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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Hello everybody. I'm Jesse Watters along with Jedediah Bila, Donna Brazile, Dana Perino, and Greg. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

Back on all fronts as Democrats push forward in their impeachment inquiry. Let's break it down for you. President Trump doubling down on his calls to identify the whistleblower as subpoenas have been issued for Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pompeo, secretary of state calling subpoenas and attempt to, quote, bully and intimidate state department officials. And last night, Rudy took on Biden. Watch this.


RUDY GIULIANI, FORMER NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: Why do you think they're silencing me? Because I'm not making any points? They're silencing me because I showed up with an affidavit yesterday, and accuser who's willing to stand up and point the finger at Joe Biden and say you're a crook. And I have the proof, and I have the documents, and I've got -- the witness will say the corroboration, because there are more witnesses where he came from and they're not going to escape this.


WATTERS: But the story Democrats won't tell you about today is Joe Biden caught lying about his knowledge of his son's shady foreign business dealings. Take a look at this newly unearthed photo of Joe and Hunter Biden playing golf with a key Ukrainian gas executive back in 2014. Now, remember when Joe went ballistic and said he never spoken to his son about those dealings?


OE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: I've never spoken to my son about overseas (INAUDIBLE).


BIDEN: Here's what I know. I know Trump deserves to be investigated. He's violating every basic norm of a president. You should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to intimidate a foreign leader?


WATTERS: All right, Dana, it's been two weeks since the story broke, essentially --

DANA PERINO, HOST: Is that all?

WATTERS: -- two weeks, it feels like a year, since Peter Doocy asked that point in question, do you talk to you son about his business dealing? And we know he lied when he said he doesn't. And remember, he warned Peter, you know, don't ask those types of questions. And I think the media has listened because the media has not asked Joe Biden a direct question about all of this. And not only that, the guy at the epicenter of this whole thing, his son, Hunter, where's Hunter? They haven't found Hunter anywhere.

PERINO: So it's interesting the approach is. So there was a piece today in the Atlantic comparing Clinton's approach in dealing with impeachment to President Trump's, and the suggestion was Clinton handled it much better. I just don't think that two are quite comparable, especially because one of the things Clinton had going for him was that the media was -- you know, basically, not trying to harm him. But the president is realizing like his allies are in the Republican Party and that his approach has always been to push and push and push.

The Biden approach though on all of this has been very -- it's curious to me. I don't know -- beyond seeing the picture, I don't know. He says he didn't talk to his son about it. We haven't seen that. We haven't heard from them, but they are going to have to testify at some point.

WATTERS: When you play golf with the foursome, and one of the guys is your son and the other guy is a mystery guy who happens to have just been appointed to the same gas company in Ukraine that your son has been appointed, oh, how do you guys know each other? Oh, we're on the same board just a month ago in this Ukrainian gas company. And the father, Joe Biden, is doing business in Ukraine for the administration.

JEDEDIAH BILA, HOST: They're talking about the weather, Jesse. Don't be silly.


DONNA BRAZILE, HOST: Maybe they're handicap, I think, because, after all, it is golf and that's the only thing I know about golf is handicap. But you know what? It's better than talking about this which is the transcripts, which is the whistleblower's complaints. Donald Trump wants us to talk about anything but this. And this is what has gotten him in hot water.

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: Is that the transcript or the complaint?

BRAZILE: This is the --



WATTERS: Is that perfect phone call?

BRAZILE: No, this is the version that they want us to see. Look, Joe Biden works with the IMF, the E.U. and others. We know what Joe Biden did. We know that there's been no evidence whatsoever of corruption. I went back, Jesse, because --

WATTERS: Because the left-wing media investigated it and determine there's no evidence of corruption?

BRAZILE: No, because you inspired me to read the entire 300 pages of information out there.


BRAZILE: And what I came up with -- you know, look, I'm a very good reader. I even put on my CBS purchase glasses, so I was really exact.

WATTERS: Did you get a big receipt when you got this?

BRAZILE: Oh, hell yeah. Oh, yes, I did.


BRAZILE: And $25 --


BRAZILE: So here it is. I really do believe that the Trump administration needs to treat Congress as a co-equal branch of government. I think the administration needs to cooperate with Congress and help them get to the bottom of this so that this saga will be over with by Thanksgiving.

WATTERS: OK. Well, one of the things, Jedediah, that they're trying to get to the bottom off is the foreign interference in the last election, and how does collusion hoax began in the first place? And Barr has been directed to talk to the Ukrainians, to the Italians, to the British, and to the Australians, and the media is panicking now.

