Signs your phone has malware

Q: I downloaded an app, and my phone has not worked right since. It’s slow. Do you think the app was malware?

A: Just like any app, malware will use your phone's resources when active. If your phone starts struggling to do the most basic tasks, and lags or freezes even without any open apps, hidden malicious software may be churning along quietly, using your phone's memory and processor resources. Hidden malware activities like false ad clicks, data theft, spying and tracking software will also contribute to poor battery life and make your phone warm to the touch. These malware distributors are tricky folks. Click here for additional signs that your smartphone has been hacked.

Apps to buy lottery tickets

Q: There’s an app for everything. Is there a way to buy lottery tickets on your phone?

A: Depending on what state you live in, you can purchase lottery tickets with the state's official lottery app. There are Powerball, Mega Millions and dozens of scratch-offs. But not all states have a state lottery and certain gambling apps aren't allowed in the Google Play Store. You'll need to download the apps from the official state lottery website. I have a list of the 13 states that offer lottery apps as well links to state lottery sites. Click here to access the lists and download available lottery apps. Good luck!

Like-farming on Facebook

Q: On your national radio talk show, you were discussing “like-farming” on Facebook. How does it work?

A: A scammer posts a fake page on Facebook with the goal of getting as many likes as possible, as quickly as possible. These pages will use enticing words such as, "Want to win a free phone? Like this page and share this photo and you're automatically entered to win." Once the fake page has generated ample likes, the scammer can then sell the page to shady marketers. Facebook bans this practice in its Terms of Services. If you see a bogus page, report it so Facebook can take it down. I have more information on my site. Click here to learn how to spot a like-farming scam.

iPhone 7 problems

Q: Hi Kim! I'd like to buy a new jet black iPhone 7, but are the bugs worked out?

A: Jet black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models sold out almost immediately after Apple made the new phones available for pre-order. Some consumers have already reported issues with the new phone making hissing noises, especially when experiencing a heavy processing load. Apple has been exchanging these phones, and at this point, it's still unclear if this odd noise is a general issue with the iPhone 7 or a problem with defective batches. On the bright side, Tim Cook recently tweeted photos taken using an iPhone 7 Plus during an NFL game, and they're stunning! Click here to see photos taken with an iPhone 7 Plus.

Better photo storage

Q: I bought a new digital camera from Amazon Prime, but now all the photos I’m taking bog down my laptop. Should I purchase a spare hard drive?

A: If you're an Amazon Prime member, there's no need to purchase an extra hard drive. Many people don't realize that Prime members receive unlimited photo storage for free through Prime Photos, and up to 5 GB of free cloud storage in Amazon Drive for videos and other files. There are free apps for both Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive. Using the apps, you can access the photos you've stored on the drive wherever you want. To discover six more Amazon Prime perks you're probably not using, click here.

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