Steve Jobs Statue Unveiled in Hungary

A larger-than-life bronze statue of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was unveiled in a Budapest science park Wednesday, two months after his death.

"Steve Jobs made technology available to the masses first over the desktop, then in our pockets," said Gabor Bojar, the founder of Graphisoft, a software company which decided to erect the statue.

Jobs, who died on Oct. 5 following a long battle with cancer, "was the creator of technology with a human face," he said, calling Jobs "a mentor of sorts."

The almost 6.5-foot (two-meter) bronze statue by Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth depicts Jobs wearing his trademark turtleneck, jeans, sneakers and round glasses.

It was erected in a science park that hosts several IT companies, including Graphisoft, which Apple has supported since 1984 when Jobs saw it at the CEBIT international trade fair in Germany, according to the Hungarian company.

"He left his mark," Bojar said.