BILA: There's nothing wrong with that. It's once again, there's nothing wrong with that. Like, I hate to say it, but there's nothing on the call. I mean, I know -- now they're saying, oh, Pompeo was on the call, this is such breaking news. Yeah, well, we were basically all on the call too, because the transcript is in front of us and we know exactly what he said and there's no quid pro quo there.

I think Joe Biden is in trouble. I think he's in serious trouble. This is a guy who was doing a very bad job on the debate stage. He was underperforming to say the least. Many people were getting nervous. You saw Elizabeth Warren rising in the polls. And now, even though they attempted to make this about Trump, Joe Biden and his dealings with his son and what he did with respect to that prosecutor that he wants to get fired, and that tape that showed up with him saying we're withholding money, that all implicates him in this.

And this is -- it's not going to be long before many of those donors who had Biden's back saying he was most electable are going to pull back and say, you know what, this guy has too much baggage, he's implicated in this, this does not look good for him, and even if you can't stand President Trump, you have to be able to look at a call and say I don't see any impeachable offense here. Be realistic about it and say that Joe Biden -- this was not all known to the public, by the way. There was reports on it. Some people knew about this. Not everybody knew about it. This is not going to help him in 2020.

BRAZILE: But the reports was still a trash can, and you don't even have to light it on fire. Look, I'm not here to --

BILA: But he's on record, Donna. Listen -- Donna, they were saying that they had a problem with potential quid pro quo when it came to President Trump. Joe Biden is on record saying, ho, ho, you're not going to get the money. Boasting about --

BRAZILE: Let me just say --

BILA: That is him speaking in his own words.

BRAZILE: I recognized that the Senate also has subpoena power. And if Lindsey Graham and others believe that Joe Biden did something wrong, drag him before the committee and then explain that.

WATTERS: Lindsey, are you watching?

BRAZILE: But there's no there --

WATTERS: Well, just because you say that doesn't mean it's true, Donna.


BRAZILE: Of course, I don't speak with the authority of God, OK?


BRAZILE: But, Greg --


WATTERS: I do want to ask Greg something because Joe Biden is going to have to report his fund-raising numbers very soon. And the president and his committee just came out with a whopping $125 million third-quarter haul.


WATTERS: What do you make of that?

GUTFELD: I think that's a lot of money, Jesse.

WATTERS: Like crumbs

GUTFELD: Lot of crumbs. Look, I'm focusing on what the media is doing right now, and what they're doing is shaping public opinion, all right? So to say -- week and a half ago nobody cared about impeachment. The numbers said they didn't want an impeachment. It was a bad idea to impeach. It will be bad for the country. Those numbers have shifted dramatically, which is the media reporting that it's shifting dramatically.

So who's been pushing those buttons and pulling those strings? The same media reporting this. The story hasn't changed at all. So it's not about reporting, it's about repetition. The story is so small, but what's even smaller is the people that are generating it. I have a theory that a thousand people are generating this story, right? It's -- if that -- it might be -- 500 people are dictating the -- what 333 -- 350 million people are listening to right now.

This is a splash fight in the tiniest kiddie pool of influencers. And it's a self-perpetuating media machine that must generate louder and louder noise as we realize how little -- there is -- there is no there, there. And I'll even go that way with Biden. Also, there's no there, there, period. But this story itself is so small and the people that are generating this sound is so small. I mean we're being sold a bill of goods.

Remember the good old days when scandals were scandalous? I mean, Watergate, Iran Contra, Monica-gate, this is scandal impersonation. I'm insulted that I'm wasting my time listening to this crap. It's like when - - at night when you were a kid and you woke up in the middle of the night, you thought there was a monster in your room but it was just clothes on a chair. This is clothes on a chair.

WATTERS: Dead one, dead bodies, breaking and sex.

GUTFELD: I think this is -- last point about the money.


GUTFELD: This helps Trump because it angers the public because they feel that they're being drawn into a false drama, including with the Biden stuff. You have a fist-size group of people having a monumental effect on an entire country, and they're just saying screw you. I'm voting for the orange devil whether you like it or not.

WATTERS: All right. Wow. Greg is on fire.


WATTERS: And is going to continue that way. Next, Kamala Harris is calling on twitter to suspend Trump's twitter feed, so we're going to miss out on all of these entertaining things like his tweets from last night.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Relish the opportunity to be an outsider, because it's the outsiders that change the world.

(END VIDEO CLIP) WATTERS: Greg Gutfeld to the bullpen warming up.


GUTFELD: You know what? Trump's twitter account should be suspended.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: His twitter account should be suspended. I think there's plenty of now evidence to suggest that he's irresponsible with his words in a way that could result in harm to other people. And so, the privilege of using those words in that way should probably be taken from him.


