The Flag is Gone: Microsoft Unveils Windows 8's Logo

Since Microsoft has boasted from the beginning that Windows 8 would be a complete redesign of the Windows OS, they figured, why not redesign the logo as well? The tech giant revealed its new Windows 8 logo today, and the reasoning behind it.

According to Microsoft blogger Sam Moreau, the vision for the new logo was prompted when a designer asked them a very simple question: "Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?" Moreau pointed out the reasoning behind why, over the years, the Windows logo has evolved from a simple window to a colored, flag-looking symbol. The changes corresponded to increased computing capabilities like color, detail and shadows.

Microsoft realized they had to go back to its beginnings, creating an image that was reminiscent of the original with a modern edge. The new logo uses bold color and sharp lines, evoking a digital vibe.