Airplane Scare

The latest from the Political Grapevine:

Air Scare

Former President Bush was forced to change his travel plans this morning when the private plane scheduled to take him to South America crashed on his way to pick him up. The Gulfstream jet was a few miles from Houston’s Hobby Airport when officials say it struck a tall high tower in heavy fog, and sheered off a wing. All three crewmembers were killed. The plane was scheduled to transport the former president to Ecuador for a conference, but Mr. Bush 41 has now suspended the trip indefinitely.

Gory Game

On the 41st anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death, a Scottish game developer is putting players in the shoes of Lee Harvey Oswald. Traffic Games say the object of "JFK Reloaded" is to fire three shots at President Kennedy’s motorcade from Oswald’s digitally recreated, sniper perch in the schoolbook depository. Points are awarded for how closely the shots match the actual event. A spokesman for the president’s brother, Senator Ted Kennedy called the game, "despicable."

But Traffic Games President Kirk Ewing says he hopes the game would "stimulate a younger generation of players to take an interest in American history."

DNC for Dean

An informal survey shows that Democratic National Committee favor former presidential candidate, Howard Dean to replace current DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. The National Journal asked 155 DNC members to name who they had for the post. Seventeen said they support Governor Dean, while 11 said they would choose Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack. But when members were asked to pick between those two candidates, 54 said they’ll support Vilsack, while 49 would back Dean. Vilsack meanwhile says he is not interested in the job.

Primary Problem?

Retiring Democratic retiring Senator Zell Miller caused a political uproar when he blasted John Kerry at the Republican National Convention. Now he says that Democrats lost the election because they’re too influenced by liberal special interests. The Georgia lawmaker also blames the primary system from moving Democrats away from mainstream American values saying, "As long as you require Democratic presidential candidates to go through a primary in Iowa, that will decide to a great extent who the nominee will be, you can’t help but come out with the most liberal candidate."

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report