TI DLP Unveils Infotainment System with Curved Display, HUD

Texas Instrument DLP wants to make your car the center of your mobile tech world with its new infotainment offering. The system, the first by TI DLP, includes an augmented reality heads-up display, digital dashboard and incredible curved center console with context sensitive physical controls.

The biggest draw of TI DLP's new system, which will be available to various OEM partners, is its resizable, full-color HUD. Using the HUD, a driver will be able to see navigation instructions, real-time landmark information and safety instructions, all displayed on their vehicle's windshield.

TI DLP's new in-dash multitouch display is shaping up to be one of the most advanced on the market. TI says OEMs will be able to shape and size the display to their liking, meaning you're future car could have a nicely curved display. Integrated context sensitive physical dials situated directly on top of the display change what you control depending on what menu you access.

For example, if you switch to the radio, the dials will control the radio volume and station. Change to the climate controls, and the dials will allow you to increase or decrease the temperature.

To ensure driver and passenger safety, the TI DLP system will also feature sensors that can determine when the driver or passenger bring their hand up to the display. If the driver's hand approaches the screen, they will be given far fewer control options than the passenger would, helping to decrease driver distractions.