GUTFELD: Further proof that Kamala would make a bad president. Her instinct when faced with something, ban it. And really, she's not gonna help herself by de-tweeting Trump, if anything, that might help him. He's just quickly launched his own message board and the media would cover that even more breathlessly, because without Trump to cite, they have to start covering real news which, actually, takes real work.

And besides, we all resent Ms. Harris for taking away one of the most striking phenomenon in political history, a leader who communicates directly to the people, cutting out the middleman known as us, the media. Obnoxious or not, it's the most transparent advancement in politics, the opposite of the choreographed interview between politicians and hacks that allowed both phonies to prosper.

No wonder she hates it. She's terrible at being authentic. She's as real as spandex, as credible as a gas station chili dog. I've never seen a candidate so uncomfortable in her own pantsuit. Well, maybe -- the only person who laughs more at their own jokes is the joker.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's really difficult to drink out of a paper straw when you have -- if you just -- like, if you don't gulp it down immediately, it starts to bend. And then, you know, the little thing catches it and then, you know, but -- so we've got to kind of perfect that one a little bit more.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Which tweet? What tweet?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: About saying that it is a modern-day lynching, that - -





GUTFELD: There's a weird reflex among libs these days not to engage in dialogue, but simply suppress it. Instead of debating each other, dump the interesting voices instead of listening to the other side. Call them despicable or deplorable instead of accepting an election resist it and call it illegitimate. What do all these tactics have in common? They only work if you know you're a loser.

You know, Dana, you remember, I had high hopes for Kamala, remember?

PERINO: Way back when she -- she was the first to announce --


PERINO: -- the Rubio model.

GUTFELD: Yes. I thought that she had -- but she --

PERINO: She had that big -- and she had a big crowd. And even President Trump, remember, at the time, I think he tweeted that she had a big crowd and that he was impressed with her.


PERINO: I think that right now she's doing everything that she can to punch through in this news cycle, because when you start talking about impeachment there's basically no room for anything else. So she has to figure out a way to do that. The other thing that she tried to do today was to make some news, basically saying she's got some staff changes on her campaign, which is an acknowledgment that things are not going that well.

She has not announced her campaign finance numbers for this last quarter. I bet that they're not that good.

BRAZILE: No, she has. I think she's raised over $10 or $11 million. Look, she's a phenomenal woman. A great -- a wonderful lawyer. If you ever need a lawyer, Greg --

GUTFELD: I will.


BRAZILE: But what she was saying was that words matter. And I do believe that words of the President of the United States matter.

GUTFELD: But to ban it? Suspend it?

BRAZILE: I think we need to timeout sometimes, especially over the weekend when I'm watching football and the president is tweeting 80 times and it's all like talking loud and saying nothing. She --

GUTFELD: I enjoyed it.

BRAZILE: Greg, I know better.


BRAZILE: She was making a point that his words matter, especially when the president sometimes retweet people who are saying things that may not -- you know.


PERINO: Can I correct myself? She had announced. I just didn't see it. It was $11.6 million --

GUTFELD: Dana, it's too late to correct. It's on the record --

PERINO: Sorry.

GUTFELD: -- we will have a meeting after the show to discuss disciplinary procedures.

PERINO: $11.6 million.

GUTFELD: But here's the thing, to Donna's point, Jedediah, it's hard for leftist not to lecture us on words when -- they've said a lot of horrible things about conservatives going back to Reagan, going back -- however long. And so now we've got a guy that kind of fights back, and now suddenly, whoa.

BILA: Even on twitter. I mean, you had so many politicians on the left that wanted to destroy the Covington kids, and second one that set out to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. They've decided he was guilty. Try to ruin his whole career. So, even if you don't like Trump's twitter feed, I might get it, sometimes I look at it and I'm like, oh, man, Melania, take that away. I mean, I go through that, that range of emotion.

GUTFELD: I'm like that with your twitter.

BILA: But, yeah, I know that.


BRAZILE: It's not just the left attacking the right --

BILA: Yeah -- no, no, I agree.

GUTFELD: But nobody cared --


GUTFELD: But nobody cared until Trump.

BILA: The problem is you would have to ban so many people that you would have to ban the whole platform.


BRAZILE: But when you cross the line, when you re-tweet stuff that involves civil war? I mean, Adam Kinzinger -- did I pronounce that right?

GUTFELD: You did.

BRAZILE: You know, Greg is going to take me back to grammar school. I'm going to take him to a school that he's never been too, OK?

GUTFELD: Now I'm interested.

