Devon Works, a watch maker based in California, has come up with this striking, and very limited timepiece to attract Star Wars fans, ahead of The Force Awakens movie out at the end of this year. Blending a unique method of telling the time with a variety of Star Wars themed design touches, it's like nothing you'll have seen before. However, only 500 will be produced, and they cost a galactic $28,500 each, meaning it'll only be a select few Star Wars fans strapping this to their wrists in the near future.

What makes this a Star Wars watch? Made from stainless steel and covered with a black, diamond-like carbon coating, it would fit perfectly with Darth Vader's suit, if he was looking for something a bit flashy. Devon has incorporated the iconic TIE Fighter wing design into the body, added the Empire's logo to the crown, used elements from Vader's helmet for the case, and made the strap with textured leather similar to Vader's gloves.

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It looks superb, but the watch face is even more impressive. Devon has used a system it calls "Time Belts" to show the time. These electromechanically powered belts are made from reinforced nylon taken from the aerospace industry, and use 313 electrical contacts, optical recognition cells, and tiny motors to operate. Devon says the technology used to make the watch simply didn't exist before, and everything we see has been made specially for this stunning watch.

The watch is charged wirelessly -- the battery lasts for two weeks -- and is presented in a TIE Figther display case, plus it comes with a set of TIE Fighter cufflinks. It's not a subtle watch either, measuring 22mm deep and 61mm wide. We doubt the pictures do the final product much justice, it's so filled with detail, so it's a shame that only incredibly wealthy Star Wars fans will ever get to own one.

The 500 watches will be produced over a two-year period, and can be pre-ordered here with a $2,500 deposit.