Techie Father's Day gift ideas for any budget

Want to make dad happy? This techie gear should do the trick. Some of these things don’t come cheap, but their innovation and quality will make him smile on Father’s Day.

Kensington Virtuoso Stylus and Pen for Tablets
This dual-purpose pen and tablet stylus comes in multiple colors, like soft gray and dark blue. The stylus reduces finger smudges on an iPad or Android tablet screen and provides more accurate touch control and more readable writing. As a bonus, the other side of the stylus is a ballpoint pen -- for when dad needs to write checks.
Price: $25

Klipsch Reference R6i Earbuds
Most of the earbuds that come with your MP3 player sound like someone stuffed Coldplay into a plastic thimble. Not these. Klipsch deserves credit for the rich, lush sound on this relatively low-cost set. The key to the reference quality sound: a dual-magnet design that brings music to life with a fuller bass.
Price: $100

Briggs & Stratton 1800 Max PSI Electric Pressure
Electric-powered outdoor products have finally arrived -- and they work better than the gas powered models from last year. This 1800 PSI pressure washer lets you mix in cleaning solutions and pump out a lot of power for the dirtiest windows. Sprays a steady stream about 20 feet at four gallons per minute.
Price: $229

JBL Authentics L8
This massive wireless speaker pumps out 120 watts of power and auto-corrects distortion. Your audiophile dad can connect with an analog 3.5mm cord, stream over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and even charge up his phone. Does $600 sound like a lot? Not when you realize this speaker sounds better than a home stereo.
Price: $600

A2B Kuo
When the battery runs out on this electric bike, dad can start pedaling the old-fashioned way. But that won’t happen for about 25 miles. The Kuo takes about 6 hours to charge, weighs 40 pounds and folds into a smaller tote size (the bag is an option). The bike is a big improvement over earlier models that ran for only a few blocks.
Price: $1,400

Sea-Doo Spark
Summer just got a bit more exciting. The new Sea-Doo Spark holds two passengers and can even pull a water skier with its Rotax 900 Ace engine. It’s made from recycled material and weighs just over 400 pounds. The Spark uses a fly-by-wire electronic throttle for precise speed control. The coolest tech innovation? The price is about half what you might pay for a similar model that’s just as well-equipped.
Price: $4,999