Vizio 10-inch Tablet Hands-on: First With Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU

Less than 24 hours after Nvidia announced its new Tegra 4 processor--which promises twice the performance of the Nexus 10--Vizio showed off a prototype 10-inch tablet using that chip, the first we've seen here at CES 2013.

While Vizio only had an engineering sample--the ports and final design have yet to be finished--the company did show off the tablet's crisp 10-inch 2560 x 1600-pixel display, the same resolution as that on the Nexus 10, and higher than that of the iPad with Retina Display (2048 x 1536). Just as impressive was the tablet's weight, which felt quite airy; we estimate it at just over a pound.

When the tablet comes to market--which is still unknown, as is the price--it will also come with 32GB of onboard memory, microHDMI, and microUSB ports. THe tablet will also have NFC, and a 5MP and a 1.3MP camera. The demo unit we saw was running a stock version of Jelly Bean--like its notebooks, Vizio is committed to delivering clean installs of operating systems--but the company said that it would be ready for Key Lime Pie, or whatever is the latest Android OS when the tablet ships.