Symantec doubles down on network security with the Norton Core, a stylish home router

Securing your home network has become more important than ever, especially if you found a new smart-home device under the Christmas tree this year, and Symantec plans to help you out. Announced Tuesday, Symantec's Norton Core home router combines super-fast home Wi-Fi with best-in-class network security.

"We've all seen the high-profile attacks in recent months and know that hackers are now exploiting an array of connected devices as a new means to access personal and financial information," said Fran Rosch, executive vice president of Symantec's consumer business unit.

The Norton Core wireless router is designed with security in mind, but its stylish exterior plays an important role in providing a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. According to Symantec, the Core is designed to look like a piece of home decor, so users will be more likely to place it in the open, rather than tucked behind a TV somewhere.

The Norton Core comes in two colors, gold and silver.

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"There are potential pitfalls that come with the convenience of home connectivity, but consumers can take steps to protect themselves and their devices with the right level of security." said Robert Westervelt, a research manager at IDC.

The Norton Core accomplishes its security aims by scanning every packet that comes in and out of your home network, keeping an eye out for malicious code and known vulnerabilities or threats. It's capable of not only segregating network traffic it deems suspicious but also misbehaving devices -- if someone was using your smart lights as a backdoor into your network for instance.

Additionally, it simplifies your security by offering users a "security score" which rates your current security configuration and offer tips to improve your home network security. The Norton Core will retail for $280, but according to Symantec the wireless router is currently available for pre-order at a discounted price of $200, and it will start shipping in summer 2017.