticated are great. All right. Oh, it's me?

PERINO: "Animals are Great"?

GUTFELD: No, not today.


GUTFELD: Greg's Fashion News.


GUTFELD: You know, it's not really fashion news. Let's just see who's sitting in Jesse's chair this week.


GUTFELD: Oh, look who just showed up in your office?


GUTFELD: Diamond and Silk, while you were doing this show. Diamond and Silk have been in your office and they found your hidden stash of porn.

WATTERS: I shared that with you under strict confidence.

GUTFELD: Anyway, this is an ongoing segment. We're just going to let people sit in your chair.

WATTERS: Not nice.

GUTFELD: I know, I know. I couldn't help it.

All right. Juan.

WILLIAMS: Anyway. Moving on. What would happen if someone came along and introduced your eyes to the wonderful world of color for the first?


Take a look at this video. That's 17-year old G. Valoy, a Philadelphia company gave her a pair of glasses to correct her colorblindness. And as you can see the first thing that came to her eyes were tears.

She walked over to one of her former teachers who asked Valoy if she could recognize the color of the teachers pants?

Take a listen.





WILLIAMS: Yes, she said "Is that red?" "I didn't know I'd be so overwhelmed". Valoy will be studying psychology at Gannon University in Erie this fall. Many rainbows to you young lady.


WATTERS: That's nice.

All right. So do you guys wear cufflinks?


WATTERS: Greg, no, you don't wear cufflinks. Well, I have cufflinks here and check these guys out. These are Tic Tac cufflinks. There's a little Tic Tac in right there on the right and on the left. Tic Tac USA, if you go to their Instagram account, you can get the second pair of Tic Tac cufflinks in America.

I have the only pair and the only other pair available if you to Instagram. You go to a board meeting, you have bad breath, you pop the Tic Tac in your mouth and then everybody listens to you.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's the message.

WATTERS: And it's not just Tic Tac, you can hide other pills in here if you want.

GUTFELD: Write me immediately. Emily.

COMPAGNO: OK. Great. So you guys know how much I love classic cars and Hot Rods and everything.


COMPAGNO: So just recently a replica tribute car that was dedicated to "Burt Reynolds and Smokey and the Bandit" just sold at auction for 317 and it wasn't the actual car used. All the ones that were used on set were actually, like, beaten up and discarded.

This is a pretty lucrative business to be in. And another one of the replicas went for almost $200,000 last October. And that by the way is my next dream car. It's the 78th version in silver gold.

GUTFELD: You know who has that?


GUTFELD: John Rich. John Rich has that.

COMPAGNO: He has in silver gold.

GUTFELD: In his garage, yes he does. Ask him. Sure he will let you drive it.


GUTFELD: And no, Gorka has a convertible Mustang.

PERINO: And you'll have to drive him in it.

GUTFELD: Yes, episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next.

Hello, Bret.

BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: Hello Greg. This is Fox News alert. I'm Bret Baier. We are about two hours away from the start

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