Accused Murderer Amanda Knox Speaks Out

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JAMIE COLBY, FOX NEWS GUEST HOST: Well, welcome back, everyone. Finally, the world hears from Amanda Knox. She got a chance to tell her story. The 21-year-old American is on trial in Italy, and she's accused of murdering her housemate, Meredith Kercher, while they were both studying abroad. It all happened in November of 2007. Kercher was found semi-naked, with her throat slit, in the apartment that the young shared. And since then, an international soap opera has played out. That is to say the least. Knox and her Italian boyfriend have been charged with sexually assaulting and murdering Kercher in a sex game gone deadly.

Today in Italy, Knox took the stand and harshly accused Italian police of mistreating her.


AMANDA KNOX, ACCUSED OF MURDERING ROOMMATE: They called me a stupid liar, and they said that I was trying to protect someone. So I was there and -- they told me that I was trying to protect someone. But I wasn't trying to protect anyone. I couldn't understand why there were so sure that I was the one who knew everything. And so in my confusion, I started to imagine that maybe I was traumatized.


COLBY: And Amanda's father talked to our own Shepard Smith today, defending his daughter.


CURT KNOX: Amanda knows that she's 100 percent innocent. We know that. We're getting an opportunity now to really portray that in the court of law and have the judges and the jurors hear her side of the story versus what's been laid out there from a prosecution perspective. The interrogation that she went through lasted 14 hours. She was mentally abused, physically abused, had multiple people in the interrogation room shouting at her as the night went on because it was an all-night interrogation.


COLBY: Well, what else happened in court? You're going to hear it from FOX News correspondent Greg Burke, joining me live now. And you were there, Greg. You were in court in Perugia. Tell me what happened.

GREG BURKE, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Jamie, I was. I actually had a front row seat when Amanda came in. And she did really well in her testimony, but I have to admit, in the first hour, when they were going through some sort of procedural things and things like that, she looked very nervous, not quite the calm person she has been on other days of the trial. But of course, it was her big day, the first day she was giving testimony.

And I can tell you, I was surprised. I think I was surprised at how well she did, considering, you know, she had so much pressure on her here, she and her boyfriend both being accused not only of murder but also sexual assault. They have been in prison for more than a year-and-a-half.

And really, it was friendly questioning, though. These were mostly friendly lawyers, with the exception of one who does have a civil suit against her. But she did really try turning the tables in some of -- the weakest thing, the fact that she had changed her story, she -- what you were hearing before, that the police had -- she said were forcing her into that, saying, You're trying to hide from (SIC) somebody.

Another very strong point she made, she said at some point, she asked during this long grilling, Shouldn't I have a lawyer? And according to Amanda, she said the police had told her, No, then it looks like you wouldn't be trying to cooperate. So what could have been a very week point of her having accused Lumumba, somebody of the -- of the murder who was later released, she did try turning that around.

But it's really going to be much tougher tomorrow because that's when the -- tomorrow -- it's actually Saturday morning here right now -- on Saturday -- because the prosecution will be able to question her, and that is clearly going to be a lot tougher.

COLBY: Right.

BURKE: And finally, Jamie...

COLBY: Greg? Greg?

BURKE: ... I will just tell you, you know, it is now 4:00 in the morning here -- yes?

COLBY: What I want to ask -- let's get to the nitty gritty, though. She talked about drug use. She talked about sex. What was the reaction in the court when she really detailed how much went on that night that the prosecutor alleges led to the murder?

BURKE: Well, she tried to play that down and basically saying -- admits to having seen her boyfriend that night and having spent the night with him -- that, you know, was no secret -- but really saying -- just leaving it at that, and then in terms of the drug use, just saying occasional -- occasional drug use, you know, that she had smoked marijuana. She had smoked a joint with him that night. But there was clearly an effort there to limit that and not make it look like it was some crazy, crazy stuff going on.

COLBY: All right, Greg. Thank you very much, and keep us posted on the case. Interesting to have her finally on the stand.

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