'Star Wars Battlefront II' review: Cinematic and enjoyable

Nothing beats a blaster by your side. "Star Wars Battlefront II," the latest addition to the popular video game franchise, once again brings players into the perspective of their favorite series.

Recently fans have been at war with the game’s loot system and other issues. Without bringing that into play, let’s take a look at the other factors and focus on the actual game itself.

The campaign was short and sweet, to say the least. Having a real plot and missions that differ from the multiplayer maps was a nice surprise. The game follows Commander Iden Versio’s story, as he breaks free from imprisonment and escapes the base. It may be lacking in good storytelling or intensity, but the game sure is fun to play through.


"Star Wars Battlefront II" was published by Electronic Arts and developed by EA DICE, Motive Studios and Criterion Software.

The newly-released video game offers an action-packed online multiplayer experience: you may find yourself in a galactic dogfight in space or assaulting the AT-AT during a battle on Hoth. Teams are typically made up by 20 people or more, so firefights and explosions are constant throughout the various maps. Adding in the random heroes, what you get is a continuous sense of danger.

Once you bump into a hero, you shouldn’t expect to make it out alive.

Players online are allowed to customize their classes, which are assault, sniper, heavy and support. Each class comes with unique abilities and weapon types, so it is easy to find one that best fits you and customize it.


All of the weapons feel balanced and no specific person is much stronger than another. Being a team-based objective game, many factors need to come into play in order for it to be unfair.

"Star Wars Battlefront II" also offers an arcade mode for players to earn in-game cash or play local multiplayer, but it isn’t at all what it used to be — it can be completed within 30 minutes and then all that is left is to increase difficultly. It’s almost like random content was thrown together for no reason.

In the older series, players were able to map select and take over the galaxy. All we have now is five-minute maps with a just-as-long loading screen.

Verdict: 7/10

"Star Wars Battlefront II" hits some major nostalgia from the story’s main cinematics and space battles. The story element is really what makes this different from the previous title, and I was surprised that it was as unique as it was. The online multiplayer option was exactly as expected and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Apart from the arcade mode being just a random mode filled in, the game is still enjoyable.