Unsend email, TV fire hazards, scouring Apple TV+ and more: Tech Q&A

Unsend Email

Q: I emailed my husband that I wanted his very annoying mother to stay in a hotel and not with us over the holidays. But, I sent that email to my mother-in-law on accident! What a nightmare! Is there a way to unsend email using Gmail?

A: You may be able to prevent this kind of blunder in the future. Gmail offers "Undo Send," a feature that lets you stop an email after you hit "send." In theory, this is a convenient tool, except that "Undo Send" only gives you five seconds to reconsider before your time is up and the email is fully transmitted. So what happens if you're prone to sending provocative emails before you've thought them through? Change the settings so that “Undo Send” gives you more time to amend your mistake. You can give yourself up to 30 seconds to waffle and then terminate the message. Tap or click here to learn exactly how to unsend email using Gmail.

How to Enjoy AppleTV+

Q: I signed up for AppleTV+. I don’t see anything worth watching other than ‘The Morning Show’ with Jennifer Aniston. What am I missing? It’s nothing compared to Disney+.

A: What a season for streaming TV! First, Disney+ sent shockwaves through the entertainment world, releasing hundreds of movies and TV series, much of it hard-to-find classics and original material. Then there was Apple TV+, which – well, didn’t quite make the same impression. But Apple TV+ has some real merits, starting with its price point. It’s the cheapest major streaming service on the market right now, at $4.99 per month. The Apple library is nothing to sneeze at, and they hit the ground running with several original series featuring big names, including documentaries by Oprah Winfrey. Apple TV+ may not have the same immediate, earth-shattering impact as Disney+, but remember how many people were skeptical about the iPad when it first came out. Tap or click here for AppleTV+ tips and tricks.

Read My Newsletter

Q: I love your straightforward answers and advice! Rather than checking Komando.com for new tips and I’m not a big social media news junkie, do you send out links in free newsletters?

A: So glad you're enjoying the website, and I'm even more glad that you're interested in my newsletters. What's great about my newsletters is that they are divided into specific topics, so you can pick and choose what you want to read about, and the newsletters will guide you to precisely the desired content. Depending on which newsletter you sign up for, you will receive them at different intervals, either once a week or daily. Here you can find out the latest in Tech Tips, Online Finds, Small-Biz Tips, and numerous other topics. One of the most critical newsletters is Fraud & Security Alerts, which you will only receive when a significant danger is afoot, such as a widespread virus, data breach or phishing scheme. I’ll send out the most up-to-date information about how to protect yourself and assess for damage. You can cancel at any time, but I doubt you will; after all, 3.6 million subscribers can’t be wrong. Tap or click here to subscribe to my newsletters.

TVs and Hearths

Q: My wife and I are arguing about a topic that we trust you have the right answer. Is it OK to mount a new TV over a fireplace? A month's worth of back rubs is riding on your answer.

A: I'm so glad you asked this question because NO, DO NOT MOUNT YOUR TV OVER A FIREPLACE. I don't mean to shout, but this is a perilous mistake, and people make it all the time. First off, heat rises, which means that the heat from your hearth may melt the hardware inside your TV. Worse, there's a remote possibility that the TV can catch fire, and once there's a flame shooting up the wall, you could very well burn down your entire house. I understand the temptation, of course; the fireplace is a timeless center of attention, and the TV serves much the same purpose. Why not put these things together? As it happens, there are many other considerations – perhaps not as destructive – that TV owners often overlook, such as the height of the TV's placement and the effects of ambient light. Tap or click here to find out where to mount your TV.

Find Coupons Online

Q: Is there a trick to finding coupons and promo codes online? Sometimes I find them. Other times, it’s a waste of time. Help me save money!

A: Coupons are so much easier than the used to be, back in the days of paper circulars and pairs of scissors. At the same time, though, digital coupons can be hard to track down; unlike picking up a newspaper and scanning the page for a dotted line, you may spend hours browsing websites for a relevant deal. Luckily, there's Honey, a browser extension that helps you quickly search for discounts and BOGOS that might interest you, and it works for multiple browsers. More interesting still, Honey is designed to keep track of fluctuating prices, much the way that, say, Google Flights will alert you to changing fares. This way, you don't have to continually refresh a given website in the hopes that the price will drop; you can wait for Honey to let you know. The service has become even more powerful since Paypal acquired it. Tap or click here to learn more about the Honey browser extension.

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