Tech Q&A: Apple CarPlay, deadly chargers, taking advantage of Twitter and more

Removing yourself from the internet

Q: I don’t like how much of my personal information is available online. Is it possible to remove your listing from the people search sites?

A: Most Americans will find themselves with a simple Google search, and not just on social media. Addresses, phone numbers and family trees are often just a few keystrokes away. Some websites peddle personal information, and every little piece of data makes you more vulnerable to hacking and identity theft. Luckily, there are ways to remove yourself from some of the most notorious websites and make yourself much more difficult to find. Click here to find out how to opt out of most popular people search sites.

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Bad phone chargers

Q: Is it really important that you don’t use third-party chargers? They are so much cheaper!

A: Yes. These knock-off chargers are often cheaper than official Apple or Samsung connectors, but they may also be a liability, causing electrocution, fires and death. Given the risks, you would think retailers wouldn’t stock the dangerous hardware on their shelves in the first place, but it’s astonishing just how many chargers are available right now at your local store. So before you pick up that super-cheap cord from the gas station rack, click here for a guide to dangerous chargers.

Extra toolbar

Q: I somehow got an extra toolbar on my browser. How can I remove it?

A: If you don’t know much about plug-ins, they can sneak up on you. Meanwhile, toolbars can look static and immovable, just another essential part of your computer-operating experience. You may wonder whether you can get rid of a toolbar without compromising your computer’s functionality. Click here to remove unwanted toolbars from any browser.

The value of CarPlay

Q: My teenage son won’t look at a car without Apple CarPlay. What do you think?

A: Young drivers should avoid distractions until they get some mileage under their belts. Multimedia in the car isn’t for novices, but for skilled and intelligent drivers who know the rhythms of the road. I would think twice about letting any adolescent play with a screen while driving. That said, smart screens for cars were developed with safety in mind, because they prevent drivers from playing with their smartphones while driving. It’s an imperfect system, but it does enable you to sift through playlists, navigate around town and dictate messages to loved ones easily, without every touching a virtual keyboard. Click here to find out whether CarPlay is worth the money.

Adjusting to Twitter

Q: I don’t get Twitter. What am I missing by not using it?

A: Me, for starters at Some people are Twitter savants. Since the beginning, they mastered 140-character communication, and they love to exploit hashtags and open conversations with people they would never meet in real life. Twitter gives some folks the chance to correspond directly with celebrities, or to hold elaborate public discussions with hundreds of onlookers. But other people just don’t get it. What meaningful thing could possibly be said in such a short space? Click here for five quick tips to get a handle on Twitter.

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