BRAZILE: Oh, yeah. Well, I got something -- I've always says --


BRAZILE: It's just that I'm sitting so close to Jesse I can't share it sometimes.


WATTERS: Here's the thing. Greg, in ancient Rome a lot of the rulers would ban the books of people whose ideas threaten their power. And then the Catholic Church would issue burke bans on some of the Copernicus novels and things like that because it threatens their --

GUTFELD: Copernicus novels.

WATTERS: Yes, because that threaten their ideology. And as you remember in 1440 when the printing press was invented --

GUTFELD: Steve Guttenberg.

WATTERS: Yes, throughout other Guttenberg, throughout Europe. But what this says is, Greg, throughout history, when the elites feel that their power is threatened by new ideas and new information, their instinct is to destroy. It is not to persuade. It's not to debate, it is to destroy. And that is what Kamala Harris is doing. And what all people on the left have been doing recently.

Look at Rudy Giuliani. They tried to keep him off air. Look what they did with Trump's twitter account. Look what they did with Ben Shapiro, who's about 5'3", least threatening guy in the world, he can't speak on a college campus right now because he's too threatening. This just shows how weak the left is and they can't persuade with ideas, and now they're trying to take away your vote and that's the most critical thing.

GUTFELD: A good point, though. It's true. It's like -- if they can't beat you on the turf, they just remove the turf.

WATTERS: Right. And there's an old saying, politics is a contact sport and people need to get tougher. Why are we all protecting all of our supporters from these harsh mean words from this monster in the closet?

PERINO: Is that from 1387?

BRAZILE: The President of the United States and words matter, that's why.

GUTFELD: Donna, I bet you LBJ was ten times worse, but there wasn't twitter, right?

BRAZILE: No, he used a tape recorder.


BRAZILE: I would go back to a tape recorder for Trump, too.

GUTFELD: Yes. All right. Coming up, 2020 Democrats take aim at the rich with new tax plans, but will it crash the economy? Yes.


BRAZILE: Aggressive 2020 candidates are calling for a massive change in the tax policies that would target the wealthy as a way to finance initiatives like Medicare for all, free college tuition. Here's what Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren are saying.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT: We are going to tell the billionaire class in this country that not only are they going to pay more in taxes, they're going to pay significantly more in taxes.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS.: When you make it so big that you're in the top one-tenth of one percent, pitch in 2 cents so everybody else has a chance to make it in this country.


BRAZILE: Two cents, that's all. But critics are saying such a move could wreak havoc on the U.S. economy. No, I just want to say this, income inequality has really grown to the highest level since 1967. It has surged right now so fast that only the top 0.1 percent controls a fifth of the nation's wealth. I also did some research. I had a little help, thank you. I know. See, I told you, you make me read more. I'm getting so studious. I don't know. I mean, I like myself later.

In 1999, Donald Trump who was not a candidate proposed a one-time net worth tax of 14.25 percent on people worth $10 million or more. Now, he proposes it as a way to pay down the debt. What Democrats are saying is that we have to level the playing field and that we should use whatever amount of money that will be gained through this wealth tax to help those who are still struggling to get by. That's the proposal, what do you think, Greg?

GUTFELD: If you want an end to inequality, embrace socialism, but you will also have no opportunity. So inequality rises and falls in the capitalistic economy because people move up and down the income brackets. Like -- I think I've probably been in seven different income brackets in the last 15 years. There were years when I was making nothing. That's how works in America. You can make $20,000 a year, suddenly you're making 200,000, and you could be in the top 5 percent and then fall out of that -- that's how it works. That's what inequality -- the inequality equation is faulty and wrong.

I would be for a Democrat, though. I would vote for a Democrat that would say let's make then take. Right now we've got Democrats that just say let's take. They have no idea -- they think that, like, the money for a safety net is like the tooth fairy money. It just shows up underneath your pillow. No, actually, you've got to work for it. You've got to create an economy for a safety net. So you've got to make before you take. Right now, Warren and Bernie, all that's on their head is take, take, take.

BRAZILE: Well, Senator Warren --

GUTFELD: They shake, shake, shake.

BRAZILE: Senator Warren, Jesse, said essentially that the trickle down economy is not working. Trumps tax cuts only benefit the wealthiest 2 percent, and she's calling for this two cents on whatever -- every dollar that a millionaire makes over 50 million, 3 percent on net worth above one billion. Why is that a problem?

WATTERS: Well, it's unconstitutionally. You can only tax income or transaction. You can't tax net worth. But here's the actual point of the segment, all right? You will always have rich people, you always have poor people, and you'll always have people in between. That's how it's always been. That's how it always will be.

