Robots can be terrifying all on their own, but stick a human being inside and give them control of the mechanical muscles that provide superhuman strength and you've got a recipe for a horror movie. South Korean robotics firm Hankook Mirae Technology has done exactly that, and its Method-2 robot just took its first steps towards world domination this week.

The robot is just one year into development, but it's already a hulking beast that could give anyone nightmares. The bot stands over 13 feet tall and weighs over one and a half tons. Its sturdy metal arms weigh nearly 300 pounds each, and with its human-like hands it's a spitting image of the intimidating militarized robot suits that play a starring role in the sci-fi flick Avatar.

Method-2 is still over a year from being finished -- the robot still requires a tether for power and is only just getting its feet under it -- but it's makers are already getting lots of inquiries from companies wanting to buy their own. The robot may eventually find itself in construction yards or warehouses, and Phys.org reports that it may even be used in defense applications, potentially making an appearance at the heavily policed border between North Korea and South Korea.

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Whoever ends up adding a Method-2 to their shopping cart will need deep pockets, as the robot is expected to sell for around 10 billion won, which is the equivalent of roughly $8.3 million. Hankook plans to have the final version of the robot ready for potential buyers by the end of 2017.