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JAMIE COLBY, GUEST HOST: What new leads do police have tonight in the hunt for Jennifer Kesse? You remember this case? Jennifer, the beautiful and always smiling financial analyst, she disappeared 16 months ago. She'd just returned from a Caribbean cruise with her boyfriend. Then she didn't show up at work. Police found her Chevy Malibu nearby her house, and surveillance video showed somebody near her car. Last week, Orlando police released more surveillance video, and they're hoping for some new tips, which they're getting.

Jennifer's parents, Drew and Joyce Kesse, join us from Orlando. And Jennifer's boyfriend, Rob Allen, is joining us from Fort Lauderdale. It is good to see all of you. We want to continue to talk about Jennifer because, you know, Drew, these new pictures are so much more clear than the original video. Are they bringing in the new tips?

DREW KESSE, MISSING WOMAN'S FATHER: Yes, they are. It is definitely working. In fact, the first day, last Thursday, when we came out with it, there was 50 new tips that today alone. And we continue to get tips in a very strong way to this day.

COLBY: Now, Joyce, Drew was quoted as saying that Jennifer was not the last person to drive that car. Is that the case? And how do you know?

JOYCE KESSE, MISSING WOMAN'S MOTHER: Because of the video that has just been released. It actually...

COLBY: Tell me what it shows.

JOYCE KESSE: It shows the person of interest actually pulling into a parking spot, backing out, pulling in, as if they were meticulously trying to park the car, and then that person exiting the car. And then the previous photos that had been released of the person of interest now obviously indicate that that person is a suspect as being the driver of the car and having dropped it off at the Huntington on the Greens condominium complex.

COLBY: And Joyce, this is the first time that police are calling this person, who was previously just of interest, a suspect. Rob, I wanted to ask you. I know how difficult this is. I know you've been spending time with the Kesses, and you just lost your dad, as well. How are you all remaining optimistic?

RON ALLEN, JENNIFER KESSE'S BOYFRIEND: I think that's all we can do, I think, for Jennifer. I, mean, the family and her friends remain positive, and we just hope that, you know, the miracle that we're asking for will happen.

COLBY: Joyce, if the person out there -- and this does happen sometimes -- that knows where Jennifer is or knows a critical, you know, tip that they could call in, if they were watching right now, tell me -- look into the camera and tell me what you would want to say to them.

JOYCE KESSE: I would actually just beg them to please find it within their heart to contact a member of the clergy, the police, the media, a lawyer, and for the love of God, for the love of Jen, let her come home.

COLBY: Drew, tell me about the reward.

DREW KESSE: The reward is now $1 million for Jennifer's safe return, and that is good until July 4th of this year. We still do have a $10,000 reward for the suspect, information leading to him. An then also there still is a $15,000 reward from Crimeline (ph) for information leading to Jennifer. But the million dollars is for her safe return.

COLBY: Well, meeting your wonderful family, hearing your story and your optimism and knowing police are not giving up, if that isn't incentive alone for people to call. If you have any information, we've given you the number, please call and bring Jennifer Kesse home. Thanks to all of you.

DREW KESSE: Than you, Jamie.

JOYCE KESSE: Jamie, thank you.

ALLEN: Thank you.

COLBY: Good luck.

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