But I think you can agree that it is the best place in the world, America to be rich, middle class or poor. I think we can establish that. OK.

And here's why. Because we have this free market, a system that is so beautiful that everybody that if they show a little gumption, some ingenuity, they can create wealth and goods and services for other people. And it's just this beautiful cycle of life where everybody's income slowly rises, and our standard of living goes up every single generation.

Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders want to destroy that great American experiment. I don't want to do that. I want to give it fuel and you know how do you give that fuel? You'll let people keep more of their money and that's what Trump did. But he gave the Democrats a little bit too much of an opening, because the tax cuts weren't big enough.

If you're an average family, four people, $75,000 a year, you only got an extra $2000 your own money back. That should have been an extra $10,000 of your own money back, because that's real money, because the government doesn't know how to spend it better than you do.

BRAZILE: Well, that's Jamie Diamond--

WATTERS: People know how to spend it.

BRAZILE: Jamie Diamond's point, the CEO of JPMorgan said Dana, essentially that if the government collected more in taxes, they will squander. Do you agree with that? PERINO: Well that's--

WATTERS: They do it every year.

PERINO: What they're saying is that the CEOs are getting paid too much money, the workers deserve more. So, we're going to tax the CEOs more. But actually, that money just goes to the government, it's not going to them.

Plus, I do think it's worth pointing out, unemployment at its lowest across the board, participation higher than it's been. And the medium household income is at now at a record that doesn't - and that means that as you have economic growth, you do have an increase in inequality because people are gaining more but that doesn't mean people aren't coming up from the bottom.

To JPMorgan's point though and everybody down here on Wall Street and out in Silicon Valley, we're going to play some sound here. Corporate America realizes that it is about to be under attack. They are trying to prepare for it. And when you have Mark Zuckerberg trying to take on Liz Warren before she even becomes the nominee, it's pretty interesting. Listen to what - this was a leaked audio of Mark Zuckerberg.


MARK ZUCKERBERG, FACEBOOK CEO: You have someone like Elizabeth Warren thinks that the right answer is to break up the companies, if she gets elected president then I would bet that we will have a legal challenge and I would bet that we will win the legal challenge.

We care about our country and want to work with our government and do good things. But look, at the end of the day, if someone's going to try to threaten something that existential, you go to the mat and you fight.


PERINO: What's interesting is he's talking about patriotism, right. This is an American company. Do you think China is over there thinking about destroying its own companies? Absolutely not. So, pick your fighters, Mark Zuckerberg or Elizabeth Warren. BILA: Yes, I mean the instinct should not be to bring the top down. The instinct should be to bring the bottom up and I say this as someone who is you know I'm nowhere near where they're - they're talking about people with net worth of $32 million to $50 million, some cases over $10 billion, which is you know I'm curious as to how the public will respond, because many in the public will view those people as so unrelatable like oh, they have so much money, it doesn't even matter.

But it's really the principle of, is it OK to steal from someone else to fund something that you want to fund. And if so, how much is it OK to steal, because we've lost sight of that. You're taking from one person and you're giving to another for a cause like a Medicare for All, which many people don't ban (ph).

BRAZILE: Well, look, I believe the rising inequality gap is a national emergency and living in poverty no matter what country is terrible. But let's now go to another topic, local California lawmakers call on the governor to take action on a growing homeless crisis.


PERINO: Grill up all those steaks in the fridge, because red meat is back baby. Yes, it's back. Public health officials warned us for years that it was bad for you causing heart disease and cancer. But now a new study refutes that cutting back actually has little impact on your health. Greg, I turn to you the former editor of Men's Health magazine, you knew this all along.

GUTFELD: I knew this all along and I've got to tell you, it angers me - whenever I see stories on nutrition, it's the biggest scam on Earth. Like nutrition advice and nutrition expertise. Never forget this, one of the biggest deadliest lies fed to America was the nutrition, the nutrition pyramid, remember that started. It came out in the 90s.

Basically, the bottom level was just the breadbasket, right. You just pile the carbs in and that went up, it was like - it was all protein at the top. In fact, at the top and now we realize that is B.S. because what did we see concurrently with the nutrition pyramid increases in obesity, increases in diabetes and explosion of obesity related diseases and especially among children.

So, right now what we're talking about is what we're seeing now is Atkins related diets. Paleo diets. Proteins and fats are the way to go. Of course, you don't want to like keep eating meat four times a day like I do. But I think that finally people are getting the news that it's actually--

PERINO: And that they can enjoy their food, Donna.


PERINO: They don't have to be always upset that like oh, my gosh, I'm eating a hamburger.

