A Deal on Tough Interrogation...

A deal on tough interrogation, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

As we predicted, the Senate has made a deal with the Bush administration about how the USA can question suspected terrorists. Before we get to the specifics, I hope you saw the interview here last night with ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross, where he laid out all the vital information the CIA obtained by using rough interrogation methods. That information most surely saved thousands of American lives.

Now if you missed the segment, it is posted on billoreilly.com.

Today, a compromise was brokered by Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He'll be here in a moment to tell us what's going on. But the larger question remains — why do so many Americans fail to see that the primary duty of every elected federal official is to protect you?

Think about this. President Harry Truman ordered atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians were killed. Truman did this to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of American military people, who were poised to invade Japan. My father was one of them.

The liberal icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt approved the bombing of German cities. Again, hundreds of thousands of people died. It was war and you have to win the war.

But today, forget about bombs. Some Americans believe you can't water board captured terrorists even when thousands of American lives are at stake. That is insane, ladies and gentlemen.

The president and he alone must have the power to approve extraordinary interrogation methods when American lives are in danger. Enough of this nonsense. OK?

Nobody's asking for the mutilation or execution of terrorists. Tough, coercive questioning has saves lives. We proved that last night. Congress must protect Americans, period. And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Close to 100,000 people have taking the Culture Warrior test on BillOReilly.com. That's amazing. Now that multiple-choice quiz is an introduction to my new book, "Cultural Warrior," which will be out on Monday.

Giant ad in the New York Times. That will tee those people off, though, won't it?

Now I told you that we are going to be attacked because of this book, and the dirty tricks have already begun. For example, the committed left-wing magazine Washington Monthly called my publisher and asked for an advanced copy of "Culture Warrior." When the publisher said, "Who should we send it to," Washington Monthly gave them a guy who writes for the left-wing smear site Media Matters. Nice try, no book.

Another crazy left guy lied to NewsMax.com about his intent to review "Culture Warrior." NewsMax has taken action against the man, and we appreciate that very much.

We expert more of this kind of stuff, and we'll keep you posted.

Now on the good news front. Barbara Walters will interview me tomorrow evening, Friday, on "20/20". That should be interesting.

This coming Monday, you can see me on "Good Morning America" about 7:30 and "FOX & Friends" shortly after 8.

Then a week from tomorrow I'll be on the Jay Leno program out in L.A. Now, we always like to have "Factor" people in the audience there, just to reassure Jay that I'm an OK guy.

I hope I'm not boring up with all of this. If I am, sorry to be ridiculous.