The latest in wearable tech: A heat-generating shirt

Are you someone who runs hot and cold? Constantly taking your sweater on and off?  Well, those days could be long behind you thanks to wearable tech.  Engadget reports that there’s a shirt that heats up to keep your temperature just right. It’s called FuelWear Flame Base Layer and can be adjusted to your desired temperature.

“The shirt can provide warmth for anywhere between 3 to 12 hours depending on how much heat it puts out, but all day ‘use’ isn't out of the question -- an embedded sensor keeps track of how warm the body is, allowing the shirt to deactivate during active movement (running, snow skiing) or when the wearer walks into a hot room,” according to Engadget.  Developers are reportedly targeting a $250 price when it launches.

Gadgets, however, can also be a source of frustration - it’s so annoying when people are so immersed in their conversation they forget to walk.  Well, it seems it’s a big enough problem that a city in China has created a smartphone sidewalk lane, according to Appy Geek.  It’s a walking lane strictly for those using a phone to text or talk.  Come on America, let’s jump on this bandwagon fast!

In very odd news, researchers are seeking permission to collect whale snot from drones. Engadget explains that whale mucus can tell a great deal about the health of the animal.  So, researchers at the Olin College of Engineering have created a “snot bot.”

“The robocopter hovers directly above whales' blowholes, using surgical sponges to soak up the animals' snot when they surface to spray water out of their systems,” according to Engadget.  The college is hoping the Federal Aviation Commission will allow them to do so.  As of now, an agreement has not been met.