Toshiba 7.7-inch Tegra 3 Tablet Appears, Slashes Zombies in Vibrant AMOLED Color

Toshiba has yet to announce that it's coming out with a 7,7-inch, quad-core Tegra 3 tablet, but that didn't stop the company from displaying a very intriguing demo unit at Nvidia's Mobile World Congress booth. We had the opportunity to hands-on with as-yet unnamed Android 4.0 slate and came away impressed with its brilliant 1280 x 800 AMOLED display, superthin design, and ability to play high-res games with great aplomb.

As we approached its display table, the first thing we noticed about the Toshiba 7.7-inch Tegra 3 tablet was just how vibrant the default Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper with its multicolored stripes appeared. Because the display is only 7.7-inches, the 1280 x 800 pixels give it a 196 PPI, much sharper than the 150.4 PPI that 10-inch competitors with the same resolution offer. The glossy glass on top of the panel helped the colors pop, but also produced some serious glare, forcing us to move the tablet around a lot while filming to avoid getting light spots in our footage.

The Toshiba 7.7-inch tablet's design aesthetic is nothing like those of its bulky Thrive line. The device has rounded edges, a super glossy screen, and chrome accents that reminded us of the Pantech Element. A silver textured back could looked more like an Acer or ASUS aesthetic. Perhaps the most startling difference between this device and the Thrive 7 is its thinness. Where both the Thrive 7-inch and original 10-inch Thrive were heavy and chunky, this new design is extremely light. Exact weight and measurements were not available.

With its quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, the Toshiba 7.7-inch tablet is a lot more than a pretty face. The demo unit had a recent beta version of Bladeslinger, an upcoming first-person action game  where you control a cowboy who has to fight a hoard of deadly zombies, usually with knives. Images of the cowboy, the environment around him, and the zombies were crisp and highly-detailed.

There's no word yet on pricing, availability, or even a name for this Toshiba 7.7-inch tablet, but we really like what we've seen and hope to see this product in a final form.