A Third-Party Senate Candidate's Money Comes from Unlikely Source

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Green Candidate Gets GOP Dollars

Liberal Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli has gained enough signatures to get his name on the ballot in the Pennsylvania Senate race — thanks in large part to Republican donors. Romanelli raised $66,000 to gather the signatures — nearly all of it from contributors who have given to Republicans. What's more, $29,000 came from donors who also gave to Romanelli's Republican opponent, Rick Santorum.

Democratic front-runner Bob Casey has accused Santorum of trying to steal the election by funneling campaign cash to Romanelli — a pro-choice candidate likely to attract some Democratic votes away from Casey, who is anti-abortion. But Romanelli denies any conspiracy, saying, "I have friends in all political parties. It's just that my Republican friends are more confident about standing with me ... than my Democratic friends."

Chavez Review: Two Thumbs Down

Venezuelen strong man Hugo Chavez's review of President Bush's interview this week is in — and it's not good. Addressing the chamber of commerce in Vietnam, Chavez called the U.S. a "capitalist monster," one that will "never give up its plot" to overthrow him.

Chavez went on to say, "If they invade our country, we will do what the Vietnamese did-we will resist and defeat them." Chavez claims, "everything that comes from capitalism is the lowest rank of humankind, even lower than animals."

For the record, President Bush said on FOX News that he didn't consider Hugo Chavez a military threat, but did call him a threat to democracy.

Weeding Out Western Words

Iran is continuing its efforts to remove all elements of Western culture, replacing some 2000 foreign words used in everyday conversation with Farsi translations.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government agencies and newspapers to eliminate all Western words. Among the changes? The English word "chat" becomes a Farsi phrase meaning "short talk," while "cabin" is translated to "a small room."

And Iranians can no longer order a "pizza" — instead, they'll be snacking on what was translated into Farsi as "elastic loaves."

Difficult Candidacy

Sean Swain is facing an uphill battle in his third party write-in campaign for Ohio governor in part because he's running from a Toledo jail cell. Swain is serving time for stabbing a man to death in 1991, but insists he's a political prisoner, and complains that his budget of $17 per month — allotted to him by the state — is limiting his campaign's effectiveness.

The self-proclaimed "insurgent candidate" is seeking endorsements from Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez to reverse his fortunes. He also seems to have a problem with grocers: Swain says Republican governor Bob Taft's support for the war in Iraq proves he's "a coward, a lackey of the grocer's machine."

—FOX News Channel's Aaron Bruns contributed to this report.