XCom Global Offers $1 Nexus 7, $2 Nexus 10 Rentals for International Travelers

Every ounce counts when you're traveling abroad; unless you've got an Ultrabook, lugging a laptop around France's wine country can get pretty tiresome, pretty fast. Some Internet tasks just don't translate well to the small screen of a smartphone, though. What's an iPad-less traveler supposed to do?

XCom Global, a leading provider of international mobile broadband access, just introduced a pretty cheap, pretty compelling answer; the company now offers Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablet rentals at the cost of $1 or $2 per day, respectively.

There is a string attached, of course. The offer only stands if you're renting a MiFi hotspot from the company, which costs $14.99 per day and supplies an unlimited 3G data connection. Many international travelers already turn to XCom Global for its flat-rate, roaming charge-free data, however, so the MiFi may not seem like an extra charge -- and it serves up a lifeline to the Internet no matter where you and your rented Nexus may roam. (Assuming your destination supports XCom Global's 3G network, of course.)

We examined XCom Global and competing mobile data options earlier this year while visiting Barcelona for the annual Mobile World Conference. The experience wasn't completely perfect, but we found the MiFi device indispensable nonetheless.

Book your Nexus early if you plan on taking a trip, though. XCom's renting them out on a first come, first serve basis.