BRAZILE: Well you know, I don't get upset when I eat. I really enjoy cooking and I'm so disappointed that Jesse who was grilling all day didn't invite me over to help him out.

WATTERS: I marinated a rack of lamb with thyme and garlic and it's sitting right now in the refrigerator and now the grill area of the apartment is cordoned off for a private party. This is--

PERINO: It should give you a little notice.

WATTERS: Complaint about that. I sound like such a snob.

BRAZILE: You should rush home.

WATTERS: But I'm triggered.

BRAZILE: And quickly put it on the grill and you can save the day. But I think we need a second opinion. I love meat. Trust me when I was a little girl, my mother used to tell us when we went to the zoo, don't focus on the species. Think about the recipes. I love meat. However, I do believe the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Association may issue some other guidelines regarding this.

GUTFELD: They're liars.

WATTERS: There is so much fake news with food and I'll give you a perfect example. So, they said that meat was bad for all these years, remember. And there was a scientific consensus about that. Think about that phrase.

And then all of a sudden, scientists come along and say actually it's not true. It reminds me of global warming. But think about all the other things that they have--

PERINO: It happened with eggs--

WATTERS: It happened with eggs. How about carbs?

PERINO: Butter.

WATTERS: How about carbs? Remember carbs were really good. Then they were really bad. Now they're only good after you work out. Or what about fruit? Fruit is supposed to be good and healthy. Then it has too much sugar.

GUTFELD: Orange juice.

WATTERS: How many people do you see getting fat eating fruit or how about water?

GUTFELD: Orange juice gets everybody, orange juice.

WATTERS: Margarine then became the thing.


WATTERS: Now, butter is OK.

GUTFELD: Do people still use margarine?

PERINO: I need so much butter.

GUTFELD: I put butter on my butter.

WATTERS: I can't believe it's not butter.

BILA: You probably do.

PERINO: I put butter on my meat.

BILA: People do that, especially you put in the oven and mix taste. My mom used do that. I agree with you on the food pyramid. I always hated it. I got passionate about nutrition because I had physical ailments that I felt like I couldn't fix. And when I changed my diet around, I was able to fix it.

What I don't like about this study is that they group too much stuff together. You can't group processed meat and unprocessed meat in the same category.


BILA: Because it's - one is, much I mean if you go and you get grass fed organic beef from a place and you eat that, you cook up a steak in your house and you eat it. That's very different from getting something, heavily processed.

PERINO: Are you saying that the scientist didn't get it right here.

BILA: I'm saying the scientist didn't get it right.

PERINO: Because to me, they're just saying that if you process the meat, it's the same. BILA: It's not the same. They did not get it right. They also didn't get it right on where the meat comes from like it does matter. If you're eating a cow, you're also eating what that cow eats. So, you have to take all that into - you have to take it into account where it's cooked. If you barbecue something, it's not as healthy as--

GUTFELD: The cow ate a pig.

BILA: Put it in your oven. Right. But like see this is why you're right though, there is so much nonsense out there--

WATTERS: Free goods.

BRAZILE: I learned so much when I sit with “The Five.”


GUTFELD: If pig, I'd have my breakfast and lunch in the same meal.

PERINO: The pig also ate some asparagus, then you would have like go home meal.

GUTFELD: But my pee would smell. I hate asparagus.


GUTFELD: It's true. The green beans are fine. I disagree with you processed meat. It's fine.

PERINO: It's totally fine. All right. The viral video, the world can't stop talking about, even the President tweeted about it. This out of control airline beverage cart up next.


BILA: Welcome back. Everybody on the planet can't stop talking about this next video of an out of control catering cart spinning like crazy at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Look at that thing go. It nearly hit the nose of a parked airplane until a quick-thinking worker stepped in and put a stop to the madness at the last second. All of this because a case of water bottles got stuck on the gas pedal.

The incident even capturing the attention of President Trump. OK. So, if you saw this video, it was absolutely insane. Apparently, the accelerator got stuck. Would you be the guy that hung out on the sidelines or would you be the one that raced in and put a stop to this.

GUTFELD: Well, I certainly wouldn't be the guy that holds my phone when I'm filming it. I would have done this, you jerk. But it reminds me of Dana on the dance floor where they cut her off.

PERINO: Dancing with the Stars, I am not.

BRAZILE: This is why I'm against self-driving cars. I want to always keep - I'm a control person.

PERINO: Me too.

WATTERS: Those are fighting words.

BRAZILE: What? What's wrong?

WATTERS: He's a big self-driving car guy. This is Exhibit A.

GUTFELD: You can drink more wine.

BRAZILE: I never thought about that.


BILA: This is why your robots are unhealthy for the planet. Do you see what can happen, do you not see?

