The internet was seemingly split Tuesday when a circulating audio clip asked listeners to choose: Do they hear "Yanny?" Or "Laurel?"

Twitter user Cloe Feldman posted the clip online Monday night. It's a recording of a computerized voice saying one of the two names.

And, in the words of Houston Texan JJ Watt, "Yanny vs. Laurel is starting some real fights," as social media users continue to debate which name they heard.

"My wife heard yanny. I hear laurel," wrote Ryan Switzer. "How is it possible that people can hear one word or the other? What’s the science behind that?"

"If you hear Yanny and not Laurel I don't trust you," user Quincy Quarter-Zips tweeted.

"HOW DOES ANYONE HEAR LAUREL ITS YANNY," Twitter user zaynilla added.

Sports writer Ted Berg wrote "there's no way anyone could hear that as Yanny," and "anyone who says they do is lying for shock value."

Any while most listeners were divided on if they heard "Yanny" or "Laurel," some people said they heard both after multiple listens.

"Watched this for 5 min and heard yanny...watched it 5 min later and I hear laurel. This is a case for the FBI," one Twitter user wrote.

David Monahan said the audio clip "was Yanny when I listened on my computer and Laurel on my phone..."

The debate rings similar to that of "the dress" from the early months of 2015. Some people saw a gold and white striped dress in a now viral photo, while others saw the colors blue and black.