Which TVs are best for watching the Super Bowl?

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From 4k to OLED to your tablet, the choices for how you watch the Super Bowl are abundant and the decision on what to choose can be challenging.

Fox News’ Adam Housley spoke to Jeffrey Clark, the resident television expert at h. h. gregg, a national electronics retailer about the technology behind the newest TVs.

4K TV has taken center stage since its unveiling at the International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.  This TV has four times the pixels as the 1080p TV, and has a higher resolution. This allows viewers to sit closer to a large TV and see much more detail. Prices remain well in the thousands but Clark says the TVs should become more affordable in the months ahead.

“When it comes to size, great thing about the [latest] technology is you can get a lot bigger television in a small area,” said Clark. “It gives you a better experience.”

Another product hitting store shelves is the OLED TV. This type of technology is made of organic material, allowing for the thinnest and lightest TV you can buy. The curved display better immerses the viewer in the picture, according to  Clark. OLED TVs currently retail in the thousands.

When it comes to choosing a TV, Clark says find one that “best fits your lifestyle.”

While today’s televisions have a wide range of high-tech features, picture quality and size remain the deciding factors, according to Clark.

Some football fans without a TV subscription have another way to watch the big game this year: The Super Bowl can be viewed via the free Fox Sports Go app.

“Streaming capabilities are getting better and better … you can watch the game and not have to be in front of a television,” said Clark.