GUTFELD: That's not a robot's fault. A human made that mistake.

BILA: But can you think if that was a self-driving--

GUTFELD: It wouldn't have happened.

PERINO: Yes, because the robot would have recognized something was wrong and they would have stopped.

GUTFELD: Yes. Thank you very much.

PERINO: Also, I think it's amazing that there was only a 10-minute delay in departure for the plane. I mean that's incredible.

WATTERS: Always siding with the airlines.

PERINO: Trying to get an upgrade.

BRAZILE: She's trying to get that upgrade.

WATTERS: I had a question about these carts because you know you're ever sleeping in an aisle seat and you have your long legs that stick out into the aisle.

PERINO: Never happened.

GUTFELD: I've had that problem.

WATTERS: All right, I'll talk to this side of the table. And the stewardess rams your kneecap with the--


WATTERS: Right. Like what is the move there, you can get mad right like--

PERINO: No, put your knees inside, what are you doing--

WATTERS: What do you mean, knees inside. You don't have any leg room.

BRAZILE: Why are you trying to stretch out on the plane, baby?

WATTERS: I have long legs, baby.

BILA: So, how does that relate to the cart. I'm trying to figure out.

WATTERS: No, because it is a food service car. I mean they're just as dangerous on the tarmac as they are inside the plane.

BILA: Yes. This is the kind of thing that you would only see though--

WATTERS: That hero.

BILA: In this day and age--

WATTERS: We needed that woman when Bill Clinton and what's her neighbor getting together on the tarmac, just Bill right out of there before he started from. Loretta (ph).

GUTFELD: Loretta.

BILA: Oh, God, help us all. All right. We have one more story and this one is for Jesse apparently. According to the survey more than a quarter of U.S. adults admit they have not read a book in the past year. Oh, look at that. Jesse is reading.

WATTERS: What was that? I'm sorry.

BILA: He is very busy reading.

WATTERS: I didn't hear what the conversation was. Just do not disturb, by Jedediah Bila.

BILA: It's very good.

WATTERS: I was trying to get a Gutfeld monologue sold out. Can't get them anywhere.

BILA: Thanks.

WATTERS: It's just right here in the front.

GUTFELD: It's now in paperback. So, I could probably score you one or two.

WATTERS: Yes. Just get me a signed copy please.


BRAZILE: My book is now coming out in paperback. What about you? You're writing something?

PERINO: No, I have no plans at the moment. No.

BILA: Do you think people are reading less in general or are they just reading because they're on social media, they're reading articles all day long and so they don't go to a book--

WATTERS: They're reading less compared to Dana.

BILA: Everyone is.

WATTERS: Everyone is.

PERINO: It's interesting because I have read studies that say that millennials are actually reading more than before. So, there's that. Also, library cards are up across the country, because the millennials are frugal--

WATTERS: Or broke.

PERINO: Trying to save some money. But I think there's just so - there's so many ways to get information out, whether you're listening to podcasts, watching all whatever Fox News show that you watch.

GUTFELD: Or on Fox Nation.

PERINO: Yes. Fox Nation. You can get that streaming service. I don't know what people are doing. Books are so good. I just read one called Exit West. I finish it on one weekend. If anybody has read that, please send me a note, because no one else I know has read it and I've got to talk about it with somebody. The fight of refugees.

BRAZILE: I'm rereading Toni Morrison's books and I'm having the best of times.

PERINO: You just read a book?


PERINO: Douglas Murray.

GUTFELD: Oh! Yes. What's it called.


GUTFELD: Madness of Crowds. It's a great book. I interviewed - I read so many books and I write so many--


GUTFELD: I am writing a book right now, a self-help book, which will--

PERINO: That's not a joke.

GUTFELD: Will change the world. I believe this book will change the world.

BILA: Do you still read old hardcover books that--

GUTFELD: Yes. I don't like - I don't have - what you call it?

PERINO: Kindle.

GUTFELD: I don't have a Kindle.

PERINO: You know you can get a Kindle app for your phone?

GUTFELD: I don't care anymore, Dana. I like books. I like to hold it in my hand. It's funny when you read a book you do feel like there's a stream of activity that you're missing. That's because of this.

PERINO: Check your phone.

GUTFELD: So, you're like sitting here, reading, you're going to like, I've been reading for 20 minutes, what happened in the last 20, it was like when you were young and lived in New York. And if you stayed at home you thought you were missing out on life. That's what--


GUTFELD: That's what social media has done to us.


BILA: Yes.

GUTFELD: I think we're missing something, but we're not Jedediah.

PERINO: Read a book.

BRAZILE: Read a book.

