Toshiba Unveils Three Windows 8 Notebook Concepts

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Reflecting the uncertainty over the most popular way consumers will interact with Windows 8's touch-centric interface, Toshiba announced three Windows 8 notebooks, ranging from the traditional to the somewhat unorthodox.

The first is a traditional clamshell laptop that looks much like its just-announced Satellite U845 Ultrabook. The second is a tablet that docks into a keyboard, much like the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC, the Acer W510, and the ASUS Transformer Prime. The third is a slider design, which we've also seen in the MSI S20 and the ASUS Eee Pad Slider SL101.

Not much else is known about these products, such as release date or internal specs, but it'll be interesting to see which of these concepts resonate the most with consumers.

When it comes to touchscreen devices, which do you like best?