One thing I've noticed about supermodels: They're super thin.

I mean, really thin — bone thin — dangerously thin.

I guess this is the look. And clearly the Victoria's Secret Angels are good looking.

But I wonder what they must do to stay so thin. Surely, they aren't eating burgers — if they're eating at all!

Someone once said that Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. That is pretty big by today's standards, but downright sexy then.

And back in Victorian times — if the paintings are right — you weren't hot unless your curves were as big as highway exits.

I wonder, would Marilyn even be an eye-catcher today? Or would those Victorian Victoria's Secrets just be secreted to Weight Watchers meetings?

I wonder.

But there's no wondering about the huge disconnect in our society when a society that's mostly fat is ogling models that are mostly bone. And it seems the fatter we get, the thinner they get.

It's enough to make me put down my doughnut. Not because I fear packing it on, but because, if I do, they've got nowhere lower to go.

All I know is next time I have supermodels on my set, I'll have lots of bakery products on the table.

Let's just see how long Giselle could hold out... on a Yodel!

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