GUTFELD: Read the Bible.

BILA: People at home.

GUTFELD: Read about the Unspeakable Truth, it is my first book.

BILA: One More Thing is coming up next.


WATTERS: Time now for One More Thing. All right. Remember last week we brought you the story of the crazy Eagles fan, Rob Dunphy. He's got all the tattoos all over his body. Philly fanatic in the belly buttonhole. Well, I have an update on that One More Thing. And here we go. Look at these guys, our friends in the morning down in Philly FOX 29. That's Mike Jarrett, I believe and they're talking about maybe taking a body shot out of his fanatic belly button.

GUTFELD: We're not showing this, are we? I don't want to see this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would give you six months' pay.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want a straw.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Shot, shot, shot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you do a belly shot right now. If I've got to have to do it--


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Here we go. That's not going to happen.


WATTERS: He didn't do it. All right. I guess--

BILA: That's a good one.

WATTERS: There are standings out there.

GUTFELD: That is the most disgusting--

WATTERS: Some things we won't do.

BRAZILE: Oh! My God. I'm going to stick with the saints.

WATTERS: All right. Greg Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: No. Is it me? Oh, here. Greg's guinea pigs on Zam pony's news. This doesn't come up very often. It's only three or four times a year. Let's go to the tape. I believe this is in Canada. Here we have some guinea pigs on a little mini Zamboni making their way across the ice. I believe it's called it's ice in hockey, not much on hockey.

PERINO: It's called turf.

GUTFELD: It's called turf. Yes, on the ground. I don't know how this - I think the winner ends up not getting eaten is the way this works.

BILA: Who made the little Zambonis.

GUTFELD: I don't know, but I can watch this for days, but I won't.

BILA: Me too.

GUTFELD: Stop there now.

WATTERS: Yes. Thank you.

BRAZILE: You know what Greg; you need another hobby. Really, I mean I need to help you, after you read the Bible of course. Well, it is a special day for Jimmy Carter. Happy birthday Mr. President Jimmy Carter. Mr. President turns 95 years old. You know that was my first campaign back in 1976, I was still a young thing back then.

Anyway, President Carter and Mrs. Rosalyn Carter intends to celebrate by going to the volunteer state and they're going to guess what ladies and gentlemen build another house. As you know, the President's very, very involved in Habitat for Humanity, so just want to say Happy Birthday Mr. President and thank you for your service.

GUTFELD: 95. Oldest president in history.

WATTERS: Amazing, right.

BRAZILE: That is a great, great.

WATTERS: All right. Jedediah.

BILA: OK. So, there's a new app that I love. It's called Animojis and it's an app that places your voice on a cute animal. Take a listen to this.


WATTERS: OK. Animojis.

BILA: It's cute. So now what people are doing is they're putting their kids. Those are kids. So, it's not adults.


BILA: They're putting their kids voices on this. Katy Perry got involved. Everyone is getting involved.

GUTFELD: It's gross.

BILA: Why is it gross?

GUTFELD: So, you're saying those are cuter than your kids, your kids must be really ugly.

BILA: Well, you don't think it's cute to listen to the little kid's voice and see a picture.

GUTFELD: No, that means you don't like your children. If you need to do that.

BILA: You're very grumpy.

BRAZILE: That's the greatest compliment.

GUTFELD: To have a masquerade as an emoji?

BRAZILE: No, I just think that's a sign of love. I would do that.

GUTFELD: I think that's a hate crime.

WATTERS: OK. Those are guinea pig emojis, do something.

BILA: So bad.

PERINO: All right. So, if you are tired of impeachment, I've got something else for you to watch it. This is the kickoff of cat my national parks fat bear week. OK. So, this is what they do. The bears have been eating it up and they're getting ready to go into hibernation. So, the park has this bear bracket and it will be live streaming the bears. And you can vote on who will emerge the plumpest of these bears.

They do these 3D scans and then they'll let you know on Tuesday October 8 is called Fat Bear Tuesday. And if you go to hashtag fat bear week and hashtag bear cam on Twitter for updates on the bears. And we will let you know who the fattest bear is.



GUTFELD: Was this directed at somebody we know?


GUTFELD: Oh, really.

WATTERS: You can put money on this or is this just a--

PERINO: Sure, you can gamble.

WATTERS: Yes, it's like the NCAA.

PERINO: Yes, sure. Especially in California, you can just donate to the bears directly.


GUTFELD: I know a few fat bears.

WATTERS: Did you Greg?

GUTFELD: Yes, well they live on my floor.


BILA: Oh, boy.

WATTERS: All right. No one wants to know about your apartment. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report," up next.

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