Website calculates how many times you will see parents before they die

A startling new website tells users how many times they are likely to see their parents before they die.

The website See Your Folks, uses 2011 life expectancy data from the World Health Organization to give users an idea of how much time they have left with their parents - and hopefully, bring families closer together.

"We believe that increasing awareness of death can help us to make the most of our lives," the website says.

"The right kind of reminders can help us focus on what matters, and perhaps make us better people."

According to See Your Folks, an American who visits his or her 65-year-old parents four times a year can expect to see their mom and dad 56 times before they die. In the UK, that person would see their parents another 68 times, while an Australian would pop home another 68 times.

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In contrast, a person from Afghanistan who sees their 65-year-old parents four times a year is lucky - the calculator shows their parents have already outlived their life expectancy in the war-torn country by five years.

An American with 80-year-old parents who visits four times a year better cherish their time together, as they will only see their folks one more time, according to the website.