Small in size, big in impact. We’ve curated more than a dozen amazing gifts that are all small enough to fit inside a Christmas stocking but are massive on gift enjoyment.

Whether its hunting, travel, adventure, camping, gadgets, fitness or a wide range of other interests, there are lots of different options for all budgets.

Why give someone an ordinary wallet, when you can knock their socks off with a wallet designed for the derring-do of smokejumpers? Why gift someone a standard multi-tool, when you can gift them one that fits inside a pistol grip?

How about cigar cases made from WWII ammo cans?  Or something holiday-mission worthy like YETI rough and tumble tumblers to take the mulled wine festivities on the move?

And this year, we’ve added some top picks for the family pet’s stocking too.

Our 2018 gift guide is jam-packed with tactical twists on classic Christmas presents that will make you a shoo-in for gift-giving MVP this year.


Mossy Oak Smokejumper wallet.

Smokejumpers are modern day, real-life American superheroes. They courageously jump into remote areas to combat wildfires – terrifying, powerful forces of nature – to keep our families and homes safe, and to save our beautiful American wilderness.

Designed with guidance from these brave firefighters, the Filson Smokejumper wallets are ideal for men and women with active lifestyles – and anyone who can appreciate an extremely cool wallet. Practical and robust enough to withstand the life and work of a smokejumper, yet stylish enough to ride along on date night. This is a wow factor wallet that will have your gift-recipient’s friends putting the wallet on their list for Santa next year.

Mossy Oak and Shadow Grass available for $65.  Also available in dark tan and otter green.


Bridle Leather Tri-Fold Wallet (Filson)

This is the wallet for the guy or gal who would have crushed it in the Wild West. Timeless style, quality that will last generations and engineered with craftsmanship that speaks volumes about the fine character of the person who carries it. Made from bridle leather…need I say more? It can withstand the rough journey of Gold Rush-type expeditions and still look fantastic.

Incredible value available at $135 in brown or tan leather.


Short Stack (Gerber Gear)

Like the smokejumper Wallet, this is another “low-profile” action man or woman gift.

Not only can this remarkable multi-tool fit inside a Christmas stocking, but it can also fit inside a pistol grip. With 15 different options, it puts all the key tools for field cleaning and maintaining a weapon literally in the hand of your gift recipient. The three-piece design fits inside the Magpul MOE and MIAD pistol grips.

From a Front Sight Adjustment Tool and Firing Pin Scraper through to a 7mm Wrench for M-LOK Fasteners, this lightweight revolutionary device has it all.

Available for $47.


Griptillian knife (Benchmade)

The Griptillian is an ideal all-rounder knife handy for every day, outdoor stuff and for professional tactical purposes. A knife is always a very popular gift every year, but it can be daunting to find the right one. Here’s the solution. Benchmade makes this knife in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors so you can truly customize for the person you are gifting. You can select the blade edge, shape, finish and steel to make it truly special. You can also further personalize with a custom laser marking.

The special texture makes them well suited for all sorts of weather and prevents slippage. Two of the many additional stand-out features include manual action with easy one-handed opening and the excellent lock that keeps the blade perfectly stable.

Available for $120.



Surefire Stilleto (Surefire)

Stumped on a wow-factor gadget gift? Got someone who loves the outdoors, but seems to have everything already? Here’s the solution – the Stiletto. This is a “Mission Impossible” team worthy gift that will be handy whether the person is a homemaker or outside all day on a range.

This gift is a quick-draw, blast of incredibly advanced tech designed for elite commandos. Even though it is tiny and a mere few ounces so it fits low profile in any pocket or handbag, the slim Stiletto can be drawn and activated within moments.

For daily purposes, this is an incredibly practical, best-in-class rechargeable, high-output handheld flashlight that will be handy for times like finding house keys buried in a handbag at night. For the hunters and outdoor folk, this is super handy for absolutely anything at night in the American wilderness.

But if danger strikes, this little fella will blast a whopping 650 lumens to scare off threats. Different beams can be selected like a wide flood beam fantastic for situational awareness for someone walking back to their car late at night through to the tactical switch activating high output for tactical professionals at work.

The Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum head assembly is corrosion resistant and durable. The smart clip will keep it secure in pockets and readily findable in handbags.

This is a fantastic gift for kids and adults, helping to keep them both safe and well-equipped to safely enjoy the outdoors.

Available for $109.


YETI wine glass (YETI)

Wine and off-roading are not too things that ordinarily go together. The new YETI 10 oz. Wine Tumblers are an awesome gift for folks who enjoy wine and love the outdoors. Armed with this shatter-proof YETI, your gift recipient can enjoy wine deep in the wilderness.

Made with stainless steel and a DuraCoat color, the tumblers have highly insulated interiors that will keep the wine’s temperature way longer than typical wine glasses. The brick red is a fun choice for festivities this season and they also come in several other colors.

Each tumbler is $24.99, available in 2 packs for $49.99.



Survivor Dry Box travel cigar humidor (Ammodor)

If weapons have their own Pelican carry cases, then surely cigars deserve their own too.

For the cigar lover, the Survivor Dry Box travel cigar humidor by MTM Case-Gard is designed for extreme environments and is an awesome gift.

Water resistant, this cigar case even floats - should it end up accidentally overboard on a mission out fishing, kayaking or boating with friends.

There’s even a compass and signaling mirror incorporated.

The small version holds 5 cigars in a custom cut foam tray ($95) and the large size holds 10 cigars in two ($117) .

Available in Forest Green or Orange.


The canteen (Sportmans Guide)

Selecting something from military surplus can be a fun surprise in a stocking. A U.S. military issue canteen is a twist on the classic flask gift. This stocking stuffer comes with its own little fleece-lined cover with a handy pocket. The gift incorporates ALICE clips for belt or pack hookup.

Available for $5.99.


Gifts for travel seem to always be so expensive. Here’s an ideal solution - gigantic utility packed into such a small price point.

Thule is renowned for their elite commando worthy luggage design, but they also make things in smaller sizes that fit in stockings.

There are three different sizes in the Power Shuttle family and all leverage the robust, excellent materials and outstanding design expertise. They all organize chargers, cords and accessories in a super smart way. You can even charge devices while on the move by using the covert pass-through.

Anyone who loves to travel has to travel for work or loves gadgets…they will love this gift and use it all the time.

The Mini is available for $19.95, the PowerShuttle for $24.95 and the Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Plus for $29.95.



Does your pet have a Christmas stocking? The QALO Dog ID Tag and YETI dog bowl are two top picks.

The popularity of the QALO rings just continues to explode. Now you can hook your pet up with a personalized QALO for Christmas too. You can personalize a dog tag choosing from many different styles and shapes. Made of silicone, this is a great choice for your pet’s stocking stuffer and one that is kid friendly as well.

Available for $19.96

The Boomer YETI Dog Bowl means your pet can now join the rest of the family in rocking their YETIs.  This great Christmas gift will provide all the same fantastic YETI features your YETIs do from being incredibly durable and easy to clean through to the stylish look. It can hold eight cups of water or food and can be thrown in the dishwasher.

Available in Brick Red, Sea Foam and Black for $49.99.