Viewsonic VCD22 Android Smart Display Fingers-On: An Ice Cream Sandwich All-in-One

Here at Computex Taipei, Windows 8-based tablets seem to be all the rage, but just as Windows is going mobile, Android may be going stationary. Today, Viewsonic showed off the VCD22 Android Smart Display, a 22-inch, full HD screen that runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with a dual-core, 1-GHz  TI OMAP 4428 CPU. Even

Though it will not come with a keyboard and mouse, the Viewsonic VCD22 is effectively an All-in-One Android computer that Viewsonic envisions selling to many different types of target user. Families can use it as a home PC for the kids or as an Internet appliance for looking things up. Schools can use it in the classroom, running a variety of educational apps. Retailers can employ it as a kiosk in the store to help shoppers pick out the right sized dress.

With an estimated MSRP around $479, the VCD22 Smart Display is infinitely affordable when compared to the cost of a typical all-in-one PC. The 1920 x 1080 screen allows for two-point capacitive touch while three USB ports on the right side allow users to attach peripherals like keyboards, mice or external storage devices.

Packed with plenty of ports, the device also has Ethernet, 3.5mm, HDMI and SD card slots. If you're far from the router 802.11n Wi-Fi can connect you to the Internet while Bluetooth 2.1 helps you connect a headset. A 1.2-MP front-facing cam allows for video chats.

We had a chance to watch a Viewsonic rep provide a brief demo of the device and were impressed with its ability to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to this form factor. Gestures appeared smooth and software, such as an educational game, loaded and ran quickly.

The version of Android 4.0 that was loaded on the system had few tweaks, apart from Viewsonic wallpaper. However, a Viewsonic rep said the company is still working on a final build of the software. We're not sure if that means the company will make any substantive tweaks to the UI before launch or not, but based on Viewsonic's tablets, we doubt there will be a custom skin.

We look forward to testing out the VCD22 further when it becomes available in the second half of this year.